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To provide you with a brief background to our business, the company was started initially by just Ryan Walsh, as an seo freelancer business within Cardiff.

Ryan has over ten years’ experience working within the seo sector. Since that time the agency has grown, we now have two further business partners, Emil and Dan.

We continue to grow as an agency within Cardiff working with a select group of clients.


Which SEO services do you offer?

Organic search engine optimisation (SEO)

Sounds a mouthful, yet organic search engine optimisation is quite simply the ongoing process of taking a website higher within the main body of Google’s results.


Local SEO

For most businesses today, it can be a strong competitive advantage to have a strong business presence online.

This is where we come in, we are experts at optimising a business locally. We work with a diverse range of businesses within the Cardiff area.


Why choose Ryan C Walsh?


Ryan is one of the most experienced seo consultants within the Cardiff area. Ryan started his career working for small group of companies, that operated in just one business sector. Ryan emerged as the national specialist within that business sector.

The contracts within that sector were often of a high value, and highly fought over. This meant that an experienced seo expert was required to draw in work for companies based in most of the major cities right across the U.K.

Since then Ryan has focused on working with businesses based mostly within the Cardiff area, and now works with a wide range of businesses.



Some companies are able to implement basic forms of white hat search engine optimisation, however we are very different.

We blend old and respected approaches to carrying out seo, with new methods, yet all methods are always white hat.

Respected websites, such as Search Engine Land have linked and mentioned our work, especially within the area of how AI (RankBrain) is influencing the future of online marketing.



We recognise that there are many agencies that can charge an arm and leg. We are not one of those agencies.

We instead charge sensible fees.


Our contracts are not full of terms that aim to tie a company to our agency for a long period of time.

However, we only work with businesses that understand that white hat organic seo is a long term process. One off hits at seo simply do not work.

Want to find out more?

We are a Cardiff SEO company that currently works with solicitors, dentists, large online retailers  and many other types of businesses.

We work with businesses that understand that organic seo does take time to bring about results. However, when carried out correctly, using skilled talent to undertake the seo work, then we can quite literally put you ahead of the competition.

Join the winning side, call Ryan and his team today



What is SEO?


There will be many business owners within Cardiff that will have heard of the term “SEO”, however, many will not understand how the process works.

This section will briefly explain how the search engine optimisation process works.


Choose a white hat agency

There are now countless seo agencies operating within Cardiff, however the agency that your business needs must offer “white hat seo”.

White hat search engine optimisation simply means that the seo company wants to offer good quality work that the search engines, like Google, will approve of.

This is opposed to using methods that aim to cut corners, and look for quick seo gain using mostly cheap automated methods.

Implementing cheap or low-quality forms of seo will mean your business runs the risk of   incurring a Google penalty later down the road. Sometimes it takes many months for a penalty to be applied, by that time your agency may have shut up shop and rebranded.

Therefore only use an experienced, white hat agency.

Google penalties come in many forms, the most common are Google Penguin and Google Panda penalties. Avoiding these will save your company from incurring a substantial dip in rankings.


Organic and Local SEO

There’s no two ways about it, both organic and local seo can be a slow process.

This means if any agency is promising quick overnight success, then they are most likely offering the low-quality forms of seo that we discussed earlier. These come with the risk of incurring a penalty.

However high-quality search engine optimisation, will increase a website’s ranking both organically and locally, yet this process will take time. That is why seo is widely considered a continuous process.

The process involves strengthening a website’s “ranking signals” each and every month. This is why the vast majority of agencies, including ours, charge a fixed monthly fee to receive our services. We offer some of the lowest rates within Cardiff.


What are ranking signals?

Each and every website will be crawled and indexed by Googlebot. It’s Googlebot’s full time job to spot changes, and seo developments that have been made to a website.

Googlebot is looking to assign a weight or strength to each website’s ranking signals. Each website has well over 200 ranking signals that will need quantifying. The change in strength of your websites ranking signals, or your competitors ranking signals is therefore what causes the ranking positions to change up or down for any one particular business.

These ranking signals can be split into two very broad categories, they are onsite and offsite seo.


Onsite seo

Onsite seo is the process of strengthening a websites onsite ranking signals. This process can include, but is not limited to:

·        Title tag optimisation

·        Optimising a websites meta titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, url extentions

·        Making sure a website loads quickly

·        Making sure a website does not have any duplication issues (Google Panda)

·        Ensuring that the internal links (anchor text) do not get over optimised (Google Penguin)

·        Making sure keywords are placed where they are supposed to be, yet not over optimising the websites content marketing

·        Making the website more relevant for search terms that the website wishes to rank for


Offsite seo

The other half of the search engine optimisation process is offsite seo. This process involves building high-quality and relevant backlinks.

We can also build business citations, these can help a Cardiff based business to rank higher within Google’s local business listings as well.


SEO Agency / company / freelancer Cardiff

We can offer high-quality search engine optimisation services right throughout Cardiff. To receive a no obligation quote, why not give us a ring and talk to Ryan, Emil or Dan on 029 21 760777.