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Welcome to Ryan C Walsh Online Marketing. We are a Cardiff based seo agency that offers a range of seo services.

The business was originally started by just Ryan Walsh, we quickly expanded and now have two further partners Emil, and Dan.

We work with a wide range of businesses, focusing primarily on offering organic seo services.

This means we can help any business climb Google’s rankings, and that’s within the section of Google that offers business owners free traffic.

Why choose Ryan C Walsh?


Ryan has over ten years experience within the seo sector, and now works with several well-known businesses based within Cardiff and throughout the U.K. We work with small, medium and large businesses.


We offer competitive rates for the best quality seo. We only practice white hat methods, which simply means we offer a professional service, a service that is trusted by solicitors, through to family dental practices within Cardiff.


Ryan has received several mentions by what is considered by many to be the largest seo resource in the world. He has also contributed several articles to leading seo publications, especially within the area regarding how AI is integrating into seo.

How much do your seo services cost?

We believe cheap seo is often a false economy. If incorrect methods are applied to a website, then a website can drop in rankings suddenly. It is also worth mentioning that cheap seo services can sometimes mean that the agency in question is willing to flout the rules, which can result in an algorithmic penalty.

Our services on the other hand are strictly of the best quality (white hat) and our fee depends solely on how competitive your business sector is.

We charge per month for our seo services, and contracts can be cancelled at any time.

We believe that quality matters

Quality is what we stand for as a business. We have taken many start-up businesses to the number one position within Google, and these businesses are now considered to be the dominate business force within that sector. We can achieve the same for you.

To receive a no obligation quote, all we need to know is your websites address.

Drop us a line today and we will respond with a quote shortly