When it comes to seo services, many business owners have the same questions that they which to ask to an agency. To help you find the right agency within Cardiff, we thought we would put together this quick guide:

  • Why does seo need to be invested in on a monthly basis?

A website is ranked by the strength of its ranking signals. This means that 10 businesses that normally appear on page one of Google, have been ranked based on their ranking signals.

If a competitor was to obtain stronger ranking signals, then they would overtake your business.

However, even when a business is at the top of Google, most businesses don’t stop investing, that’s because they know quite often it’s only a matter of time before their competitors get stronger ranking signals.

  • What is white hat seo?

If you’re looking at investing in digital marketing services for your business, then you should only pick an agency that’s white hat.

  • Why shouldn’t I just go with the cheapest quote?

When you send an e-mail to the various agencies based within Cardiff, and you request a quote, you may have a large selection of prices to choose from.

Some agencies may well be fairly cheap, some expensive. However, it’s important to remember that seo comes down to hours spent optimising your site, what really can an seo company achieve if the quote is very low?

  • What does the word “organic” mean when it comes to seo services?

There are many confusing terms when a company invests in seo services, and one of these confusing terms is the word “organic seo”.

However all this term means is that the agency are aiming to take you higher in the main body of Google’s results.

Normally you have PPC listings at the top of Google, then if you are looking for a local business, you will have Google My Business listings, then the organic listings, which is normally 10 businesses.

Ryan C Walsh can help your business by offering cost effective seo services.

Our monthly prices start from £169.99 per month. For an exact quote, why not get in touch?