5 easy ways a business can improve its SEO



For so long now seo is seen as some sort of magic that only a few select companies have mastered. However, the truth is that with the right knowledge and time, any business can improve their seo.

Most businesses decide to partner with a local agency, that’s not because they will undertake any fancy methods, but because most respected agencies keep their knowledge up to date.

It’s current best practice, of what is referred to as “white hat” standards that separates a leading agency, from one which may be less experienced.

Within this brief article, we are going to look at some factors that a digital marketing agency would most likely consider when starting the optimisation process.  

What is search engine optimisation?         

SEO is the process of noting all keywords that you would like your business to rank highly for, then carrying out onsite seo work, and offsite seo work to improve your websites rankings.

How can a business improve it’s SEO?

The most common way is to hire a local agency, however more companies are also employing somebody, or a team to carry out seo inhouse as well.

Regardless of whether optimisation is carried out inhouse, or via an agency, all work is subject to Google’s algorithm.

Google’s algorithm has inbuilt coding that can detect spam, or poor quality work, if the algorithm dectect poor quality work then a website could be penalised.

This means that it’s entirely possible that unless the work is carried out correctly, then a website could end up going down the rankings, instead of reaching the top.

Common causes of poor optimisation include, over optimising, low quality links and poor onsite seo.

But within this article we are going to concentrate on how to implement quality work, so without further ado, lets have a look at some of the areas a consultant is likely to consider:

#1 Perform an audit

Your agency is likely to first carry out an audit, they will most likely audit the following areas:

  • Your websites backlinks
  • Your competitors backlinks
  • Your onsite seo
  • Technical seo, looking at your sites meta descriptions, title tags, alt tags etc.
  • The quality of your content marketing efforts.

#2 Make sure you know the latest white hat methods

Google’s algorithm doesn’t stay the same for long, Google is always changing it’s algorithm so that only the best quality sites receive the best rankings.

This means that you should stay on top of current best practice, to do this it would be worth checking daily websites like Moz and Search Engine Land.

#3 Build high-quality backlinks

It is a constant process of building relevant and high-quality links.

#4 Generate high-quality content marketing

A business must generate high quality content marketing on a regular basis.

#5 Partner with a Cardiff SEO agency

Ryan C Walsh is a seo agency within Cardiff, for a quote, why not give us a call?