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About us

We are an established seo agency. We have over seven years worth of experience, we work with well known companies based right across Cardiff. We use cutting edge approaches to place businesses higher within Google.

Some of the world’s largest seo websites have also cited our work over the years. This has lead to recognition and links from some of the most influential names within the industry.

Today we serve a wide cross section of businesses, ranging from leading law practices through to large scale online retailers. Our extensive experience means we are used to consult and implement clever seo strategies in a cost effective manner.

We are proud not to have a gimmicky name, but to instead have a name you can trust and one that has been around for a long time within Wales.

Our established reputation and honest approaches mean that we are the company to partner with over the long term. We also take a jargon free approach, as marketing waffle has never been our style!

Company History

There was once a time when a certain business directory reigned supreme here within the U.K- the directory came in printed form and was rather hefty and posted to each home and business in an area.

Back then to obtain local business phone numbers you had to sift through a mountain of pages first. A number of businesses would even change there business names to “A1” or similar to be placed more prominently within this well known business directory.

We emerged at a time where businesses were actively making the swap from printed advertising into digital marketing.

Our name was then quickly established as the seo provider within Wales that makes investing in online marketing services simple and a name you can trust. Our straightforward business approach meant that we were different from the rest and we are still proud of that until this very day.

What can you offer?

Our work is delivered to the highest of standards- but every agency says that right?

Well, we would like to reassure you that we are very different, that’s because we never use automated machine driven methods, neither do we let our approaches become outdated neither. We are at the cutting edge of what digital marketing companies can offer right at this moment in time.

We also employ seo geniuses to bring about winning results. We focus our efforts on commercial gain and that’s what separates us from the wishy-washy agencies out there that are just profit focused.

Who exactly is Ryan C Walsh?

Ryan C Walsh is an experienced seo consultant that has placed countless websites higher within Google’s results. He has achieved winning results for clients based within Cardiff right through to Scotland over the years. His main experience comes from taking construction websites within London right to the top.

Ryan first got into Seo by optimising websites for a single client well over seven years ago now. That client needed high value work right across the country. Ryan supplied that company with work and seven years on that particular company is still on the books as a client and on the first page of Google as a result of our seo work.

Ryan served this one company until it was time to take the business to the next level and form his own marketing agency. Emil and Dan joined not long after as business partners, then the client book really began to grow.

The majority of our clients soon recognised that they were paying previously for businesses who’s main skill set was solely within web design and not seo. This had meant that often the results were lacking and diluted to what a real agency like us could offer them.

Ryan on the other hand had years of experience in putting websites higher within London and has experience of working in hyper competitive sectors at the time. This seo knowledge was far superior to what most agencies and web design firms had to offer in Wales. Therefore our focused business offering put us streets ahead and still very much does.

This focus on just offering organic seo services and social media services means we can help keep our clients up to date with the latest changes faster than many other companies can.

How we can help you

We can help you expand your online presence. We have a distaste for marketing jargon- we will instead explain our methods clearly right from the outset.

If you’ve decided it’s time to give your competitors a run for their money online then we can help you, we are only a phone call away. Packages range from £169.99 per month to £2000.00+ pm.

If you need to climb Google do get in touch, our experience within Wales is unparalleled.

Call us or e-mail us today: 029 21 760777