Welcome to Ryan C Walsh Online Marketing




Who are we?

We are a group of experienced seo consultants, we have over seven years of experience under our belts.

We use cutting edge approaches to take businesses higher within Google. We have worked on a huge spectrum of websites, our current client list ranges from high profile solicitors through to well known online retailers.

Our business is managed by Ryan, Emil and Dan. The business was started by Ryan Walsh, and the intention right from the outset was to offer a different type of seo service within Cardiff. We wanted to create an agency that done away with technical jargon and instead mixed technical ability with commercial awareness.

This means we don’t follow the normal agency mantra of using jargon and marketing hype, instead we partner with Cardiff businesses to bring about winning results. Commercially minded marketing strategies is what sets us apart.

If you like a straightforward and honest approach taken to business then you will like our style.


What defines your business, how are you different?

For many years many agencies have deliberately cast mystery over the very services that they offer. Often agencies use tons of technical jargon to keep their clients at a distance, we have found that many agencies do this to pull the wool over their client’s eyes. This means small tasks are often dressed up as something larger by using technical jargon.

However we are different, we bring old fashioned business principles into a new and expanding business sector. We believe honesty pays dividends, so we are straight forward in our approach and we tell things how they are.

So if you are fed up with your agency hiding behind nonsense graphs and marketing hype why not try us instead?


How does the process work?

Like many other agency’s we charge a fixed monthly fee. We then apply an amount of time to your account each month, our consultants then get to work in applying cutting edge methods to your website that will increase your sites visibility within Google.

We offer fixed priced monthly packages, we then send you a report detailing what work we have carried out. Also, at the start of the process we will also detail what work we will be carrying out for the month ahead.

Each account has a dedicated consultant, you can therefore fire across any questions that you may have during the month. Therefore we offer a totally transparent way of investing in seo, plus our seven plus years of experience mean we have a solid foundation of knowledge.


How does the process begin?

First and foremost we will have to cast our eyes over your site to see what shape it is currently in.

We then carry out an seo audit to see where strengths and weakness your website has. Then within a short amount of time we will send across a quote we think will best suit your websites needs.

If you are frustrated with your website not hitting the top of Google then you need to speak to us today.

Our service is friendly and transparent, so you know where every single pound of marketing budget is being spent. Don’t invest in marketing hype, invest in the Cardiff experts.