Today’s online customers are simply time poor- that’s to say they often want to achieve their goals online quickly and with ease.

So whether they want to purchase the latest running trainers or to book a plumber in a hurry they are often united by one common theme, that’s to say they want to find and complete a transaction quickly and with ease.

Needless to say where you rank on Google is important today, it can even be a game changer for most businesses. But this article is going to look at something entirely different- this article is all about where your agency is ranking and why that is also important to your business.

So our question is this, is your agency playing hide and seek?

It’s easy to talk the talk, but much harder to walk the walk

Business owners are increasingly finding their chosen agencies at networking events held right across South Wales- which is all well and good, after all a bit of mingling with a ham sandwich in hand can be good for business.

However networking is completed offline, so when you employ a new agency you will want to know whether they are pro’s online or just spouting hot air in a hotel meeting room.

That’s to say smooth patter rolled out at networking events is all well and good, but if the agency cant get their own website into a meaningful position how good are they? There’s a lot of agencies that hide behind industry jargon, however to hold your own on to the first page of Google for many years is easier said than done.

This is where the hide and seek element comes in, that’s to say some agencies can rank very well for their own business terms, however some others do not. Some agencies may proclaim to be the best in a certain area, yet they may sit on the second or third page currently of Google- so again are they any good at their own game?

Plus, it’s important to note that agencies optimise their clients sites using very different methods, some take white hat methods very seriously, some simply do not.

The blurring of the lines may cost your business dearly, here’s why

It’s well worth keeping your agency in check, and by this we don’t mean cracking the whip to meet certain deadlines.

Instead we mean making sure the latest white hat methods are being implemented.

So it’s well worth checking your agencies own ranking positions for their key business terms. For example you may want to run the occasional search along the lines of “Seo Cardiff” and “Seo agencies Cardiff”.

If your agency is no where to be seen you must ask yourself have they incurred a Google penalty along the way? If so your website entrusted to this agency could well be at risk if the same methods of optimisation are being used on your site.

Are they keeping up with the pace?

The truth is some agencies can’t stand the pace, that’s to say the digital marketing profession changes at such a pace some simply get left behind by Google’s vast algorithm changes. Some even try and dabble with methods to give them short term gains to catch up, this can sometimes mean algorithm penalties can sometimes be incurred, which is why some sit beyond the second page right now.

The truth is some agencies make rather bold statements about how they can get a website ranking high in a short amount of time, this can be because they know the methods used are not strictly legit and are not considered good practice. This means a website could incur a penalty later down the line, by that time most agencies could have had a years worth of business along the way, or a good number of months money from you.

So if the talent isn’t on board then this can be reflected in the agencies own rankings.

Is it time you made the jump?

If you’re thinking of giving a new company a whirl then why not give us a call?

We have vast experience, we optimise sites for dentists through to major demolition contractors within the South Wales area. This means we shape and design our service offering to each and every client- more importantly we never cut corners, we implement white hat seo six days of the week and we are the pro’s in Cardiff to trust. Our director has over nine years experience which means we are hard matched on experience.

Here’s the advantages of choosing the winning side:

o Short rolling contracts – you can cancel after the first month 
o Over seven years agency experience
o On top of the latest methods
o We will aim the undercut some of our direct competitors rates, sometimes substantially
o Experience of working with all manner of businesses
o Commercial awareness that transcends into winning results

All we need to know is your website address…

If you haven’t got the time for long drawn out meetings with agency owners or their reps then we have the perfect solution for you.

We make the whole process simple when you choose us, all we need is your websites address, and a brief idea of what you want to achieve.

We can then offer you a quote to look over at your own leisure.

Talk to the experts

We are only interested in optimising websites using tried and tested methods, these methods are called white hat seo methods. Our consultants are all experienced professionals within this sector.

So if you fancy ditching your current agency and giving your competition a run for their money online, do get in touch.