Okay, so Brexit’s on the horizon, and this means only one thing, that there’s countless businesses busy formulating strategies for how a potential economic downturn may affect their business interests.

So, this raises the important question- will more companies take their seo budgets away from agencies, and invest their budgets more into in-house marketing teams?

After all, some companies may prefer to have greater control over their marketing spend, we look at some of the pros and cons, and we will do our upmost not to be at all biased!

Knowledge base

The real detriment for most businesses when they switch from outsourcing to an seo agency, to carrying marketing functions out in-house, is the potential to have an internal seo team that lacks the sufficient knowledge.

Sure, if you have infinite marketing budget, and you can assemble a dream team of seo consultants you will be fine. However, most small business in particular, may look to assemble a marketing team on a budget.

Hiring someone on a budget may bring problems, especially if their duties cover a wide spectrum of tasks relating to managing a website.

In a nutshell, you may lose the knowledge base that a specialist can offer you.

Link building knowledge

Every respected seo website under the sun still states backlinks as an important ranking factor. This basically means Google’s algorithm still rewards sites that have good quality links leading to the website.

This means, that in order to build high-quality links, this often needs the skillset of an experienced seo agency or indeed a consultant.

Bringing link building in-house could mean that lower quality links are built (If the team does not have sufficient knowledge), which could result in a Google penalty further down the line.


Seo efforts need to be directed, focused and be part of an overriding strategy. It’s entirely possible to plough huge volumes of time into a website, but without correct coordination of what the goals are, the site may just stubbornly stay put.

Find the right agency

Cardiff is full of marketing agencies, so as a customer there is plenty of choice. However finding an agency that can offer white hat methods, at the right price, well this can narrow down the list to just a handful.

We can offer sensibly priced digital marketing services within Cardiff, for a quote, or to discuss your business website why not get in touch?