It’s often the finer details that can help a business to win the seo race, and one of the more finer details that your agency should take care of is your websites anchor text.

If anchor text is used correctly, then it can help Google’s algorithm to work out what that backlink is about, but get it wrong and over optimise the backlinks anchor text, well that could mean that the website incurs a Google penalty (Penguin). 

What does the term anchor text mean?

If you’ve ever been on a website, and clicked on the bold or underlined section of text, then like magic landed on another website, well, you   have followed a backlink.

Backlinks are super useful to users of content marketing, for example, imagine you are following a recipe for how to bake a delicious chocolate cake, and then a link reads “click here to find out where I purchased my ingredients from”.

This is a great example of a naturally written backlink, and we will explain later on why it’s so important that your websites anchor text reads naturally. 

Why is it important not to over optimise anchor text?

It’s crucial that your chosen seo company doesn’t over optimise the anchor text  that takes visitors to your website.

If the anchor text is over optimised this could mean that the website incurs a Google Penguin penalty.  This can mean a website will incur a drop in rankings.

Why should a backlinks anchor text be naturally written?

Every anchor text description that leads to your website must be naturally written, and what we mean by this is that it must be useful to the user.

For example, if they click on a link that reads ingredients for a cake you are making, yet they land on a website that sells kitchen related items, well this is misleading and also is not going to help the website because their bounce rate is likely to rise.

So the anchor text must be useful to the reader, and this will also help prevent the anchor text from being over optimised. Also dont try and write your anchor text over and over again for words you wish the website to rank for, as this is also considered to be over optimising the anchor text.

What is Google’s Penguin update?

If backlinks, or the backlinks anchor text is incorrectly optimised, then this can mean that a website could receive a Google Penalty.