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2017/11/17 2017/11/17

Why is seo a continuous process?

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Many companies within Cardiff will employ an seo business to take them to the top of Google, but then fail to understand why seo must be paid for continuously.

That’s to say why must seo be paid for when a website reaches the top of Google?

The truth is that Google ranks websites based on the strength of their ranking signals, most companies and seo agencies are constantly trying to strengthen their ranking signals so that they can outperform the competition.

This means which websites are at the top change on a regular basis.

Why is SEO a continuous process?

Many companies today are investing in seo, so this means that to stay at the top of Google is harder than ever.

Even a website that doesn’t look to be that modern in it’s design, or have any new written work added, may still be investing in SEO, that’s because a number of companies will just want off-site seo.

Off-site seo could be building backlinks, or building business citations for example.

So, what would happen if my business was to stop paying for SEO?

If a business was to stop paying for seo the strength of the ranking signals would stay still. This means that a competitor would have the chance to overtake you.

For example, you may have been adding 2 pieces of good quality content marketing to your site per month, and adding 2 good quality backlinks, however if you stop it won’t take long for another business to beat this and to then be placed at the top of Google.

What is Googlebot?

Googlebot is what Google uses to notice changes that are made to a website, so when your seo company adds new work, it is Googlebot that notices this work.

It’s also widely thought by many seo agencies, including Ryan C Walsh, that if your website doesn’t add new work for a while, that this in itself can push a website down the rankings.

This is because of Google’s Freshness update.

Why is SEO carried out monthly?

A monthly fee allows your agency to apply a set amount of time to your account, in order to help strengthen your websites ranking signals.


Why should I invest in Ryan C Walsh?

Ryan C Walsh is a SEO agency that has been established for a long time, we can offer your business quality white hat work.

For a no obligation quote, do not hesitate to get in touch.

2017/11/17 2017/11/17

A quick guide to SEO

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A lot of Cardiff business owners may be deterred from investing in various seo services, quite simply because they may not understand which agency to choose.

And this is with good reason, as comparing seo quotes, received from various agencies can be like comparing apples with pears.

However, at Ryan C Walsh we like to explain seo processes as clearly and concisely as we can.

So without further ado, we will now provide you with an oversight into how the various online marketing processes work.

How does the seo process start?

Seo can be carried out by various businesses, some are called freelancers, some agencies, it’s also increasingly common for an seo expert to be recruited and to work inhouse at a business.

The process starts by conducting an audit, now an audit of your website alone will be of little use, that’s because an audit also needs to be performed so that the strength of your direct competitors are understood as well, and this often means the websites that you wish to overtake need to have their strengths and weaknesses calculated. Therefore competitor strengths need to be analysed, this is in order to weigh up if it is indeed possible to beat your competitors rankings.

It’s down to the freelancer, or the agency that you appoint to be honest, and to state what’s feasible within the constraints of your marketing budget.

This should be carried out first and foremost, that’s before any actual seo work is carried out to optimise your website. This will help to align client expectations, but also more importantly allow the seo consultant to know where they are taking the strategy, and what keywords they are looking to achieve improved ranking positions for.

How are keywords selected?

Sometimes the client approaches an seo agency and has a selection of keywords they would like to rank higher for.

Sometimes the business in question has no idea how people are locating their website, therefore requests the seo agency to carry out what is called keyword research.

For most small businesses, this is not an over complicated process at all, as how people find a general builder for example, within a city like Cardiff is not too complicated, and the client normally will state what areas of the business they want promoting i.e loft conversions, extensions etc.

What if it’s too competitive?

If the results are too competitive, i.e the competition are so strong that it is not feasible for you to rank highly, then your agency should be forthcoming and state that the budget needs to be either increased, or a different strategy put together.

What is onsite optimisation?

Onsite optimisation varies, it can be anything from meta descriptions, through to title tags.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are considered the most important ranking signal of them all, however for the links to be beneficial to your seo campaign, the links must be relevant, they must come from well-respected websites that you yourself recognise as an authority on a particular subject, they must also be constructed in such a way that they are white hat, i.e no over optimised anchor text.

How can your agency help?

Ryan C Walsh is an established Cardiff seo agency, with three business partners, the business has a great wealth of experience that your business can benefit from.

For a no obligation quote, why not call us today to discuss your websites seo requirements.

2017/11/15 2017/11/15

How can Facebook help my businesses SEO?

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Many business owners now appreciate that they require SEO services, that’s so the business doesn’t get drowned out by the competition, but some business owners may struggle to see how social media can help their business.

For example, some business owners may ask how does Facebook, and how does Twitter help by seo efforts?

How can Facebook help my businesses SEO?

Facebook is a great tool for making sure that customers understand the persona of your business.

For example, this can work with a wide range of businesses, from accountancy practices through to construction companies.

It can be a great way of showing your companies team, it can also be used to show your businesses past projects or products.

For example, Ryan C Walsh uses Facebook to show past building projects that one of our clients have undertaken.

Sometimes a business owner may only want a few key products, or a few projects they have completed on their website. However, Facebook can be regularly updated, this is so that every single month the company is displaying it’s latest projects, like a recently completed building project of a new house for example.

More information about the product / service

Facebook can also be used to offer video demonstrations of a product or a service offering, this way the business owner can gauge customer feedback straight away.

See what real customers are saying about your business

Facebook is great for finding out what customers are saying about your new product or service, this can be especially effective when a business is launching a brand new product, or launching a prototype.

Instant customer feedback can sometimes be achieved.


Business reviews are important whether the business is large or small, we work with a number of Cardiff businesses, that require Cardiff SEO, but also to gain more customer reviews so that this can encourage more sales.

Business citations

An important part of local seo is to gain business citations, these are also referred to as NAP information.

This means that a business that has accurate NAP information will be enhancing its local SEO.

Will this help my Cardiff based business?

Ryan C Walsh can offer cost effective online marketing services, our prices are very reasonable.

Who is Ryan C Walsh?

We offer organic seo services, we work with Cardiff businesses which are both large and small. We also work with businesses which are based within Newport.

2017/11/14 2017/11/14

How much should I pay?

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Many businesses within Cardiff want SEO services, however many business owners do not know what they should be paying.

For example, there are cheap seo companies out there, but as many business owners are aware, there are also many algorithmic updates which can penalise poor quality seo work.

On the other hand, there are some online marketing businesses which can charge an absolute arm and a leg- so what’s the compromise?

What type of marketing business is best for you?

The first step to finding the right digital marketing agency is to work out which type of business is right for you, is it a freelancer, a marketing consultancy business, or would your company be better off by choosing an agency?

Is the work white hat?

Once you have chosen between an agency, a freelancer, or a consultant its then time to work out whether the business offers white hat seo services or not.

Sometimes some companies offer cheap quotes, say for example around the £200.00 so that they can implement methods of seo which are automated.

In a nutshell, cheap seo, which is not white hat is a total waste of money. Worse than being a waste of money is the fact that cheap seo services could actually trigger a algorithmic penalty.

Are the consultants experienced

Even though you may pick a large agency, sometimes the person who is manging your seo account may well be new to the seo profession.

It’s always worth meeting with your seo consultant, and make sure they can understand you business.

A good way of gauging this is to evaluate the content marketing that has been written for your business, if it is well off point, then this wont help for SEO.

Look for an agency, or indeed a freelancer that understands your business, and is able to offer information that your customers will find interesting.

How many ranking signals are looking to optimise?

It’s worth bearing in mind that Google uses a massive amount of ranking signals to work out how important your website is. Google uses over 200 ranking factors, these are then calculated by Google’s algorithm to work out how important your website is.

This means your agency should offer a good mix of seo work, that’s from content marketing, through to offering link building services.

Why do I have to pay monthly?

Most agencies charge per month for their seo services, this makes sense as SEO is an ongoing process, and you are also in direct competition with your competitors websites, who will be looking to also improve their rankings.

How can Ryan C Walsh help?

Ryan C Walsh is a digital marketing business, we are based within Cardiff. Ryan C Walsh also serves customers in Newport as well as Bristol.

For a quote why not give us a call?

2017/11/14 2017/11/14

How do I know which keywords my business should be targeting?

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Most Cardiff business owners will have gone through the same process when investing in digital marketing services.

That’s to say they will probably have shortlisted a number of local agencies, and then the process starts of constructing a marketing strategy, that is both ambitious, yet realistic.

Key to forming an effective strategy, is knowing which keywords are important to your business, and whether it’s realistic that both your business, and the agency can achieve good ranking positions for these keywords.

What exactly are keywords?

Imagine for a second you need a plumber within Cardiff, what terms would you type to find such a service? Would it just be Plumbers Cardiff?

This may well be the case, however a good digital marketing agency would suggest the client needs to rank for the following terms as well:

  • Commercial plumbers
  • Residential plumbers
  • Emergency plumbers
  • Central heating installers

As you can see plumbers can be found under many different terms, if your agency didn’t optimise the site for one of these terms then you could be handing your direct competitors a massive advantage.

So, keyword research is about your agency, or indeed your seo consultant, working out all the terms that are important to your business model, and then implementing a strategy so that your business can be positioned better within Google for these important keywords.

Why must I ensure that the keywords are relevant?

Some agencies may hand the whole seo project to a seo consultant, who may just optimise your website for the most obvious terms.

However, they could also optimise a website for what we call “research terms”, what we mean by this is they may construct endless plumber related seo tasks, which may offer free plumbing advice etc, however the business may fail to zone in on what’s really important, and that is targeting customers in the city in which you do business.

So, there may well be thousands of people across the country that use the plumber’s website, and may fix a plumbing related problem thanks to the website, like re-pressurising their central heating systems, but if this doesn’t get the business owners phone ringing with more business within Cardiff, then what’s the point?

Why must I check my agencies marketing strategy?

It’s so important to make sure that your agency is targeting the right keywords for your business, and that they are promoting the areas of your business that you want to expand.

Are your goals realistic?

If your agency states that something isn’t possible in the constraints of your current marketing budget, then this isn’t such a bad thing.

That’s because there are now so many digital marketing agencies that will take a monthly fee knowing full well, that it will be near on impossible to meet the client’s objectives.

Therefore a marketing strategy, whereby the keywords have to realigned into what’s feasible and possible within the constraints of the marketing budget is actually a worthwhile activity.

For affordable seo services within Cardiff, why not give us a ring?