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2018/01/12 2018/01/12

How did Google’s Panda updates change content marketing?

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If you have ever invested in seo, then you will know how important content marketing is to the marketing strategy.

In matter of fact, it’s very hard to get a website to rank high in Google unless great time and effort in placed into your content marketing efforts.

So whether your business is based within Cardiff, or Newport, Ryan C Walsh will be able to help you with your businesses content marketing efforts.

What are Google Panda updates?

Google Panda updates were rolled out to help fight spam. Namely the Google Panda updates punished websites that used the following methods:

  • Duplicated work
  • Over optimised- i.e too many keywords placed within the text
  • Low quality i.e lacks purpose or just created for seo benefit
  • Cloaking

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the written text that’s placed within blog posts, or the text that is written on the main pages of your website.

Content marketing is simply written text, but it also needs a dash of seo flair if the work is to be successful. So, for instance, the content marketing normally has to have:

  • Alt tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Meta titles
  • H1 -H6 title tags
  • Internal links
  • External links
  • Anchor text
  • Custom urls

Why must all written work be high quality?

Some Cardiff businesses may look for a digital marketing agency that offers content marketing for a set fee.

However, it’s much better to have a smaller number of articles that are high quality, rather than a ton of articles that don’t have any seo focus.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that since Google’s Hummingbird updates, there’s no point in just writing content marketing for the purpose of seo, instead the agency must generate content marketing that is of really useful.

For example, if you were to run a construction company, there’s no point in writing an article full of tons of building terms, to try and help your websites seo.

How does content marketing help seo?

Content marketing can help a websites seo in the following ways:

It’s worth remembering that all work should be white hat.

  • It can make a website more relevant
  • Earn links naturally
  • Increase a websites rankings
  • Reduce a websites bounce rate

How we can help

Ryan C Walsh is a digital marketing agency and we are based within Cardiff, for a quote why not call us?

2018/01/05 2018/01/05

Why is Google Analytics so important?

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Google Analytics is really important tool for any business owner, or marketing agency to use. It can provide some really useful, and crucial data relating to how your seo campaign is performing.

We would also recommend that if you are currently paying a digital marketing business for SEO, that you insist the data is taken from your Google Analytics account.

That’s because we think third party data can sometimes not be as accurate as what your Google Analytics account will tell you.

Why is Google Analytics so important?

Google Analytics is kind of like the instrument panel on your car, it informs you of all the important information that any good seo consultant will need to know. These are some of the more important areas which you may wish to take notice of:

Why should my agency be monitoring bounce rates?

If your website has a super high bounce rate, then this is not good news. A high bounce rate means that visitors are landing on your site, but very quickly after they are leaving.

It’s kind of like walking into a shop, having a 2-second look around, thinking that the shop is not for you, and then quickly leaving.

However, this can negatively impact your seo, as a ton of visitors who land on your website, and then leave can inform the search engines that your site doesn’t answer that query.

Why are time on site figures so important?

You will want your website to have a really high time on site figure, it means people are interested in your business, so much so they are willing to shop around your businesses products, or services for a long time.

If you compare this with a high bounce rate, a high time on site figure is the total opposite.

Why should we monitor traffic?

Traffic is really important, it can allow you to understand how many visitors have landed on your website.

Why is it important to monitor traffic sources?

Ideally you will want a good mix of traffic sources, for example, you want people to find your business using organic seo, local seo, social media and PPC.

Why is it important to find the most visited pages?

The most visited pages can be changed so that you can further increase conversions. For example, if you know that thousands of people land on one service page that your business offers, then you can add a contact form on the page, which may encourage more people to contact the business.

How can Ryan C Walsh help?

We offer white hat seo, for a quote why not give us a ring?



2018/01/03 2018/01/03

How did the Google Pigeon update change local seo?

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Google Pigeon update


If you were to ask a number of marketing agencies before the Google Pigeon update, what they thought were the most important ranking signals, they would have undoubtedly said a business would need a lot of business citations, and a well optimised Google My Business account.

How things have changed since then. The Google Pigeon update, which was released on August 20th 2013, changed how agencies implement local seo for good.

Blending Google’s local algorithm with their organic algorithm

SEO’s got used to seeing 7 local businesses being displayed in the local business results, and then the organic business listings shown directly below- yet the Pigeon update changed all that.

Pigeon was designed to connect Google’s local algorithm, more closely to their organic algorithm.

Reduction of the 7-pack

For some businesses, they were happy for a long time to neglect their organic rankings, and instead focus was shifted on their business was position within the 7-pack of local businesses.

What this meant was this, say for example the business in question was a 24-hour locksmith, and you had top placement in Google’s local business results within your city, well this might have all changed when the Pigeon update was later implemented.

Not only was the 7-pack of local businesses often reduced down to just 3 local businesses, but also the results were often based more accurately on where the person was.

So for example, say a business was based in Llanishen, within Cardiff, they might not have appeared for Locksmith services within Cardiff, if the person was based in Cardiff Bay.

So how did agencies respond to such changes?

First things first, business citations are still to this day very important, but they are not the main focus when it comes to any local seo strategy.

That’s because the Google Pigeon update meant that SEO’s now had to think of local search engine optimisation in the same way as they would when optimising organic rankings.

This simply means the focus was shifted from just adding new business citations, and optimising Google My Business accounts, through to instead optimising more traditional ranking signals, that are well known to influence organic rankings as well.

So, in essence there are now over 200+ ranking signals to influence that effect both local and organic seo.

For cost effective, high quality seo services why not contact Ryan C Walsh Online Marketing today?

2018/01/01 2018/01/01

How should my business be building backlinks?

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Backlinks are still a really important part of any SEO strategy. In fact, some agencies believe backlinks are still the number one ranking signal, and that’s out of over 200+ ranking signals.

There are some clear advantages to earning backlinks, as a website that has strong and relevant backlinks is much more likely to be at the top of Google.

Why are local backlinks so important?

When you imagine the top 10 results within Google, for any given industry, normally it comes down to backlinks for why a company ranks where it does.

That’s to say often the company listed right at the top of Google, that’s normally the one with the strongest backlinks.

This doesn’t mean they have the most backlinks, as we will move on to later, it doesn’t matter about quantity so much, it comes down to who has the most quality links.

Sure the more quality links you have the better, but its not worth having 100 quality backlinks, and then 10,000 low quality links.

It’s widely thought by many agencies, including ourselves, that when you have loads of spam links, mixed in with good links, well this dilutes the whole backlink profile, which simply means that they will not be as effective.

Why must the links be relevant?

All backlinks that you earn locally should be relevant, for example if you run a dental practice, well there’s no point in having hundreds of links from the local rugby club.

Why must they be high quality?

The links must be high quality, if they are not high quality then there’s no point in earning them.

Low quality links are like a deadweight to a website, they can drag the website down, plus if the website does get hit by a link penalty, then this can be an expensive problem for your SEO company to fix.

What is Google’s Penguin update?

Google’s Penguin updates are an update that has been built into Google’s algorithm, if you have spam links then the Google’s Penguin update will pick up on this. The Google Penguin update may then issue a penalty.

Why are links just one part of the equation?

It’s important to remember that Google also uses over 200+ ranking signals to work out how important your website is. So, our best advice would be not to just concentrate on backlinks.

How we can help:

For a quote, why not give us a ring?

2017/12/21 2017/12/21

4 frequently asked questions for local seo services

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When it comes to seo services, many business owners have the same questions that they which to ask to an agency. To help you find the right agency within Cardiff, we thought we would put together this quick guide:

  • Why does seo need to be invested in on a monthly basis?

A website is ranked by the strength of its ranking signals. This means that 10 businesses that normally appear on page one of Google, have been ranked based on their ranking signals.

If a competitor was to obtain stronger ranking signals, then they would overtake your business.

However, even when a business is at the top of Google, most businesses don’t stop investing, that’s because they know quite often it’s only a matter of time before their competitors get stronger ranking signals.

  • What is white hat seo?

If you’re looking at investing in digital marketing services for your business, then you should only pick an agency that’s white hat.

  • Why shouldn’t I just go with the cheapest quote?

When you send an e-mail to the various agencies based within Cardiff, and you request a quote, you may have a large selection of prices to choose from.

Some agencies may well be fairly cheap, some expensive. However, it’s important to remember that seo comes down to hours spent optimising your site, what really can an seo company achieve if the quote is very low?

  • What does the word “organic” mean when it comes to seo services?

There are many confusing terms when a company invests in seo services, and one of these confusing terms is the word “organic seo”.

However all this term means is that the agency are aiming to take you higher in the main body of Google’s results.

Normally you have PPC listings at the top of Google, then if you are looking for a local business, you will have Google My Business listings, then the organic listings, which is normally 10 businesses.

Ryan C Walsh can help your business by offering cost effective seo services.

Our monthly prices start from £169.99 per month. For an exact quote, why not get in touch?