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We offer Seo link building services, this service ranges in price from £300.00 pcm to £1000.00 plus per month.

The price depends on your industry and how competitive your business sector is.

Powerful, authoritative and relevant back link’s should not be underestimated within SEO!

But beware a good link can mean a leg up the ranking positions, yet poor quality links can send your website into a downward spiral.

That’s why when building back links you need an experienced agency to assist you. We always keep Google’s Penguin updates at the forefront of our minds when we build new back links, that’s why well known companies in Cardiff opt for our services.


So what makes a good quality Back Link?

Good quality back links are the sort of links that the Google’s Penguin update’s will approve of. These links must be sourced from relevant and high quality websites. The methods used to gain new back links must also be White Hat.

“So they must be deemed quality links, from a quality source”.

Within seo we call these links the links that can send “link equity” or “link juice” through to a website. High levels of these sort of quality links can mean a website can gain a substantial advantage over their competitors. The websites on the first page of Google are more than likely to have good quality links.

If you have non-relevant back links then we can discuss various options with you before we start work. Such options will be to use whats called Google’s Disavow Tool or to use other methods to increase the accuracy of your back links and clean up any rubbish links. 


 How do I know if my links are any good at the moment?


We can carry out an initial link audit for your business within Cardiff. We will also have a look at your incoming links and recommend a solution if you have any low quality links linking to your website.

We sometimes need to disavow such back links, this could mean “Disavowing” your links partially or sometimes fully.

It could also involve contacting websites to get low quality links removed at source as well. We then start a process of building new high quality links that Google will notice.


How much does your Link Building services cost within Wales?


The cost will depend on how fast your wish to build links and what your business sector is.

For example if you are a solicitors practice there will be a high amount of competitiveness for these sort of links.

Getting back links from the right sources gets harder for competitive industries, this will be reflected in our quote that we make to you.

Googles algorithm and it’s spam fighting filters like Google’s Penguin updates will look for low quality links every time it crawls your website. This is why it’s so important not to mix low quality links with good ones, we can help you to build high quality links from £169.99 per month. 


What’s your experience of building Back Links?

We have built links for dental practices, solicitors, businesses in various industries, we have vast experience of link building.

What separates us from so many is we have an up to date knowledge of the Google updates, such as Penguin updates. We also have vast knowledge of how to Disavow back links safely.


How many back links do I need to see an improvement to my websites rankings?

This does depend on how competitive your industry is and how strong your direct competitors are.

Also back links can not be viewed in isolation. You need a wide range of SEO signals working in your websites favor.

Back links for a very long time have been considered a very important SEO ranking signal, so they are an important part of the mix of work items, to achieve higher rankings within search.

How do you ensure you only build safe and high quality Back Links?

We only build high quality links, this is because we never outsource our link building to anybody else.

We also never ever use automated SEO software to obtain links.

Plus we never build links on PR, paid article websites, or undefined websites which cover a huge range of subjects and of course never on low quality websites!

This is why many businesses in Cardiff, South Wales, are trusting us to build back links of worth and quality for them.

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