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2017/04/12 2017/04/12

How can I get my website to rank better locally?

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Local SEO explained


It’s a question that can consume some business owners, that’s the question of how can a business owner achieve better Google rankings.

It’s not an exaggeration to state that this factor can make or break a business today. Within this article we will provide you with some helpful nuggets of advice. If your company does not have the resources to handle the seo project yourself then why not contact our agency?

Why now is an optimistic moment to discuss local ranking factors?

Our agency likes to keep on top of what’s moving and shaking within the online marketing world, so when Moz published an article detailing experts’ work on local search ranking factors for 2017, well it definitely grabbed our interest.

Coffee and whiteboard markers to hand we began to digest the latest survey, so that we could bring you the latest ranking factors.

Citations, citations you need more citations!

Some agencies are quite simply stuck in the dark ages, refusing to move with the times and stating the same old generic advice. That’s to say for near enough a decade now a lot of agencies would tell clients that they need a mass load of business citations, nothing more, nothing less.

Business citations mean for those of who do not already know, that relevant business information is cited at strategic locations across the internet. The information that needs to be cited is referred to as the NAP information. NAP stands for name, address and phone number of a business.

This way Google, and all the other search engines for that matter, will have confidence in your businesses details (If NAP information is displayed correctly), that is so you stand a much better chance of ranking higher locally.

Interestingly enough the survey published on Moz’s website stated that citations currently only make up 13.31% of the total ranking signal pie. What was also interesting was the suggestion that Google is now preferring more quality citations, so not necessarily quantity, but more quality. So it looks like citations are now going in the same way as backlinks.

So without going overly technical here, basically you still need business citations, they are still important, but aim for quality directories and don’t go mad building citations everywhere and anywhere. There are now much more important ranking signals to focus your efforts upon, they are certainly not the be and end all of local seo anymore.

The less tangible signals are becoming more important so user behaviour, so you have to make sure your website is offering first class information.

What other areas are also important to local seo?

Here’s a list of the other ranking signals that you should focus your efforts upon if you want to rank  better locally.

  • Google My Business
  • On-page SEO
  • Link building (Don’t cheat, these need to be good quality links)
  • Reviews
  • Social
  • Behavioural

Relocating your business or setting up a new business?

Business location is so important to the overall local seo strategy, this means the “proximity of address from the point of search” is now a very important ranking factor.

So this is where the point of this article gets turned totally on its head, that’s to say you may have come to this blog post looking for pointers of how to rank better locally right? Well, here’s why you should slightly adjust your strategy ever so slightly.

Google’s getting more personal, meaning that the search results are now more focused on so many more ranking factors than what they used to be based on. For example, the location of the search is now so important.

If you are searching from the centre of Cardiff, you may therefore get different results than if you were to run the same search from a different area of the same city. So for example if you search for “emergency plumber” you are likely to get different results if you were to move around the same city.

Plus, don’t forget search history, this can also skew the search results, so if you have been visiting a website before you made your current search, well that site may just appear higher now because you have visited it previously.

For example, say you searching for a new car dealership, you may have visited a local car dealer’s website previously, when you run a similar search the same car dealer may pop up again, only now it’s in a higher position organically because you have visited the site before.

So think instead about monitoring relevant traffic, use Google Search Console to monitor time on site, and also traffic flows through particular forms of inbound traffic, i.e paid, organic, direct etc, that’s rather than focusing on what might just be distorted organic rankings. This way you will get a more accurate impression of how well your seo efforts are going. Plus, time on site figures and monitoring the bounce rate will inform you about if you attracting the right traffic that is interested in your business.

So local search engine optimisation sure is getting much more complex.

This is why it’s crucial you partner with a winning digital marketing agency- one that understands how to help your business achieve its online marketing goals, in a white hat way.

How we can help

We are a seo company based within Cardiff. If your business needs to achieve better visibility within Google why not give us a call on: 029 21 760777



2017/03/29 2017/03/29

Does your business need a cost effective marketing solution?

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What is Seo and how can it help my business?

Seo helps to increase a websites rankings, this can be achieved across a range of keywords.

Keywords are then optimised within a process known as organic internet marketing.

Over time a website climbs Google, this means the website is easier to find and often calls flood into a business as a result of this.

However there are two ways to optimise a website, the right way which is using white hat seo to properly enhance a websites onsite and offsite ranking signals.

Then there’s the other way which is to use dodge methods that look to cheat the search engines algorithm.

Some Cardiff SEO agencies do a mixture of the two, however we only carry out white hat methods that have been tried, tested and approved by Google’s rule book, also known as webmaster guidelines.

What if Cardiff’s just to small an area for my business?

Most people contact an agency not to just increase their rankings within their home town or city but also further afield.

We are the masters at this process, we have taken countless professional companies, tradesmen and product retailers into new geographic areas.

We have proven ways that help increase a websites rankings within the Google Local business listings.

What can your business offer?

We are organic seo specialists, this means we can rise a website within the main body of the results, and also within the local listings.

We offer low monthly fixed prices, these vary depending on how competitive your industry is.

For a personalised quote why not call or e-mail us today?

Why is search engine optimisation so cost effective?

Some businesses spend a ton of money on mail drops, radio advertising and so on, but this means you are running the chance the person who receives the marketing simply will not be interested.

Seo is different, when someone is searching for your business keywords you can appear on top of some of your competitors, therefore you are more likely to be contacted than a business that’s further down the page, or worse on the second page of Google.

Why should I choose your business?

We are an agency that is established and respected within Wales. We have senior seo consultants that have seven years experience.

We carry out seo campaigns for a huge range of businesses, plus our rates are very reasonable.

How exactly will SEO help my business over the long run?

My continually investing in seo you can appear higher for key business terms over the long run.

Therefore if online marketing is carried out correctly you have a sustainable way of drawing in new customers.

Is organic internet marketing and local seo a wise investment?

It’s a wise investment because its now commonplace for all sizes of businesses to be investing in the process to some degree. This often means many businesses simply can not afford not to invest as they would  be handing a competitive advantage to their direct competitors if they decided not to start investing.

Who is Ryan C Walsh?

Ryan C Walsh started to grow the business over seven years ago, working at the time for construction and construction related clients. These clients are still retained until this very day.

Ryan has a superior knowledge of digital marketing, his thoughts and knowledge has been quoted on some of the worlds largest seo news sites more than once.

Are my competitors within Cardiff investing in SEO?

If your competitors are building backlinks, writing content marketing and using social media for commercial gain then they are currently investing in search engine optimisation, by either soliciting the use of an agency, or carrying the work out in house.

How long should I invest in organic internet marketing for?

The process is constant, that’s because if a campaign is paused or stopped the competition around your business will overtake your businesses rankings over time. For competitive business sectors this can happen very quickly, sometimes in the matter of weeks or days.

Does it matter if my business is located outside of Cardiff?

We currently work with a number of businesses within the South West that want business in Cardiff.

We can therefore help businesses gain new customers in different cities located throughout the U.K.

How does the marketing process begin?

All we need to know in order to provide you with a no obligation quote is your websites address and what keywords you wish your business to be higher for within Google.

Our agency will then reply with a quote and how we can help your businesses presence.

2017/03/22 2017/03/22

How important is machine learning within SEO?

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Some agencies still only satisfy the conventional ranking signals, that’s links, content marketing etc, however there’s a serious ranking factor now that cannot be ignored.

That ranking factor comes in the form of machine learning- also commonly referred to as Google’s new masterpiece called “RankBrain”.

We have discussed this new emerging ranking factor at great length within our own article section, that’s because most Cardiff businesses, regardless of company size stand to be affected by it.

That’s to say if your chosen online marketing agency is still just churning out content marketing at a rate of knots you could be missing out on a trick.


What is Rankbrain and why is it so important?

In early 2015 Google began it’s slow rollout of RankBrain, which simply put is an artificial intelligence mastermind that’s changing ranking positions as we speak, and helping Google to increase the quality and relevancy of the search results as well.

It’s been widely reported on many respected seo websites, like on Search Engine Land, that as of June 2016 RankBrain’s artificial intelligence software is now being used on all Google queries, so if you are an seo consultant or you run an agency, it’s not something you should be ignoring.

How does machine learning change the search results?


Agencies up and down the U.K, and around the world for that matter, have always tried to look for quick ways to bring about results for their clients, sometimes this means some agencies use what’s referred to as black hat methods, which is the totally wrong way to go about things.

This could range from placing slightly too many keywords within a blog post, or a main page, right through to mass link building and schemes to artificially increase the authority of a website. This is the wrong way to carry out seo.

Machine learning brings in another dimension to seo, that is that the work has to keep the end user of the information interested if the page or website is to rank well.

This means a website could follow every white hat seo method that has ever been written, but if the information does not hold the users interest, and Google’s RankBrain detects this on mass, then the website is likely to start being replaced by results that better answer a searchers query, the sites that ultimately answer the question best will win.

This to many agencies, including our own agency which is based within Cardiff, seems like a logical move by Google, after all its like releasing an auditing piece of software that’s constantly evaluating how happy users are with the results.

If a result that was once at the top of the search results has a very high bounce rate, and low user engagement, then it’s obvious that the results below that do better in answering the query should be placed higher up the page.

Do conventional signals still matter?


Conventional ranking signals like links, content, on-site seo methods still matter, a website still needs to prove its important and worth listening to, that’s if it is to rank well. However, its RankBrain that then picks up the task of monitoring how users use the information and if it helps a user or if it is just a mere piece of marketing literature.

How does this change things?


We are an established digital marketing agency, and for us RankBrain changed very little in terms of how we carry out our seo tasks, especially content marketing. That’s because we recognised a long time ago that quality matters, so if the work is to a high standard, the user of the information will know this, and in turn clients will receive better rankings. White hat methods still matter, it’s just they are now a minimum requirement, instead the work has to impress, have an in-depth knowledge of the subject area, and most importantly answer the users questions clearly and concisely. This is the future of SEO and we are at the forefront.

If you are a Cardiff or Newport based business and you need help increasing the visibility of your website in front of the right audience, why not give us a call on 029 21 760777 and talk to Ryan, Emil or Dan.


2017/03/21 2017/03/21

Why a hacked website is bad news for SEO

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Ways to help prevent your website from being hacked

Some business owners believe that a hacked website will only damage the websites appearance, some believe therefore a hacked site will not have its performance impacted within the search engines.

However a hacked site can result in a website being taken out of search all together, also a website can be sent down the rankings because it has spam content or links.

This is obviously bad news for any seo consultant or agency working on the project, so we have put together a brief article to explain ways that you may wish to use to help prevent your website from being hacked.

It’s on the rise

Some business owners believe that hacking is undertaken by a person sat behind a computer with the intention of damaging a business’s web presence, this can sometimes be true, however there are a lot of automated scripts that undertake the hacking process without a human being behind the direct hack on your website.

This means often intricate and complex codes are automated to find vulnerabilities within websites and to exploit the weak areas of a site.

Google has recently mentioned that hacks are getting even “more aggressive” what this can mean is that the coding is getting even harder to detect and to fully remove.

Keep your website up to date

Make sure you keep your CMS systems up to date, this means if you have a WordPress website you should update the main WordPress folder, as well as all the plugins that you have installed on your website.

Failure to update a plugin could mean a hacker or a piece of automated code that’s roaming the internet could detect that you are using an old version of a plugin, one in which it knows how to bypass and gain control of all your websites settings.

Early detection system

Let’s face it we all lead pretty busy lives, but for most business owners a website presence can sometimes be taken for granted.

What we mean by this is for some business models rely 100% on new business coming through their website, if their website goes down then this could severely impact the business.

This means that a businesses website should never be taken for granted, a website should be checked at regular intervals for updates and to also make regular back ups as well.

Plus, the website should also be linked to Google Search Console account, as sometimes Google is able to flag up malicious code and tell the webmaster that the website has been hacked.

Sometimes everything looks normal

Sometimes someone might give you the nod that your websites is acting not as it should, that’s to say you may type in your websites address, and you think everything looks pretty normal.

However its only when you run a quick search within Google that you then find loads of pages that have been added, or that when you click your business listing it re-directs you to another website.

You should take action quickly to rectify such issues, so that the damage to your search engine optimisation can be minimised.

If you need further help and advice why not contact us today?

2017/03/20 2017/03/20

Has your website been hit by the recent Google Fred update?

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Google’s Fred update- another strike at low quality websites?



It’s been widely reported that a new update released by Google has further demoted many low quality websites. This update has been named the “Google Fred update” and we will explain how it has decreased many websites organic traffic that have been affected.


What kind of websites got impacted by this new update?


This new update massively impacted certain websites organic traffic, some sites reporting a 90% loss since the update sprang into action.

The sites that have been impacted are reported to be low quality content sites, so yes you guessed correctly, the sort of sites that don’t have the user in mind.

What we mean by this is often people visit a website with a clear objective, that’s normally to purchase something, or to find out information. So let’s give a rather simplistic example, say somebody was searching for how to change a light bulb on a certain type of car for example.

Now this person searching Google for such information most probably what’s a clear and to the point article explaining how to install their car light bulb easily. They don’t want to be bombarded with advertising or directed to somewhere which advertises another product or service.

So if the article or website they land on doesn’t answer the question, and instead bombards the user with a product or service, well this doesn’t generate a fantastic user experience, it’s more likely to annoy the user. It’s this type of website that Google hates, instead the search giant will want to promote high quality and relevant sites instead.


Is this the first update by Google to target low quality sites in this way?


For some website owners impacted by the Fred update they may well be wondering if penalising low quality websites is a new phenomenon.

The fact of the matter is that most seo agencies will tell you that Google has been penalising low quality websites for a long time now- in fact it’s become somewhat of the norm.

Google, and most other search engines for that matter, want to offer search engine results that are high in quality. That’s to say they will want the user to go away finding the best quality websites, the sites that really answer the question that they have to hand.

Google has released a ton of updates in recent years that target low quality sites, take for example the Google Hummingbird updates and Panda updates.

The Hummingbird updates are important to keep in mind because they were an update that increased the relevancy and accuracy of the search results. It also put a much greater emphasis on changing the SERP’s so that the user was more likely to be happy with the information, this therefore meant that many digital marketing agencies started to shift away from conventional seo, and more into offering high quality information that really added value to the users of the information, therefore seo played a secondary role to offering first class information. Add machine learning into the mix and the only sites that really enter the first page now are ones that offer great information or service.

Gone were the days of just placing keywords within 400 words of text therefore!


What kinds of websites did Fred impact the most?


Google’s Fred updates were said to most impact websites where it was difficult to differentiate from the content and the ads, also websites that were built for revenue generation purposes using certain low quality methods were also said to be impacted the most. So if a website was low in quality and looking to make a revenue from this information, then this was the type of website that got affected the most.

It’s important to remember that every website is unique (Unless the work is duplicated of course), this means that if you believe your website has been impacted you should consultant with a quality focused agency as soon as you can to diagnose the extent of the problem.

We have Seo’s with tons of experience- so if you need quality advice why not contact us today? We offer the following services within Cardiff:

·        Content marketing services

·        Link building services

·        Low cost monthly seo packages

·        An established agency that you can trust