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2017/07/21 2017/07/21

Are you going to invest in digital marketing services prior to Brexit?

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Okay, this blog post isn’t going to follow the normal status quo of seo blog posts, that’s to inform you of some Google algorithm update that’s about to be released.

Neither is it going to talk about some ground-breaking technology news, instead were going to talk about something on every business owners mind at the moment.

How will Brexit affect your business?

Perhaps your planning for business as normal, or perhaps your starting to batten down the hatches ready for Brexit?

Well, it may just be worth, in order to help your business mitigate the rough seas that may lay ahead, to think about investing in quality driven digital marketing services.

Where a Cardiff based agency, we can help you by providing your business with seo services, content marketing, link building and also social media management.

What exactly is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that is used to describe anything from designing a snazzy new business website, through to investing in search engine optimisation services.

Now, we know what you’re thinking, if Brexit is looming why would you chuck thousands at a marketing agency to change a few details on your website?

Well that’s a good point, after all business owners want to know they are getting excellent value for money.

This is where we can help, we specialise in a service called “organic seo”, which basically means, we take business websites higher within the results, also referred to as the SERP’s.

Now, we may well be biased here, but we think if any Cardiff businesses are looking where to place their marketing budgets, it would be a good idea if they were placed within seo services.

How can digital marketing help my business?

Search engine optimisation can help bring the right customers to your website, seo can achieve this by ranking your website higher for key terms.

What’s this got to do with Brexit? Good question, we believe that businesses, now more than ever will want to stand out from the competition.

Sales through you’re website may take a dip after Brexit, as homeowners, and other businesses start to tighten their belts.

So, your website needs to be ranking high, it needs to be more visible to more potential customers, and this is where we can help. We offer cost effective services, we also stay on top of all Google’s major algorithm changes, plus we have considerable experience, so for cost effective seo, you need us.

An agency with a difference

Type “seo Cardiff” into Google and you will see many agencies, yet we believe we are the safe bet, that’s because we use the latest white hat methods, plus some of the most experienced consultants around.

The fact of the matter is that Google’s algorithm rewards high quality work, but to be successful a business often needs a lot of seo to see real gains. Some agencies offer only a small amount of this high-quality white hat work that we have mentioned, yet quite often, we offer more high quality work for less money that some of the other online marketing agenices.

So if your Cardiff based business is making plans for weathering the economic storm that may ensue, why not speak to Ryan, Emil or Dan to see how we can help. We have helped websites all across the country achieve higher placement within Google’s rankings, we are well known for offering the best white hat methods.

We have years of online marketing experience, we work with businesses of all sizes, plus our seo fees are some the most reasonable in the country.

For a no obligation quote, why not call us?

2017/07/19 2017/07/19

Why you should be cautious of agencies offering guaranteed page one rankings

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Seo methods have changed massively, yet the way some digital marketing services are offered by some companies hasn’t changed at all.

This means a lot of companies still market their services in way which is likely to entice a business owners interest, however to those in the know, some of these offers are unrealistic.

One such service is to offer “guaranteed page one rankings” for small sums of money.

We will explain why such deals can sometimes be to the detriment of the customer.

Low search volumes

Cold callers, or sometimes dubious PPC ads may state a company guarantees page one rankings, if not delivered some companies then state they promise to refund the customer.

Sometimes these claims can be made because the company has a strategy to get a customer’s website onto page one of Google, but only for keywords and phrases nobody is searching for.

These terms are sometimes referred to as abnormally long tail keywords. To provide you with an example an abnormally long tail keyword for our business model could be, “An seo company in Cardiff, that offers white hat methods at a low price”.

The companies offering guaranteed rankings know that if they put this phrase within a title tag, within the pages content and also carry out some other onsite seo methods, then there’s a strong chance that this phrase will end up on the first page. But what’s the point? Nobody will be searching for it.

Such dubious deals therefore can bring about page one results, but for words that nobody is searching for, so there’s no use to the customer.

Spreading your bets

Some business owners have unrealistic expectations when it comes to investing within seo, needless to say there will be companies that will take advantage of this fact.

Some company owners will be shopping between the different online marketing agencies, and may compare companies on how many keywords they can target for the lowest fee.

Again, for those who are experienced with online marketing, these people will know that it’s far better to concentrate on a handful of keywords, than to spread your bets over a ton of keywords.

What could happen is that a website ranks on the first page of Google for some keywords, but Google’s algorithm may not detect the website as having enough seo strength to rank highly for any particular keyword. In a nutshell the whole seo strategy is too diluted.

This could mean a ton of keywords on the second or third pages of Google, it could also mean if the website breaks through onto the first page of Google, that it remains at the bottom of the first page.

Short term results

Some digital marketing agencies will repeatedly change their business name, while using poor seo methods, this is so that they can continually take on new clients.

These companies can use poor quality methods to quickly rank websites, i.e mass link building, spinning content and so on.

This can sometimes bring about short-term lift in rankings for some websites, only for the site to be penalised and taken out of Google’s results all together at a later date. By this time the agency may collapse, change names and start the process over again.

The processes used by such online marketing agencies is normally highly automated, very little human work or creativity is involved in enhancing the websites rankings, hence these are the sites that get hit with a Google penalty.

The old-fashioned saying still rings true, you do get what you pay for. With that said, there are some online marketing agencies that charge over the odds for average work, so it is a balance of carefully choosing the right agency within your local area.




2017/07/17 2017/07/17

Local search engine optimisation tips and advice

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For some businesses ranking high locally is absolutely crucial, so we thought it was a good time to offer some advice on how your business could improve its local visibility through local seo.

Why things are so competitive now

Google used to dedicate a fair chunk of its results pages to listing local businesses, however things have changed.

Now Google often only displays three local business listings, so it’s crucial that you either know your stuff when it comes to local seo, or appoint a quality focused seo agency to carry out your local seo.  

Business address and NAP information

At this stage most businesses already know about NAP information, that’s to say a business should have its business name, address and phone number cited on relevant, and quality focused directories.

However, with so many businesses forced out of city centre locations these days, sometimes some businesses do not consider the impact that a business relocation could have on their seo.

This means that if you want to generate more business say within Cardiff, then it’s important to have a business location that’s within the city.

That’s because trying to get a business ranked high locally, within Google’s local business results, when the business is located on the outskirts of Cardiff will be difficult.

NAP (Name, address and phone number)

It goes without saying that your businesses NAP information should be consistent and accurate. This means all of your business citations must be kept up to date.

Spend time building your Google My Business account

Building your Google My Business profile shouldn’t be a five-minute job, you should spend time on the following areas in particular:

  • Making sure the business has an accurate business classification
  • Unique photos of your business
  • Up to date opening hours
  • Phone number, address and e-mail addresses are consistent with what your website states
  • Accurate business description
  • The businesses name is accurate, i.e you haven’t crammed in area names to try and make the listing rank better, this will not work
  • Kept up to date

Google My Business reviews

You should look to gain real, naturally formed business reviews. Do not be tempted to fake your own positive reviews, that’s because Google will penalise false reviews and the My Business listing.

Solicit the help of an seo expert

Ryan C Walsh is an seo agency that has expert Seo consultants, we can help your Cardiff based business. We can help you rank better locally, and also rank better within the organic search results as well.

For a no obligation quote, why not call us today on 029 21 760777.

2017/07/14 2017/07/14

How long does it take to get a new website to the top of Google?

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How long does it take to rank a website at the top of Google’s results?


It’s a question that will plague anybody who wants to get a new business idea off the ground. It’s also a question that seo agencies are most frequently asked by perspective clients.

Understandably so, as business owners will want a straight answer, that’s to say a consultant dithering over providing a response, well they could be perceived as someone who doesn’t understand seo to a sufficient level.

However, even the most accomplished seo experts can struggle to accurately state timeframes, here’s why that is so:

Google’s algorithm is a secret sauce

If you had a racing car that won every single race it entered, you are unlikely to be willing to let any of the competition see under the bonnet.

The same can be said about Google’s mind bogglingly complex algorithm, it does a very good job at ranking websites, so why would you state exactly how it works?

More than that, if we could accurately reverse engineer Google’s algorithm then seo consultants would be able to manipulate rankings.

This means websites that don’t necessarily offer the best advice would be surfacing higher, which basically pollutes quality, and undermines the whole purpose of sorting out websites that best answer a question.

So, Google’s algorithm is secret, we hope it stays that way as well, that’s because quality websites will surface high, and the companies looking to cut corners are left guessing how Google works.

You have to go full throttle

Complacency can lead to the demise of anyone or anything held at the top of a hierarchy. The lesson is this, don’t get complacent with seo, that’s because it’s so easy for another competitor to come along and take the top spot.

The truth is you have to go full throttle, anything less and your competitors will be able to outperform your rankings, or cover ground to close the gap. This is why organic seo is a continuous process.

Don’t rush it, if it means cutting corners

Any good seo agency will know that rushing a process can mean corners are sometimes cut. It’s all well and good a business owner wanting to reach the top, but they should also take heed of the fact that Google only rewards quality.

Corner cutting, or looking to fool the algorithm is a sure-fire way to get a website penalised.

Quality matters, always has, always will

If it takes more time to engineer a quality driven seo strategy, then this is the way to go. Google rewards intricate, carefully engineered work, work that also has a keen eye spent on making sure quality is paid to every single detail.

To rush such a process, well that’s a fool’s errand.

Ryan C Walsh the name to trust within Cardiff

Whether you’re a sole trader thinking about investing in seo, or a multinational looking for a set of sharp seo consultants, we have the knowledge that sets us apart.

Contact us today to get the ball rolling on your seo project.

2017/07/14 2017/07/14

What factors contribute to a website being deemed high in quality?

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In yesteryear, so many seo agencies were worried about keyword placement, and flooding main pages with tons of incoming links. Thankfully, things have moved on since then, and the role of an seo agency today is altogether more skilled and intricate .

However, in a world of Google Hummingbird updates and Panda updates the focus is now on offering quality-but how does Google differentiate a bad site, from one which displays superior quality ranking signals?

Seo experts

Our consultants have put their heads together, this was in order to list what we deem as the main factors Google looks for when assessing the quality of a website.

Trust factors

Let’s face it, designing a website today is easier than it’s ever been, so it’s fair to say many business owners will have been tempted to flood the Google’s results pages with multiple business sites.

However, quality matters, that’s to say there’s no point in sending an armada of cheaply made boats into battle, if one superior super ship will make light work of the competition. The same can be said about your website, its far better to put your focus firmly onto one site, and to make it totally focused on delivering quality information, than to spread your bets across a number of business sites.

Trust factors are important, these symbolise to a customer that you are a real business, so local phone numbers, addresses and other contact details are all important.

The website should convey the fact that it’s easy to get through to a real person.

User experience

So many seo agencies drone on about generating a “good user experience” or “UX” for short, but rarely do they go into any sufficient level of depth over what this actually means.

But we will explain all, so to create a good user experience it’s important to either be critical of your own work, or better still, have someone else’s eyeballs cast over your site.

You should be weighing up the following factors:

  • Readability – your site should display clear business knowledge, yet not send the reader into a deep sleep.
  • Trust signals
  • User experience factors- To improve ux some of the factors that should be assessed are page load speeds, broken links, how the text reads, no duplication issues, no hidden text, internal links to help navigate, readable font, in-depth content, signposting to other good quality websites, minimum amount of clicks to complete shopping transactions ect, the list could go on until your blue in the face!

What our consultants see as the most important signals

So, we have covered some of the more basic seo factors that contribute to generating a high-quality website, but let’s look at the less tangible, but what we see as the most important considerations for any seo agency or consultant.

Average time onsite

Now, imagine a website with a sky-high bounce rate, also the average time on site is only a matter of seconds- this is not good.

Google will quickly discover that such a site is of little interest to a visitor, otherwise why would they bounce off the site?

So average time on site figures are of real importance to any good seo agency.

Load speeds

Were an impatient bunch, these days a page should load in less than 3-seconds, if your website doesn’t then do take action. Think about modifying your site, with the help of a web developer, or switch hosting companies.

Little improvements can make a vast difference as well, so remove hi-res images that are taking an absolute eternity to load for example.

No room for poor quality work

Talk to any seo novice about Panda updates and they will state, “yes keyword stuffing is not allowed anymore”.

Firstly, it shouldn’t have been used in the first place, secondly Google Panda updates are much more intricate than just seeing how many times a phrase is slap dashed across a page.

Panda is looking for the quality of the work, how intricate the content is, how much detail is noted, how entities relate, and how this corresponds to Google’s knowledge vault.

So, if you are writing about the history of Big Ben that’s located within London, then the facts, key dates ect, can all be crossed checked with a database of facts, this is known as “entity knowledge”, so there’s no point in writing an article that just lightly touches on a few key facts, articles written in five minutes are about as much use to seo as a chocolate tea pot!

An agency that goes the extra mile

Ryan C Walsh Online Marketing offers cutting edge methods of seo, yet our fees are rather modest.

If you run a Cardiff based business, and you are looking to invest in search engine optimisation, or you want to swap seo agencies, we are the company to speak to.