Backlinks are still a really important part of any SEO strategy. In fact, some agencies believe backlinks are still the number one ranking signal, and that’s out of over 200+ ranking signals.

There are some clear advantages to earning backlinks, as a website that has strong and relevant backlinks is much more likely to be at the top of Google.

Why are local backlinks so important?

When you imagine the top 10 results within Google, for any given industry, normally it comes down to backlinks for why a company ranks where it does.

That’s to say often the company listed right at the top of Google, that’s normally the one with the strongest backlinks.

This doesn’t mean they have the most backlinks, as we will move on to later, it doesn’t matter about quantity so much, it comes down to who has the most quality links.

Sure the more quality links you have the better, but its not worth having 100 quality backlinks, and then 10,000 low quality links.

It’s widely thought by many agencies, including ourselves, that when you have loads of spam links, mixed in with good links, well this dilutes the whole backlink profile, which simply means that they will not be as effective.

Why must the links be relevant?

All backlinks that you earn locally should be relevant, for example if you run a dental practice, well there’s no point in having hundreds of links from the local rugby club.

Why must they be high quality?

The links must be high quality, if they are not high quality then there’s no point in earning them.

Low quality links are like a deadweight to a website, they can drag the website down, plus if the website does get hit by a link penalty, then this can be an expensive problem for your SEO company to fix.

What is Google’s Penguin update?

Google’s Penguin updates are an update that has been built into Google’s algorithm, if you have spam links then the Google’s Penguin update will pick up on this. The Google Penguin update may then issue a penalty.

Why are links just one part of the equation?

It’s important to remember that Google also uses over 200+ ranking signals to work out how important your website is. So, our best advice would be not to just concentrate on backlinks.

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