Backlinks are a crucial part of most seo strategies, however they are often difficult to build, which leaves many business owners wondering, how do they earn links?

How can I earn links for my business?

When building backlinks it’s important to make sure the links are white hat, also that they are high quality links, and are relevant to your industry.

There are many ways to build backlinks, and we shall elaborate on some of the more common ways that your agency might use:

What is a competitor link analysis?

Your Cardiff digital marketing business may perform on a routine basis, what’s called a “link audit”. A link audit is simply using a company like Majestic to offer a list of websites that link to competitor sites.

This is very useful for any seo consultant, that’s because it gives an indication of why a website may well be ranking where it does.

This means that the websites that link to your competitors, may well wish to link to you, so you may choose to contact these sites.

Normally the best way, and most certainly the way that’s considered white hat, is offer a useful, unique and high-quality piece of content marketing to that site, in return they may choose to offer you a do-follow backlink.

What are digital assets?

Digital assets are a very clever way of link building, they involve making an info-graphic, or a useful piece of work that is likely to get shown on many websites.

For example, we are a well-known seo agency, so we may produce an info-graphic showing ranking factors for 2017. If the info-graphic is really good, it’s likely to be shared, and when this happens you can find out which websites have used the info-graphic and then ask for a do-follow backlink.

Why should I fix broken links / pages?

We like to think of backlinks kind of like electrical wiring, that’s to say the more wires (backlinks) leading to a website that are high-quality, the more powerful that website or page will become.

So if a link or your website has become broken, then this is like trying to power something when the plug socket is not in the wall. So the broken link must be fixed, once fixed power can resume to that page.


Brand mentions

Sometimes a website is mentioned within a news article for example, and this can make it very easy sometimes to earn a link.

For example say you were to run a solicitors practice in Wales, and you win an award, you may feature across several websites that state you have won this award.

It’s then very easy for your Cardiff seo company to contact the websites, and ask if the business mention can be supplemented by a backlink. It’s always worth asking if the backlink could be do-follow of course.

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