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Website SEO advice from Cardiff for Small Businesses

We have carefully put together 99 of our best Seo tips, designed for small and medium business owners in Cardiff, and for the rest of the UK.

 Why so generous we here you ask? Well we were once part of a small business ourselves in Cardiff, South Wales. That was before we understood what SEO was all about that is, so we know your struggle to fight off larger competition online.

SEO Cardiff

We know how fiercely competitive the online business market actually is, and is getting more so.

We know from this experience how difficult it is to get a website to rank well to draw in business for most business sectors. We also know most SME’s are up against the wall and the larger competition would like to move you out of the way if possible, we know we’ve been there too.

We hope you enjoy this guide and take away a few ideas and bits of SEO wisdom, we also hope this will help your online visibility to grow.

If you get stuck we can always offer a range of low cost seo packages ourselves, if you decide you need some more SEO firepower! SEO for Small Businesses | Prices and Packages.

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If you feel that you have not got the time to go wading through heavy search engine optimisation articles yourself, then this indeed might be the seo guide for you!

Why 99 SEO tips then?

Well it is rumoured that one of the major search engines uses over 200 ranking signals currently to determine where to place your website within the search engine results. Yes over 200!

So 99 SEO tips may sound a little excessive from our part, but when you realise that some search engines are rumoured to use over 200 ranking signals, you can then see why the list needs to be so exhaustive. This is so we can start covering some of the ranking signals they might be using.

The idea of this SEO guide is to give you an idea of how you can implement different seo strategies to help increase your websites visibility.

With that said you may need the help of a SEO professional or seo agency if you find any area of this seo guide confusing.

That’s not to say that most of the SEO ranking signals are covered here in this guide, because the algorithms are constantly shifting and changing also.

Plus, the true ranking factors are a closely guarded secret by all search engines, for obvious reasons.

Yet, we like to think that we have made a good stab, at which ones we think are pretty crucial to determine where to rank your website in the SERP’s.

Why not try a few methods and record the results, and return back and try a few more methods?

We think of SEO as revving up an engine, so if your business engine is ticking along rather sluggish, why not rev up your online presence, with quality seo and online marketing.

If you start to think this actually does work, I am starting to see SEO results, but I have not got the time to carry this on. Then why not see if one of our low cost seo packages is right for you. Website SEO Help and Advice Cardiff.

This is a very lengthy article the intention is to treat this article as you’re “Seo Toolbox” for the future development of your website.

Use our years of knowledge and expertise to your own advantage, pick out your tool of choice and try it on your website to see if it helps your online visibility.

We like to empower small businesses, we hope you like our work we would be more than grateful if you could share this article as far and wide as possible, to help give more power back to small businesses across the land.

Before you carry out any seo on your website, we strongly recommend reading the guidelines and best practice rules for what ever search engine you are optimising for.

If you flout the rule book, you could get hit by a search engine penalty, and you don’t want that! This will pull your website down the rankings. You therefore need to be confident in your own SEO abilities, or contact a professional SEO or online marketing agency for expert and professional advice.

Depending on the search engine you are optimising for, you will need to read the most up to date guidelines, for how to carry out seo first.

So make sure if you are optimising for a large search engine such as Google, that you read there Webmaster Guidelines first before you carry out any SEO.

Google’s Webmaster Guidelines can be read here.

Cardiff SEO

Without further hesitation let’s begin:


1. Whatever the size of the business, start writing about it! (High-quality content marketing)

You’re the best person for this with the most knowledge about your business, take advantage of that fact!

Create powerful original content for your website. Content is basically, written paragraphs, explaining a solution, answers and helping your target audience out.

Tell the world about your company vision and aspirations for your journey for where exactly you are aiming your business towards.

Write a blog post once a day, once a week, or once a month what ever you can manage it all helps!

No matter if you are a small business currently, your aspirations might be small now, yet with every incremental step your online presence could get stronger.

As you write about your business, you will naturally be including keywords that are relevant to your business sector.

Search engines will understand this, over time you are building up relevance and domain authority.

“Small business now but where will you be this time next year? That’s our company motto”!

Check out our content marketing guide: Content Marketing for Small Businesses.

Remember always carry out White Hat, Ethical SEO, poor quality seo, will only damage your website.

For more guidance on content marketing, why not read more here: Content Marketing for Small Businesses.


2. Check out the company you are keeping!

Head on over to Google Webmaster Tools, download your back link profile for your website.


If you have poor quality links start “weeding them out” through the “Disavow Tool”.


In order to do this you will need somebody who is competent in understanding what back links can be deemed poor quality, and which ones are high in quality. If in doubt ask an expert!

Deleting back links “willy-nilly” could potentially damage your website, so only undertake this if you have the confidence and ability to do so! If in doubt consultant an expert, such as our seo company in Cardiff: Website SEO Cardiff

SEO Services Cardiff

3. Make sure your Website is Structurally Sound!

Just like a quantity surveyor surveys a building, you should get your hard-hat on and check the structure of your website has no major flaws to it also!

Make sure that your website has the basics right first, such as on-site navigation, that the email forms are easy to use, easy to read typeface, your website is mobile friendly and so on and so on.

Just give your website a M.O.T every now and then, this will help you check any usability issues with your site, that could be affecting your conversions levels. So for example, a e-mail contact form may not be working properly, it could be a cause of frustration for your users, so an evaluation of your site will help fix such issues.

To do this check out our article, “How to perform a small business M.O.T on your website”.

Make sure that you have all these basic areas covered before you move on to the more intricate areas of Seo.

4. If you haven’t already done so make sure you sign up to Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.

Two fantastic pieces of software, that you can use to help guide your marketing efforts when you are undertaking Seo strategies and monitoring the impacts of these on your own website.

Google Webmaster Tools will allow you to check your own back link profile also, as well as reading about important messages relating to your website. You can also make sure that you know if there are any crawling or indexation errors occurring.

There are other neat features as well, making this well worth your time in signing up to this free set of tool’s.

Google Analytics will allow you to check the performance of your website. This is in terms of visitor numbers, geographic locations of them visits in the world, and what devices people accessing your website from i.e mobile or desktop.

All vital information to gauge how well you’re Seo efforts are performing.

So use these tools to learn more about how changes to your website are impacting your visitors and other key information such as the bounce rates on-site, and time on site also for example.

So use these tools they are all free, and they can really help your online marketing efforts.

Small business SEO Tools. Google Analytics | Google Webmaster Tools

SEO In Cardiff

5. You need to go back to basics!

Your website designer may only be interested in making the site “look pretty”.

Looking pretty is all well and good, but does this actually make you money if nobody can actually find your website online?

To make sure your website has the basics covered then, make sure that you take the time to properly assemble title tags, meta descriptions, seo friendly urls and alt tags, for example.

Make sure that your website designer hasn’t just left blank spaces, or quickly filled them in with the minimum amount of information.

We often see this in the meta descriptions, this is a very important area, as it can persuade a person in the SERP’s to actually click on your company.

So by a website designer, not filling in the information this could damage the amount of traffic to your site. So make sure the basics of SEO are covered, by making sure the finer details are completed on your website.

For more information about on-page seo click here: SEO through on-site optimisation.

To do this, is very easy if your website is run on WordPress or other popular CMS systems, just enter the dashboard and start checking.

But remember do not ever “keyword stuff” keywords into the areas that were left blank by your website designer. Write instead naturally written descriptions that people and the search engines will like, by accurately describing what that page is about in the URL and meta descriptions for example.

If you’re un-sure check your search engines guidelines, or read more about this before you make any changes.

Moz has guides about how to get your on-site optimisation factors right.


Website SEO Cardiff

6. Go Social, get a Social Media presence online.

Perhaps you haven’t got time to manage multiple social media platforms so choose one that best suit’s your business.

There’s the more visual social media platforms and then there’s the text based social media platforms and other’s which are more niche again, that may suit your business.

Use the right one for your business, why not, most are free!

You don’t have to go mad regularly adding comments to social media platforms, just try and build a community group of followers around your business.

If you sell an item, that you know there is repeat custom for, why not use social media to advertise new stock, people are more likely to check social media than they are to keep going back to your stock list.

7. Do your homework first, study the competition under a microscope!

Understand how your competitors are drawing in traffic to their website.

Take some time, grab a cup of tea, and learn how your competitors are doing it.

View their sites source code, very easy just left click and view source code and look at title tags, h1,h2,h3, that your competitors are optimising there sites for.

Find out, and if you think it’s a good idea what they are optimising for then use the keywords within your own content marketing. Of course do not copy your competitors exactly, that’s foolish and stupid! But do have a look at your target market they are addressing, have a look at their site structure that is how they are laying out the information and get some ideas.

Yet, you see they are using industry generic language, that you are possibly not, common phrases also search terms (Keywords) that you have missed.

So for example you’re a used van dealer. You notice the local competition advertising for and optimising for van makes, models, and van types, well maybe you should do the same.
Quite possibly, you may have spotted a gap in your own website in terms of addressing a key market, so by producing content marketing for van makes for example, you may start drawing in traffic for that particular type of search traffic.

You may sell a similar product or service range, yet if you’re not correctly targeting the right keywords, you may not be doing your website justice!

Make sure you understand how your competitors are drawing in their traffic to their websites, make notes about their website structure, and their keywords, and how they look to be targeting on site keywords.

If you get stuck, you could use an SEO tool to help such as Screaming Frog to check the sites structure and their keyword optimisation through title tags for example. So if they are optimising through header tags, then such a SEO tool may be possible to bring this information up in such a way it makes it clear what keywords they are targeting.

For help on Keyword research and other SEO topics why not drop us a line. SEO Cardiff


SEO South Wales

8. Do some Keyword Research, this is vital, don’t neglect this area what ever you do!

You might have some bright spark in your office, that says “seo is easy, let me have a go at that”, after the months go on nothing is happening, things are the same, then you ask them- well what keywords were you going after? In return you here “Umm I don’t know, I was just adding content and building links. ”No good!

You must have a plan and know which keywords are profitable to your business, and have a plan for how you intend to increase visibility for them chosen keywords.

Do some keyword research make sure you understand what keywords to target for in your content marketing, and website’s structure.

Keyword research is simply understanding, what keywords to target in order to bring in more targeted traffic to your website.

This is what people are entering into the major search engines, in order to find your business basically.

They might not be as obvious as you might first think!

You might be a “used car dealer” within the specific area for example.

You might think that having a good ranking position for “Used car dealers in Cardiff” is good enough, yet when you start exploring the options you realise that it is not good enough at all, for bringing in the right amounts of traffic.

For example you may need to optimise your website for all the particular car manufacturers and types of models within that geographic region.

That’s when you see search engine optimisation is not as easy as it first looks, you must have a very good understanding of what people are looking for in relation to your business, and then optimise your site so you are bringing in traffic across a number of search queries, and keywords.

Use your competitor research, ideas, business know-how, to make sure you’re going after the right keywords.

9. Check for Duplicated Content

Check your website for duplicated content, that may have been placed on your website in the past.

Duplicated content is not good for your search engine optimisation campaign, and not good for your company’s rankings.

You may want to learn why by reading our article on Google’s Panda updates.

Why not check to see if your site has any duplicated content using such a tool as CopyScape


10. Try and make your website have Seo friendly URLs.

Some common CMS packages such as WordPress for example allow you to change your url extensions for blog posts or when adding new pages, very useful indeed for your seo project.

Use customised URL’s with a few brief few words to describe what that particular page is about. Think keywords, but don’t over optimise.

Perhaps you’re writing a page for your website, that sells say football equipment for example.

Why not just simply place within the URL itself, within your CMS system, a few words that describe that particular websites page, such as “football shirts Cardiff” for example.

By doing this in the URL, this is another good pointer about what that particular page is all about.

This will just help the search engines that little bit more, by sending a signal what that particular page is about. This is achieved by adding keywords for that page so that they appear in the url, and future back-links. Remember not to do keyword stuff though!

11. Use Social Media to your advantage, not to waste time!

If you write a quality piece of content marketing for your website then why not advertise that fact.

If you find Social Media confusing and baffling read our: How to form a Social Media Strategy for small businesses.

Why not publish a link on Social Media telling your followers or friends about a new piece of content on your website, they might be interested in.

This can help raise awareness of your website, while increasing the possibility of interested followers linking to your website.

The more people that link to your website in a natural way and are genuine followers of your work the better!

Think high quality, naturally earned links, but remember the Penguin updates! If you don’t know what Google’s Penguin updates are read here: Google’s Penguin updates.

That is the aim here, that’s to create back links of worth and high quality.

Remember low quality links can damage your Seo performance.

12. Make your Website Visual, Make it Attractive!

Your website should hold a “good user experience” or sometimes referred to as UX, with that said, you should try and keep your target audience interested when visiting your website.

Try and make your visitors stick to your website for as long as possible.

How exactly is that achieved? We hear you ask, well that is easier said than done, we will admit.

Yet by adding high-quality content, interesting images, info-graphics, engaging videos will all serve to keep your target audience interested- that is the name of the game after all!

Use You-tube, use free info-graphic sites such as Pictochart and publish your work in different formats, make it visually attractive.

13. Once in awhile, write a quality lengthy article, yes like this!

You’re a business owner, so you’re passionate about what you do and how you do it, right?

Why not convert this passion into a lengthy guide or tutorial, of how to do something within your industry or business sector. Don’t worry there’s something in it for you!

Engage the thoughts of your staff, or your stakeholders and create a guide or tutorial that will really help your target audience with a problem or a commonly searched for piece of information relating to your industry. Think unique, think high quality content marketing.


Why not leverage your small businesses assets, such as your staff for this task? If you still have no clue, then read this article: How to leverage your small business assets for your content marketing efforts.

Write a really lengthy article, and explain something that will be of real interest to your target audience, this is then likely to act what we call in the Seo industry as a “Link Bait”.

Link Bait is basically a piece of Content Marketing, of real worth and substance, where people will want to link to it and share with other people.

What do I get out of this? We hear you cry!

By creating lengthy articles can take a lot of time, we know, but by putting in the extra effort you might possibly be handsomely rewarded for your efforts!

So it is worth going that extra mile, so that you generate a good user experience.

After all good content = natural earned back links! So put your back into it, and generate something that will make your users talk about your business and link to it.

Remember also high quality links, mean that you open the opportunity to increase your online visibility overall normally.

14. Outreach, persuade the influencers in your business sector. Let them know your industry presence, is alive and kicking!

All the major search engines know that a brilliant business does not operate in isolation, without being connected in some way to its target audience, or service providers, across the web through mentions, links, shares etc.

If you’re brilliant at what you do, then it is more than likely your business is mentioned across the web in varying areas.

Without complicating proceedings, we are now are moving into what many call the “Semantic era of Seo”.

Don’t worry about the jargon, don’t get bogged down with the technicalities of the Semantic Web. Just remember though more people online positively talking about your business, and linking to you the better. Always think natural, ethical SEO, and you should be okay. Though do remember not all links are equal, so only look to earn high quality links for your website and business.

Want to learn more about how to earn high quality links? Why not read this article: How to get high quality links.

So what exactly is this outreaching malarkey?

Out reaching is basically the process of sending emails to quality websites, to see if you can get content marketing work published on their website.

This is a “win-win” for quality websites, they get a brilliant bit of content marketing to interest their target audience, and in return for your effort’s, you get a quality back link pointing back to your website. Even if it is a no follow link, meaning it does not pass link equity, it is still good as you may get high quality search traffic as a result.

Quality back links from a good business or news website is what you are after. Remember never obtain low quality back links, and never pay for links neither! Think Penguin. Read our Penguin guide here.

15. Do a website audit every now and then, think of it as a spring cleaning for your website!

There are many hundreds of Seo tools out there, to help you do an audit on your website.

If you run a very small website then there might be no need to invest in an Seo tool or programme.

You might just want to every once in a while click on every link on your website, and check your navigation to make sure that they all work fine.

Test your contact forms work, and check for all general usability errors. Remember, that usability errors cause a bad quality user experience and should be avoided where possible. You also want fast loading and error free web pages.

For more information on why load speeds are so important for SEO read here.

For more information on why fixing broken pages and fixing usability problems are important click here.

Purpose of this is to make sure that you have no broken back links on your website.
Broken back links create a poor quality user experience, which the search engines frown upon.

Take the time to click around your website and make sure everything works the way it should do. Obviously, as your SEO expertise grows, you can perform more in-depth checks on your website, such as load speeds and for 404 errors, and if re-directs are being in-correctly used for example. Perhaps, you may not have the time to check such information so why not appoint a seo expert in Cardiff to do it for you? Click here to contact us: SEO experts Cardiff

You’re making constant amendments and changes to your website then it is easy for back links to become broken, you might not even know about it, so regular checks are essential.

Why should I worry about this?

You should worry about this because if you create good quality content and it is linked to by people pointing their back link’s towards a certain URL, when that URL becomes broken, the “link juice” or “link equity”, does not get past through the page which it is pointing at.

This basically means that it’s not good for search engine optimisation. So to make sure that your back links are all correct and working fine, do some regular checking.

If your website is slightly larger, then why not use a more established Seo tool such as “Screaming Frog” to help you.

16. Set up a You-Tube Channel

You may feel silly talking on your own You-Tube channel as a spokesperson about your business, but the competition may not feel silly at all!

Therefore they may have a competitive advantage over you. So it’s worth your consideration.

A powerful You-tube channel can help inform potential buyers about your product or service, it can help give your website a personality, this can help build trust.

Why not get somebody in your office or business to talk on your You-Tube channel for you, hopefully on a regular basis.

Just explain your product range, and put your face out there, so people can look what your business is all about, and gauge what the personality of your business is like.

Embed a video into your website, so people can view it easily, this may help increase the amount of conversions on-site and should help increase the user experience in a positive way.

17. Don’t create a “content thin” website

You may have employed a particularly lazy website designer in the past. Which has made your website look pretty, but the website designer has put very little amount of effort into the text on your website.

As you can imagine the search engines have a difficult job on their hands, they have to decipher what millions of website pages are all about on a daily basis.

To make their life’s easier why not add more text on the pages, which are deemed as “content thin”.

Don’t just write any old rubbish or gibberish though, try adding quality text that describes that page and what your service offering is all about. Think high quality user experience, and think about answering users common questions, they may ask your sort of business.

If you’re confused read our article: How to turn around under performing content for your small business website.


18. Keep your website fresh, anything stale is not good!

A websites pages can sometimes get dated and neglected.

Make sure you freshen up your website every now and then, and so the content moves with the times and accurately reflects your business online.

Read our article: How to make sure your content marketing matches the personality of your business.


19. Keep abreast of Seo changes

As a small business owner you appreciate that your website is a vital tool in drawing you in business.

So to keep ahead of the curve, why not visit a few Seo news websites every now and then, keep on top of the latest changes within the SEO industry.

Most people or small business owners are put off by the idea, thinking seo and online marketing advice sites are too technical and boring.

That’s just not the case, take Search Engine Land, a fantastic resource, any business owner can jump in and get a sense for what is happening in the search engine optimisation community.

Vitally important if you want to stay on top of your web presence and seo.

Why not visit a website such as Search Engine Land, which will help you keep informed about search engine optimisation changes. You can then implement these changes to your website if you so wish.

20. Make sure your website is “Mobile Friendly”

Making sure your website is mobile friendly is vital.

We are seeing year-on-year increases in the amount of traffic sent to mobile devices.

Also recently Google has announced that it is to launch a “Google Algorithm Update”.

Read more about that here: Advice for Small Businesses about Google’s Mobile update.

This basically means that it will prefer “mobile friendly” websites, to show in the results of mobile devices, as opposed to showing “non-mobile friendly” sites on mobile devices.

So make sure your site is properly optimised for mobile devices, imagine for a second you’re an “Emergency Plumber”, imagine the people that will quickly use there mobiles, to get your number.

Well if your website is not optimised for this update, you could get demoted in the mobile search results, not good for business you might agree!

If your website is not mobile friendly do not despair, a good website developer should be able to implement something that will allow your website to be mobile friendly, which should not cost the earth.

Alternatively if you’re using WordPress, it can be as simple in some cases, as adding a plug-in to enable your website to be “Mobile Friendly”.

21. Stay on the right side of Google’s Penguin updates

Google launched a series of algorithm changes codenamed Google’s Penguin updates.

We have written an article on the Penguin Update’s which you can read here: Penguin updates.

The essence of the Google Penguin update is to “weed out” websites which are using spammy or poor quality back link profiles, to increase their websites ranking positions artificially.

Websites which have used low quality and spammy back links, in order to manipulate the search engines, can be found through this algorithm update, and demoted within the search engine rankings for using such practices.

So only build high quality links, or better still let your site earn links through high quality content marketing work.

22. Stay on the right side of Google’s Hummingbird Update

We have written an extensive article on the Google Hummingbird update, which can be read here: Google’s Hummingbird update.

Google’s Hummingbird update’s assesses the quality of your website in terms of its user experience, and the quality of the information offered to precisely match search queries to quality websites.

Again think quality, think I want to offer a good user experience, I want my business to stand out from the crowd. This approach should stand you in good stead.

So basically create quality content which answers searches queries.

Don’t create content just the search engines benefit. Write high-quality content, that answers commonly asked questions relating to your industry.

23. Stay on the right side of Google’s Pigeon Update.

Google launched its Pigeon Update this is of vital importance to small businesses, and is likely to affect small businesses more than national companies.

Google increased the quality of its local search engine results through this algorithm change. It achieved this by increasing the accuracy of its local business information to present more local businesses that are matched with local search intent queries.

You can read more about the Google Pigeon updates here.

Google’s Pigeon update. What’s important is that you clear up any misleading business information across the web.

Google will take into account your businesses Name Address and Phone Number (NAP) and will look across the web for what it calls “business citations”.

You need to send clear messages to the search engine of where your business is located. By sending clear signals for key business information, this can be achieved through citations.

Therefore if the web holds old or outdated information, this can confuse the search engines.

Read our article on: Local Search Engine Optimisation, for small businesses guide.


24. Use “Long Tail Keywords”

You might be in a fiercely competitive industry, with the competition possibly not allowing you to rank anywhere near the first page of the search engine results.

You therefore need to be strategic and clever about which keywords you are targeting.

If the competition make it hard for you to rank on the first page for key terms, which are high in competition, then you need to think outside of the box and use “long tail search terms” instead.

For example if you can’t rank for “Electricians within London”, then optimise your website for longer tail search terms such as “Low-cost electricians within London”, for example.

Long tail, means less people search for these search terms, they therefore have a lower search volume.

What’s important to note however is this, even though they attract lower search volumes, they still attract relevant high quality traffic to your site.

Interested in learning more about how to optimise for “Long tail keywords”, then have a read of this page: How to optimise your website with long tail search terms, for small businesses.


25. Use Images to paint a 1000 words!

Google has at its disposal artificial intelligence and machine learning programs, which can now understand what a picture is actually displaying! Read more here: Googles machine learning programmes!

So why not utilise this to your advantage, take pictures of your business, and what you have on offer and use this to make your website more interesting.

Optimise your website, with pictures, yes that is possible now, things in the SEO world are definitely moving at a fast pace.

This can do two things, you can show visitors who visit your website more about what your business is all about, while showing the search engines that this is the industry in which you operate in, through company images. Therefore say you were a excavator hire company, by showing pictures of your machines, Google is more likely to understand what your page or website is about.

As you can imagine, a website just showing text and a company logo, it would be hard for the search engines to gather visually what your website is about. So by adding relevant photos, you are again sending clear signals about what your site is about to the search engines.

You will help increase confidence what pages are about for your certain business sectors.

For example again, say if you are a car dealer, and you have hundreds of pictures of cars on your website, then the search engines are likely to pay more confidence and attention to such a website, as it sends signals about what the site is about. This is compared to a website which has hardly any pictures of cars on it, where the search engines may struggle to understand what the site about if it is thin on content and visual clues, such as pictures of cars.

Or a website which does not change its pictures of its cars so regularly. So a website constantly changing its stock list say weekly of its cars, and descriptions of the cars for example, is much more likely to do better than a website with a static html site, where the pictures changes once a year for example.

Remember it’s better to have a website which changes and looks fresh.

This is so it sends out as many clear signals about what your website is about as possible, and who exactly it is addressing.

Fresh websites, with quality content marketing can help a websites search engine optimisation campaign, as they are normally sending out clearer seo signals about the sites purpose.

26. Why not get several website’s working for you, why limit your options?

A lot of business owners have businesses which have quite different business offerings.

Yet business owners try to get the same website ranking highly for two completely different business areas.

This is entirely possible, yet sometimes it might be easier to get the two websites ranking for entirely different business streams on two different domains.

We are not talking about here similar business offerings, that are potentially separated on different domains, that would not make sense.

As new domains take a long time to build authority, yet if you have two totally different businesses, yet you are trying to market them through say a group company website, then in some and certain circumstances, it might be beneficial to have separate domains.

But if in doubt always consult an expert search engine optimisation company, such as ours. SEO Services in Cardiff.

But perhaps for example you are a used car dealer that also sells motorhomes.

In this example it might be easier to use two distinct websites one for used cars, and one for motorhomes, within a geographic area.

What this will do is it will send a clear message to the search engines what each particular site is exactly about.

By separating motorhomes from used car sales, you can optimise your website for entirely different business streams.

The name in the domains could be similar, but how you optimise the website will send clear messages to the search engines, that one is about one subject and the other about another.

Please note that separating business streams, through different website domains, will need the advice of an expert seo consultant, this may not be suitable for all businesses.

It may help some businesses, get more visibility by separating the two businesses online, but if in doubt, always contact a local professional for advice.

27. Use Back Link Audit Programs to your advantage.

We talked a little earlier about the importance of checking the health of your back link profile.

Some back link audit tools can help you assess which back links are potentially high quality and which ones are low in quality.

Majestic Seo for example allows you to set up a free account, or a paid for account if you want additional features, yet all will allow you to assess what back links are linking to your website.

This is of vital importance because the search engines released algorithm updates such as Google’s Penguin Updates.

To learn more about: What are back links are, and why they are important click here

To learn more about: Negative SEO click here

To learn more about how to build high quality back links for small businesses click here.

28. Make sure your Meta Descriptions are accurate.

Meta descriptions are small amounts of text and a title which appears in the search engine results or sometimes called the SERP’s.

This is the section of your website that you fill in normally at the bottom of your page or post.

This is when you generate content for your website, you may have this especially if it is a CMS system, an area where you can fill in what is known as the meta description.

When you generate a new page, you can fill in your meta description to accurately tell visitors on the search engine result pages what a pages is about.

A meta description is that little bit of text under your ranking position in the search engine results, that describes that page, and what it is about. So for example, say you were searching for a fitted kitchen, you may want a certain design, so before clicking on the search results, you may read more about the page itself. This is why its so important to get the meta description right, because it can encourage people to click on your companies listing.

To read more about how to write good Meta Descriptions click here. How to write good Meta Descriptions.

Think wisely about how to describe that particular page with your meta description.

Include SEO keywords, but also try to encourage your visitors to click onto that particular page, and possibly by using short snappy text, such as enticing customers through prices for example. Or what you know is likely to get good click throughs.

Perhaps you are finding content marketing quite confusing, when carrying out such work on your website.

Why not visit this guide we have written about content marketing for small businesses.

Write this text naturally in a way that will appeal to visitors in the search engine results pages, again don’t key word stuff!

Seo Services Cardiff

29. Make sure that your Content Marketing has structure.

Make sure that before you set about doing any Content Marketing work, that your work has structure!

Why not jot down on a piece of paper, where you can place titles across your content marketing work and also think about the structure to the content.

Think where you can place H1,H2,H3 and title tags naturally.

If your wondering what on earth are header tags, and H1,H2,H3, tags actually are, then basically these are just title structures on your website through what’s known as title tags.

They will send clear signals to the search engines what a page is about, by you describing the page to the search engine, through highlighting areas of the content marketing, that you want to stand out.

So for example, if you are a excavator hire businesses, and you are writing about your diggers or excavators, then you can make the key and vital information stand out by making sure it is highlighted as a title tag. This will help inform the search engines what that page is about.

To read more about page structure and how to use title tags correctly read this article: How to use title tags and header tags correctly when optimising your website.

Just as visitors to your website will assess the quality of your content, so will the major search engines through indexation and crawling algorithms.

They will assess the meaning and purpose behind your content marketing efforts you have made.

If you’re content marketing work has a good flow in terms of the areas broken up with title tags and labelling, this will make it easier for the search engines to understand what your web pages are actually about.

Otherwise your web-pages, run the risk of looking like a mass of content, which is not separated and has not been correctly optimised.

30. Add social icons to your website’s pages.

Why not add social icons or widgets, to your major pages or posts on your website?

This will allow visitors to your website to share that information if they find it useful to their social media audiences.

This can help spread the word about your content marketing work, and help create back links, if enough people visit the content on your website and want to share the information, then this can help with your seo campaign.

With that said, you are only looking for quality back-links and hoping that the social shares will drum up interest in your work, so that it gets spoken about online.

31. Keep on top of what the search engines deem acceptable

Within Seo you must understand that there are practices which are called “Black Hat” and “White Hat” search engine optimisation techniques.

To know more about what is black hat and what is white hat, why not have a read of this article. Black hat vs White Hat seo

Black Hat Seo aims to manipulate the search engines into making a website or webpage look more authoritative than it actually is.

Stay away from Black Hat work, sooner or later the search engines through their sophisticated algorithms will find such work, and they can demote your site or penalise it in the rankings.

For more on Panda Algorithms updates click here: Panda Updates

For more information on Penguin updates click here: Penguin Updates

For more info on Pigeon Updates click here: Pigeon updates.

If you would like to know more about Google Hummingbird click here: Google Hummingbird updates.

One form of Black Hat SEO can be achieved through manipulating back links pointing to a page or a website, to promote a page or website through low quality links.This is not advised at all! This should be avoided as this practice can damage your websites rankings.

Black Hat can take the form of cloaking, keyword stuffing, door way pages, and creating links from link farms, the list is endless, but we would advice strongly focus on White Hat methods instead.

White Hat Seo is the process of developing your website in a way which is utilising best practices to increase the visibility of your website.

We strongly recommend that you only ever use White Hat Seo, by using any other methods could mean that your website gets hit by an algorithm penalty, or manual penalty, which basically means that your website will drop in terms of its visibility.

32. Be aware of Negative Seo as it does exist!

Be aware that there is something called Negative Seo in existence, this basically means that anyone that would want to pull your website down the rankings can use this underhand tactic.

Negative Seo is the process of a competitor, or an enemy applying a bunch of low quality spammy back links, that point to a page or on your website generally.

This then send a signal to the search engines that it looks like you have built up a bunch of poor quality links, to try and manipulate the search engine results.

The aim of this negative seo, is to get your website hit by a Penguin penalty, and to demote your site in the rankings, as a direct result of this.

As previously mentioned the major search engines such as Google use algorithm updates such as Penguin, to search for low quality links applied to websites.

Your enemies or competitors can therefore perform such actions in order to get your website penalised and pulled down the rankings.

Although this is a very dirty and underhand tactic, sadly some competitors may participate in such an activity of negative seo.

To ensure that your website does not get hit by a Negative Seo attack un-noticed by your company, we would recommend checking the health of your back link profile, on a regular basis.

You can therefore detect early on if a negative seo attack is forming, so you can take action early on.

Remember, that if you don’t know the difference between high quality and low quality links, you need to consult an expert who can help you.

We have also published this article giving more information on Negative Seo attacks. Negative Seo.

33. Keep an eye on where the search engines are going in terms of developing their understanding of web pages.

We think the future is in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for example.

We believe that the future of Seo lies with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms.

We and many others believe that the major search engines are better understanding how users interact with the search results, through employing Artificial Intelligence and then using this to feed Knowledge Graphs and Data Vaults for example.

This may be a bit more complicated than what you need to understand at the moment. Just keep in mind where the search engines are possibly moving towards, so that you can then gently steer your Seo strategies towards that direction if technology does change.

So for example if the search engines are using Artificial Intelligence to ascertain if your website holds a good user experience for example, then just make an extra effort to make sure that your website is even more interesting than your competitors, to keep your visitors interested. This could be for example one of your seo marketing campaign aims. If you find, creating a interesting user experience difficult, then why not contact an expert seo company such as ours to do the work for you. Website SEO help and advice Cardiff.

To learn how Google and other major search engines are developing AI we have put together a number of articles.

This particular article explains how Google is developing its Artificial Intelligence programs from learning from computer games for example. Artificial intelligence


34. Local Seo is very important

Local search engine optimisation is of a primary focus and the centre of attention for many small business owners in Cardiff and the rest of the country.

This can mean the difference between winning in a local area or losing business, the local listings can be optimised for both organic search results and for local business listings via Google My Business.

This is because many small business owners rely on custom from a small geographic region such as getting business from cities such as Cardiff, Bristol and Bath like our seo business does.

It is therefore of huge importance to optimise your Google My Business account. You will want to tell Google My Business, where you do business, and where your business covers exactly.

If you haven’t already got a Google My Business account, or as they were previously called Google Places, then we strongly recommend that you get one. Google My Business, register for an account.

Google My business, this is basically the section that when you search for terms like, “Electricians within Cardiff” for example, the search engine results in Google come up with paid advertising at the top Ad-words normally, and then there is normally a section of local businesses (Google My Business Section) and then there’s what we call the organic section of the search engine results underneath.

The local section (Google My Business) will advertise a list of local businesses close to where you made the search. This is normally determined via your I.P address.

We often call this in the Seo industry as the “Seven Pack”, because the lists often contain seven local business listings.

With that said there was a Google algorithm change, which in SEO is called the Google Pigeon update, which mixed things up a lot in terms of local listings. Many cited, this change greatly reduced the numbers of local business listings in terms their visibility.

Many reported that the “seven pack” went down to a “three pack” and even in some circumstances to a “one pack” of local business listings.

Needless to say, you still need to obtain the Google My Business Account, as it’s very important to small business that they show up in these results.

To do this you must register, and then wait for an activation card, enclosing a pin code to be sent you.

Once activated you can then possibly be featured in the Google My Business listings.

We have written an extensive article about how to increase your websites visibility locally. Why not visit our page on Local Seo Factors, for small businesses.

35. Set up a frequently asked questions page on your website.

By setting up a FAQ page on your website, you will be addressing commonly asked questions, this can help your target audience, therefore increasing the quality of the user experience. Think Hummingbird.

Although not a conventional Seo technique, what it will achieve is to answer questions that quite possibly your competition are not answering. By doing this you open the possibility to increase your conversion rate on your own website. This is if you can accurately address your customer’s questions.

36. Help feed Google’s Knowledge Graph.

Although you cannot directly input data into Google’s knowledge graph, you can help the process along by encouraging data to be picked up on your website which quite possibly could be used by Google’s knowledge graph. This is for presentation within its knowledge Carousel or their knowledge Panel for example.

To achieve this you could use structured data on your website to mark-up key areas or events, using structured language such as

You could also make sure that your website is full of accurate facts, that relate to your businesses events.

These could be conference dates or they could be significant milestones for your business for example. These could be marked up with structured data, this means that the search engines, may pick this information up and showcase it in a prominent position within the SERP’s.

If you have ever seen for example a hotel with ratings marked up with stars in the search results, when searching for hotels, its most probable that this information has been marked up using structured data.

37. Avoid common mistakes and pitfalls when carrying out your Seo marketing campaigns

We have compiled what we think are the top 10 mistakes some search engine optimisation companies or consultants make.

So that you do not make the same mistakes, why not have a look at our blog post. Top 10 Seo mistakes

38. Learn about Google’s Panda updates.

Sometimes called Google’s Panda dance, Google’s Panda updates means a sequence of changes made to Google’s algorithm.

You can read about Google’s Panda update here. Google’s Panda updates or alternatively you can read more on search engine land’s website

What’s important to keep in mind is that Google’s Panda update’s assess the quality of the on-site aspects of your website.

So for example they will assess, whether spammy techniques have been utilised, or not. These could be assessed by detecting keyword stuffing, duplicate content or cloaking for example on-site.

Remember what we stated earlier, that Google frowns upon efforts to manipulate the search engine results (Black hat seo).

This could be carried out through the techniques mentioned above. Google’s Panda update therefore assesses on-site optimisation issues and looks to see if that website has flouted the rulebook, you can read more about Google’s guidelines, from Google’s Webmaster guidelines here:

39. Exploiting your businesses inherent uniqueness

Your business is unique, because of this you should produce online marketing campaign’s that reflects this fact.

Whatever makes your business unique, advertise that fact.

We think a lot of small businesses fail in terms of their online marketing strategies because they are following what they see as their main competitor within their industry. Following the herd so to speak!

We think it is much better to advertise what makes your business different.

Perhaps you have a member of staff with huge amount of expertise and knowledge about your industry sector. Why not ask that member of staff to write a blog post for you once a week, talking about your business and its history.

40. Have you got stuck carrying out your Content Marketing campaigns?

Why not visit our guide, on what content marketing is all about. We have written an article explaining exactly what content marketing is all about, to help you understand the process.

41. Have you got stuck carrying out link building?

We have written an article explaining methods of how to carry out link building techniques.

Why not read our article and gain some ideas on how to undertake link building strategies and techniques. Link building strategies.

42. What sort of Content Marketing work should I be producing for my business?

We have produced an article, explaining the type of content marketing work you may want to produce to help increase your websites visibility.

43. Are you confused how often you should be carrying out content marketing work?

Knowing how often to produce content marketing work can be confusing, some companies may produce an article once a year and some companies might produce several articles daily.

We have produced a guide for small businesses explaining a strategy for how you should go about creating content marketing work for your website. Content marketing for small businesses.

44. How to gain inspiration, for your content marketing work.

For many small businesses it’s hard enough to keep on top of your daily workload without managing your website.

Because content marketing has become a huge part of Seo it can be hard to find inspiration and what to write about next.

We have produced this guide which may help you think differently about how to create content marketing work and how to gain the ideas and inspiration needed to produce quality work that could potentially benefit your websites online presence.

45. How do I know what is better to produce, blog posts or regularly changing pages on my website?

Blog posts are a great way to write about news and current affairs, relating to your business.

Normally, pages are more what we call in Seo as ever green.

Ever Green content marketing basically means that the pages on your website do not change on a regular basis, and normally stay the same for quite a long period of time.

Of course that’s up to you how regularly you change your website’s content, but normally you have ever green content that doesn’t normally change on a regular basis and blog posts which are updated on a frequent basis.

We would recommend writing about current affairs on your blog or news section of your website, and leaving your pages on your website to advertise the more permanent aspects of your business, such as its service offerings for example.

46. Building links can be confusing, how to go about earning links.

If you build low quality or poor quality links as previously mentioned this can potentially damage your website through Google’s Penguin algorithm updates.

It is possible however to earn high quality links in a natural way, which are earned but never paid for.

Why not read our guide on how to earn high quality links, in a natural White Hat way. How to build links to a website.

47. For local business, it is very important to get your local optimisation issues right!

For local business you are most probably dependent on optimising your website locally to attract business as opposed to optimising your website on a national basis.

It is therefore to of paramount importance to get your local search engine signals right.

We have written this guide on how to help increase your visibility locally. Local search engine optimisation factors.

48. How to bring off-site, real world occurrences, to assist your Seo campaigns online.

Many small businesses carry out events or newsworthy occurrences, that they do not transcend into their online marketing campaigns.

We think that small businesses are missing a trick in this respect, perhaps you carry out charitable work, volunteering or some form of work which assists your local community in some way.

It’s important that this work or effort is shown within your online marketing campaigns.

Perhaps for instance you are a bakery, and you are committed to producing organic artisan bread, and offering high quality products to the local community, through a food fair, that you run each weekend.

This is a real world occurrence that would interest people online as well.

You could do several things with this you can write blog posts detailing how your stall and farmers market is going each weekend.

You could set up a social profile and communicate to an audience about your company and what it offers.

You could also contact local news sites, or community village or city news websites talking about the company’s history, and how you come about offering organic food produce of the local market on weekends.

You are therefore transcending your off-line effort into your online work.

This will help define your business online, by creating a community that is interested in your business offerings.

This overtime can help your websites visibility, and help define your business online.

This is by using offline events i.e farmers markets for example, and making sure these are talked about online, which help’s the search engines understand what your business is all about.

49. How to build quality back links unintentionally

It is possible to produce high-quality content marketing work, that people will want to link to, without any efforts being required in terms of outreach efforts and time spent outreaching for back-links.

We have written a guide on how to create quality back links unintentionally. How to get high quality back links to content marketing work.

50. You can gain high quality back links, by being different and unique, in terms of your content marketing work.

We think it’s very important to formulate an online marketing strategy that is unique to your business.

For advice and guidance on how to create a bespoke and unique marketing strategy have a view of our article.

How to create a unique online marketing presence, to attract high quality back links.

51. How to make your website, the go to resource for information.

There are potentially millions of the same types of websites out-there, all commenting on similar subject areas.

This can make it very hard for the search engines to differentiate which one offers a quality user experience, and which ones are more run of the mill.

You must make sure that your website offers a unique quality experience which separates you from the competition.

52. How to utilise your social media platforms, for content discovery purposes and to earn back links.

When you generate high-quality content on your website, it can take a long time for people to find this content and share it with others.

Why not help the process along, and right high-quality content, and then share it on your social media platforms.

We have written an article, called how to amplify your content through social media platforms.

53. How to Link Build through utilising industry influencers

Within any industry, there will be industry influencers, that is people within your industry that are in a prominent position, to talk about and be a spokesperson for what is happening within your industry sector at that moment in time.

For example leaders on SEO and “think tanks” for how they see the seo world changing and evolving, so figures who are widely respected and get their opinions heard.

It’s important to try and persuade these influencers in some way, by talking about your business or to mention it to them in some way in order for you to possibly get your work mentioned by these influencers. So they could potentially write about you, or just mention you on social media, you need to take the time to try and get through to these people to see if they will mention your companies work.

This could be achieved through notifying them about a piece of content marketing work that might interest them, trying to collaborate with them on a piece of work, or by outreaching to them to see if you can place a piece of work on their website.

54. Utilise all marketing platforms available to you, whatever your budget

It’s important to utilise what advertising platforms you have available to you.

For instance you could utilise YouTube advertising, through creating videos that promote your business online.

You could therefore also create info-graphics which explain your services, or business offerings as well. There are a number of low cost options available for your business.

You could create videos or a spokesperson for your website through an introduction video, for example, that will instead of making your users to your website read large amounts of text, instead they could watch a video explaining your services to them.

These marketing methods can be achieved on a very low budget, so you really do have some powerful advertising methods at your disposal.

55. How to obtain local back links, so that it sends clear signals that you operate within a geographic area.

It’s very rare for a winning and well-known businesses to operate within a geographic area without mentions or back links from other businesses, within that geographic area.

For example, if a website seo company, or online marketing agency was to operate in an area say Cardiff for a number of years, and they were well known for delivering award winning services, then it would be unnatural for them not to have a local back-link profile showing this, or mentioning the business online.

That is that if a business is well known off-line in an area say Cardiff, then it is unlikely that there won’t be business mentions online to reflect this.

We have created a guide, to give you an idea about how to create a local back links. How to generate local back links.

56. Think outside of the box

Many online companies waste a lot of time monitoring their competitors activities online, yet we think that that time would be better spent thinking outside of the box, and creating original high quality marketing strategies.

We started seeing in recent years some really clever marketing strategies, starting to emerge from large and small businesses alike online. Through clever uses of social media, content marketing and link building methods to promote a business.

These are clever and quirky ideas that bring attention to a business, that has not been carried out by any other company before. Think original content marketing, that presents information in a different way which engages a target audience, or a social media campaign which gets people talking about the business.

Instead of getting into a competition of who can generate the most content, instead companies are turning their attention to how to be different, and how to be unique by offering something that has not been done before.

We would definitely recommend this approach to content marketing, You don’t need vast budgets or resources to carry out such an online marketing campaigns either.

Why not for example if you were say a local bakery for instance, why not set up a You-Tube channel telling people how to make bread for example.

Now this would seem counterintuitive to some people, this can actually harm your profit margins some people might first think.

Think about it more closely if you get a large amount of interest online, about your artisan bread, people start talking about it online and they comment and give you back links, all good for SEO if done right.

These back links, comments and mentions all transcend into people giving your website authority and the thumbs up for the work you do.

This could potentially help your rankings, and as you move up the rankings you become more visible in the local area.

When you become more visible people start contacting you more. Areas of your business that you might have got neglected such as making wedding cakes, well they may suddenly get more interest and more demand!

You once put on your website in the past you do buffet lunches for offices for example, within the local area, and suddenly this increases and starts seeing a surge in demand. This is because, you have through your video marketing, opened the possibility to increase your websites authority and this has therefore increased your overall visibility. Again, this is simply what could potentially happen if you were to be creative and create high quality work for your website, this may give you food for thought!

So as you can see by giving away free information you are possibly building brand authority and your reputation online, if carried out correctly. Think high quality work, and think about being creative with your content marketing and link building strategies.

For more information on creating a good user experience for SEO why not visit this link. High quality user experience for seo.

So you may not actually damage your profit margin you could potentially increase it, by telling people how you do your business and how you go about it. This could quite possibly, increase traffic to your website, and therefore increase the amount of custom to your business.

57. How to create a great user experience, that has the added benefit of potentially drawing in quality back links

It is possible to create on your website, a great user experience, which can potentially draw in those authoritative and high quality back links, that your website needs.

You can do this through offering a user experience, which answers your target customer’s questions. This is done in a way that is engaging, which makes it interesting to obtain the information that they need. So think about people not having much time, and think about getting all the facts over to them but do this in an interesting way. If you achieved this then you are likely to go some way in answering the Google Hummingbird updates, of creating useful, original information that offers a good user experience.

58. Make sure that your company stays true to itself.

We think that the best online marketing strategies are those which accurately portray the company online.

That is they accurately show the company’s history and the companies vision for the future.

By doing this you are carving out a picture of what your business is all about and what makes it unique.

By telling your company story through its company history, you can also potentially build trust with your target audience, as they understand the journey you have taken to build your business.

So for example a company time-line could be used to show how you built up your business, and give your visitors an idea of what your business is about, and how it has got into its current position.

By making your online presence unique and by creating content marketing that is true to your business, you are likely to produce a unique marketing strategy and stand out for that reason.

When the competition are all copying each other and generating similar content, you may have competitive advantage that your business needs by being different and not following the crowd!

We think therefore it is better to generate high quality, relevant and unique content for your business, which sells your business and not copies the competitor’s ideas.

59. Write about content that will interest your target audience and don’t produce content that is created specifically just for the search engines benefit. Don’t think seo, think of your websites visitors and the information they need.

We have written an article which explains how to carry out content marketing to interest your target audience, and not to create content to try and persuade the search engines to rank your website higher. Think visitors not search engines!

You need to create content that will interest your target audience that will answer their questions, but also generate the possibility of repeat business, or repeat visits to your website.

You can achieve this through creating quality content that is generated with the target audience in mind.

We have written an article which explains how to write content marketing to benefit your target audience and not the search engines. How to carry out content marketing the right way.

60. Don’t be tempted, to re-spin or reword what is happening within the news within your industry at the moment.

Many small businesses fall into the trap of thinking that commenting on current news affairs on their own website will bring them some Seo benefit.

The point is that if you are say a construction company for example, commenting on occurrences within your industry that has already been mentioned 1000 times on other construction company’s websites, will probably bring you little Seo benefit.

So be unique, and if you do write about current events in your industry, make sure you tie them back to your own company.

So what’s important to keep in mind is to only write news or blog articles that in some way tie into your business.

So for example talking about the latest industry figures that everyone else is talking about is unlikely to bring you seo benefit.

Yet talking about the latest industry figures and tying these into how your company is doing and how it is performing currently, is more likely to bring you seo benefit as it is unique to your business.

61. Try droning out the noise, and letting your business shine!

When you think about it for a minute, the search engines have a very difficult job on their hands.

They have to understand all the noise that is being generated on social media, the noise being generated through content marketing across the web also.

So as earlier mentioned if you generate content that is very similar to the competition, you just fall into the trap of being another drone or noise in the background.

Instead if you come up with some industry research, something new or a new perspective on something and you are offering a new slant on that industry topic.

Then by people searching for facts and figures relating to that industry topic, you have the advantage of being unique, and your information standing out online from all the other work which is competing for the same keywords. That’s not to say being different will work all the time, but by offering a different and interesting user experience, and new information it is more likely that users will pay more attention to site, than one which is simply re-wording news that thousands of other sites are commenting on.

By quoting facts and figures from other companies all you’re doing is adding to the noise, which could be lost within the amount of information out there.

62. Think quality not quantity.

It’s much more important in our view, to generate work which is high in quality.

If you keep sending out repeat blog posts on a daily basis and they don’t offer anything new or substantial then it could be argued what is the point in doing that?

Much more important is to come up with a quality article once a week, which has some real insightful knowledge and something different, that can offer your business community something that will interest them.

63. How to carry out quality content marketing

You may want to learn more about what content marketing is, why not learn here. What is content marketing.

64. Record what you think is interesting, take inspiration from everyday life

As earlier mentioned, coming up with highly original content marketing efforts can be difficult. So why not take inspiration from everyday business or personal life?

You might be sat in a business meeting, and an interesting idea for content marketing comes into your mind. This interesting idea could transcend into a blog post or news article to interest your target audience. So take inspiration from everyday life, or your business, and think about being original and unique in terms of what you talk about, don’t just talk about the same business areas your competition are.

So for instance you might be a builder within a local area, you might have carried out a particularly interesting building project within the local area, using reclaimed building materials for example.

You could therefore create a blog post stating how to create a new build home, using reclaimed building materials.

This could be unique, quality content, about your local area and about work you have carried out, and you are pulling from your experiences and inspiration, from doing a project that you have completed recently.

This is to help your content marketing on your website, the work would be therefore unique to your business.

Within an hour or two you could have a quality piece of content marketing work online, which could potentially draw you in visitors to your website for a very long time as this could be ever green content.

For more on what ever green content is read here. Ever green content marketing.

65. Keep your local followers on social media and to your website loyal, by encouraging them to visit your website again and again.

It might be in your interest to create content marketing work, which keeps your target audience interested.

For instance just as a film or soap opera will have a “cliff-hanger”, you should keep you audience interested for the following episode that you might want to publish. You can achieve this also through a similar approach in your content marketing work.

Lets return to the example of being a local builder for a second, you might update your blog post in a series of updates, which informs your target audience about how a building project is going over a six-month timeframe for example.

This will serve to keep your target audience coming back to your website on a repeat basis.

Many in Seo believe that getting repeat visitors to your website can assist your online marketing campaign, as it send’s clear signals that the content is so good people are willing to come back and read more about your business.

Therefore to help you with this you can create content marketing that works to keep your target audience interested.

66. Local business citations, what are they and how do I get them?

Local business citations of quality are very important.

We have written this in-depth guide which explains what local business citations are and how to go about obtaining them. Local business citations:

67. Think about building trust for your business, think about building business reviews also.

It’s important to build brand authority through building trust.

We have written this insightful article explaining how to build trust to your business through online reviews.

How to build trust for your online marketing campaign through business reviews.

68. Why local Seo is very important.

We have written an article which will inform you about the importance of local Seo.

What is a local Seo and how do I implement it?

69. It’s important to understand local influencers, in local Seo

it’s important to understand local influencers within local search engine optimisation.

Local influencers could be local newspapers or local area community groups, who blog or generate news online.

You could quite possibly, build up a relationship with a local newspaper or website to publish details about major occurrences within your business, or what you can offer that local community in terms of your business offerings. This could then be published on local news websites, that are high in quality, the name of the game here is to get your businesses mentioned on local sites that will show you as an authority business in that local area.

This is likely to provide you with a high quality back link if this can be agreed, but also the readership of the local newspaper will gain more of an understanding about your business and its setting within the local area.

This is a link building strategy, yet as with all links you have to understand the Google Penguin updates. And all local newspaper sites, may not be equal and high in quality, so to spot the ones of worth you will need a quality seo website consultant or a quality seo agency.


70. How local search engine optimisation works

Local search engine optimisation is quite different from organic search on a national level.

We have written an article detailing how local search engine optimisation works.
The fact of the matter is you may need to change your approach to content marketing, link building, and social media marketing, in order to increase your visibility on a local level.

How to optimise your website for local search engine optimisation.

For further reading about local seo click here: Local seo factors, to help you with your seo in Cardiff

71. Why Google My Business is very important, and you should take advantage of this free feature from the major search engine.

Google offers to register your local business through what is called Google My Business.

You can register details about your business and they will then send you a pin code activation card.

Through this pin code activation card, you then can activate your business online.

This opens up the opportunity for your business to be presented in the local search engine results pages, sometimes called the “7-pack” of local business listings.

72. How to earn local back links.

It’s important to try and earn quality and high authority local back links whenever possible.

We have generated this guide, to give you an idea about techniques you can use to obtain local back links.

How to generate back links locally.

73. How your local area shouldn’t confine your business operations.

You may operate in a geographic area which is quite small. For many years you have had repeat business from this area, so you continually market within this region.

Many small businesses are generating more business by optimising their websites for all the surrounding nearby areas to their business. So that they create custom from further afield where other people did not know their businesses exists.

For example, we are an seo service company, yet we market our seo services in other areas such as Cardiff, Bristol and Bath. We therefore compete with other seo agencies in Cardiff, Bristol and Bath.

This has the added advantage that you can target areas that you may deem more profitable than others. For example we are a seo service company, yet we know there are many small businesses in Bristol and Bath, so we target these areas through content marketing and link building. If you are unsure how to do this you may need a professional seo service company such as ours in Cardiff.

Have a look at our guide in terms of how to optimise your website for surrounding areas. Local Seo for surrounding areas.

74. How to create a business or interested community, on social media, and not waste your time plugging away to the wrong audience.

It is very easy to waste time on social media, this is why we advise that you should have a social media strategy, and plan of attack, before you start implementing social media marketing for your business.

Have a look at our guide on how to conduct online marketing through social media platforms. A guide to Seo for social media.

75. Know your target audience on social media platforms

Understand your target audience before you start addressing them on social media platforms.

You may think that you understand your target audience, yet after conducting social media research and competitor research, you may understand that your competitors are targeting different distinct groups of consumers, that you may not have known existed.

For instance you may produce a generic product or service, for instance a “waterproof mobile phone”.

After conducting competitor research, and social media research, you may appreciate that the use of your waterproof mobile phone is wide and varied.

For instance people may use your waterproof mobile phone in the construction industry, the extreme sports industries and they may also use it within the public sector, for heavy duty applications such as for the fire brigade for example.

Once you start to understand how segmented your industry sector is, you can start targeting these specific sectors, using social media.

You can generate “social media campaigns which specifically target” that particular segment of the market.

For more information on how to carry out social media the right way, why not read this interesting guide. Social media done the right way.

76. Learn more about your customers and target market

Learn more about your customers through social media.

Find out what interests them, and what other groups they belong to.

This will help you understand how to correctly market products or services to them.

Learn what engages them the most, and understand who is connecting with your business through social media to potentially understand new segments of your market.

For example you might be a “plant hire business”, hiring out excavators for hire.

You might understand through social media that a lot of landscape gardeners seem to be hiring from you for a certain amount of time during the year.

This will allow you to understand who is connecting to your business through social media, and then steer your content marketing to appeal to that target audience.

So for example you could generate an offer for a period of time for landscape gardeners, in order to secure their business.

77. Listen and talk to your target audience through social media

It’s important to listen to what your target market and your followers on social media platforms are saying.

So if you were to launch a new product or service, then social media is great for understanding what your target market thinks about that product.

For example you might launch a new flavour of beer within the UK, you might use social media to understand what people are saying about your product or service.

By actually asking questions on social media platforms you might also gauge a response good or bad, from your target audience.

It is this free feedback that you will be getting about your product or service on social media. You could then use this to your advantage, in terms of using this feedback about how your company or products are being viewed.

78. Don’t show off on social media platforms, it really has little Seo benefit!

We see many companies utilising social media platforms purely and simply just to show off occurrences within their business to their direct competitors. Social media should be used instead to engage your target audience instead.

For example, many company owners show off assets, that they have bought or symbolisms of their success on social media. For example demolition assets such as excavators, when it would be better to market in ways that draws in new custom, in your industry. So in example just given you could instead talk about areas where you have recently undertaken demolition. You are therefore tying in local seo signals with your social media strategy.

For more on learning about how to use social media for your business, why not learn more from here. Social media for small businesses.

Instead you need to adopt a social media strategy, which sends clear signals about your product or service which will engage a target audience.

This will then bring the interested community closer to your product or service- that is you will be engaging them and interesting them in what you have to offer, through your social media campaigns.

So for example, say for examples sake you are a online marketing company, instead of say publishing a picture of a new flash car on social media that the business owner has bought, you could instead choose to directly target your market with more engaging marketing ideas.

So you could, write about a free online marketing presentation for companies taking place at a local bar for example in Cardiff. This is much more likely to draw in interest to your brand, company and what you have to offer a local area such as Cardiff. You are therefore growing your interest in your business, and you are not wasting time on social media, where there may be no interest for your work, through short sighted seo strategies.

79. If you have a question that you would like to ask your prospective customers or target audience. Then why not use social media for this purpose?

Your social media presence can be used to test out ideas on your prospective customers and target audience.

People will have connected to your social media presence, because they are interested in what your company has to offer them.

Because of this fact you can then direct interested followers towards a quick questionnaire or quiz for example on your site. Or alternatively, some form of interaction on your website from your visitors, which will indicate what they think of a new business idea or venture that you have launched.

Therefore your website and social media presence, combined can be used for market research purposes.

80. Use your social media presence for competitor research

You can use a social media presence for competitor research also. For example your competitors may show on their social media presence which keywords they are targeting for their business.

They might also show a better understanding of who they are addressing through their social media platforms than what is shown on their website. So for example, a website may be optimised for a wide range of key words, which have been blended into the content marketing efforts, so they are therefore less obvious.

Social media on the other hand especially through Twitter, will show you who exactly they are aiming their work at. So for example, a excavator hire business, may show that they are aiming their website and social media at a area and for a particular machine for example.

So, you can build up an idea of where a competitor is steering their marketing strategies towards, this may give your business some ideas.

They might be tailoring their marketing activities to better appeal to market segment that you might not be currently doing at the moment.

Therefore you can gain an understanding of where your target market may be, and where you competitors are drawing in interest from.

81. You don’t have to use every social media platform available to you.

We have created an article about how to find a social media platform suitable for your business and how to engage your target audience through social media.

Forming a social media strategy for your small businesses.

The truth is as a small business owner you will not have the time to manage multiple social media platforms most probably.

It is far better to concentrate your seo and social media efforts on one or two social media platforms.

This is as compared to trying to build a community and engage a target audience on many platforms, instead it is better to be good on a select number of platforms, than every social media platform out there.

82. Forming a social media strategy and plan of attack!

Just as your Seo marketing campaign has to evolve and you record how well it is done and then you continue the process by then thinking about a new Seo strategy. The same has to be done for social media, this can build on your last efforts, and then build up a social media presence, through constantly evolving and monitoring the effects. This allows you to work out which approaches work for your business.

We would recommend quarterly thinking about changing your social media strategy and building on what you have learned from the past three month’s experiences.

You need to understand the personas of the people you are targeting and what their interests are so that you can target them correctly.

For example, if you were targeting say a small area with construction and building services, you must understand first the personas of the people you are targeting. So this might be, residential loft and extensions, or it could be small businesses with office or commercial premises, you have to understand their needs to address them through SEO and social media.

83. How to undertake small business keyword research.

We have published a guide on how to undertake small business keyword research.

As previously mentioned keyword research is not as simple as it first appears. We have published this comprehensive guide on how to undertake keyword research for your business.

84. Why your key word research should never end

Keyword research are the key terms that are entered into the major search engines in order to find your business online.

We highly recommend conducting keyword research on a routine basis as the words used to describe your business might change over time.

To reflect this you need to optimise your website for these key terms, to make sure that you are using the right keywords to bring in traffic to your business.

85. You need to undertake competitor keyword research.

Go over your major competitor’s websites and have a look at the page structures and what keywords they are using on their websites.

This is just to gain ideas about how they are carrying out on-site optimisation of their websites, don’t copy anything as this is poor quality seo if you were to copy anything.

But you can get some ideas from their page structures and navigation for how they are structuring their information on their websites.

You might see that the are using clever tactics such as making sure that every page is separated which explains different business streams or services on separate pages.

That is they are appropriately optimising each page for that particular keyword.

For example let’s return to our example of using a local builder.

A local builder might undertake commercial and domestic construction. These two types of construction are very different from each other, so you may want to separate.

So if you were to combine the two types of construction onto one page that’s commercial and domestic construction, you might not generate traffic you need to if you were to separate the key terms on separate pages.

This is because you can optimise each page for separate key terms. It gets some what diluted, in SEO value, when you try to optimise on one page, for two different business areas.

Perhaps, you need the expertise of a SEO service company in Cardiff, if you do why not get in contact with us for more seo advice.

Now if you separate the key terms such as domestic construction and commercial construction, it is now easy to optimise these two separate key terms on separate pages, than is to combine them together.

We have generated an article about how to undertake competitor keyword research.

How to undertake small business competitor keyword research.

86. How to undertake small business keyword research in the era of the semantic web

Many in the search engine optimisation community feel that search engine optimisation is only going in one direction and that is within the direction of the Semantic Web.

The semantic web as previously explained is about building “entities”.

An entity could be a person, or an occurrence or a business.

It’s something that the search engines know occurred in the real world and can cross check facts from multiple sources, to gain an understanding of exactly what that entity is about. So it could be facts about a persons achievements, it could be an event, of significance that was cited across multiple websites, so that the search engines can build up knowledge and facts about that event.

The semantic web is very clever in also understanding synonyms, that is words which are closely related and similar meaning.

We believe you must now update your websites not just with keywords, but also related keywords that cover all the possible key terms, that anybody could type in to accurately describe your business model. So say you are a electrician, you may want to optimise your website, for related keywords that are not the main keywords.

So for example say, home electrical safety testing, fire alarm testing, or emergency electricians, instead of optimising for just “electricians” you must now think of all your related services. You can therefore build up a understanding via the search engines of exactly what your businesses, does so the search engines can place more confidence in presenting your company in the search results for more complex search strings.

Some may say this is an old tactic in seo called “long tail keyword optimisation”, yet it is more complex than that. It is more about defining your business, and letting the search engines know your businesses role in serving a local area or on a national basis.

As we move into the semantic web, the semantic web will be able to understand synonyms and related keywords, to build up a greater understanding of what your website is about.

That’s even if you don’t address key terms it will know what your website’s purposes are, if you use content marketing to allow it to understand your business.

87. Write your content marketing including keywords naturally.

Write the keywords within your content marketing naturally.

Many small business owners are time pressured and therefore do not have the time to create lengthy content marketing.

But the truth is it worth writing only a few pieces of content marketing of real worth than just writing a load of nonsense.

You should cite the keywords within your content marketing naturally. Don’t over optimise your content marketing by keyword stuffing!

88. Get inside the mind of your target customer.

Many in online marketing describe the sales process online as a “sales funnel”.

That is people will access your website at different stages of the buying process.

Some may be considered to be research searchers, in that they are researching before they buy a product or service.

Others on the other hand might be more further down the sales funnel, in terms of they are researching the price point of a certain product or item, in order to purchase soon.

You must make sure that your website is properly optimised, for the whole of the sales funnel- in that it is optimised from the research type keywords and right through. This is at the start of the sales funnel (Research searches) , and right down to your visitors actually purchasing a product or service from you, so that your website is optimised for them keywords also at the later stage of the sales funnel.(Conversion rate optimisation factors).

Many in seo including us in Cardiff, refer to the later stage of the sales funnel, as where the “site conversions” happen.

This means someone buys or requests something from your site.

It is therefore important to optimise your site for helping raise its conversion levels, by offering all the information a prospective buyer might require.

For example, imagine you are a car dealer, you should optimise to draw in visitors at the start of their shopping journey, so say what’s the best small hatchback on the market, so optimising for these type searches.

You could optimise therefore for key words, that will help draw in visitors to such pages, when they are first looking to buy a car for example.

You could also, optimise your website, so that it is optimised for searches later down the sales funnel. Such as what is the best price on a certain type and model of car.

Therefore you have then optimised your site for all stages of the buying process if you carry out this type of optimisation.

In order to achieve this you need to use keywords that attract traffic across the range of the sales funnel.

89. You might want to possibly change your keywords for different times of the year.

For example you might want to change your product or service keywords slightly around Christmas time for the key times of the year for trade.

For example you might want to add keywords to your page like book now for “pre-Christmas delivery” or “we will deliver before Christmas”.

By adding keywords to your page around certain times a year that offer an extra service or additional information can make the difference between making a sale or not.

Especially if say if you were selling say mens gifts, you could optimise your site for “mens Christmas gift ideas” or for “mens gifts delivered free before Christmas”.

Some businesses may not benefit from optimising there sites differently for key times of the year, such as Christmas.

Although some businesses will, but remember that these keywords for say Christmas, are just supplementary to your normal seo efforts. And Panda updates still apply, so don’t keyword stuff your page.

For another example many people might look to travel and go abroad over Christmas.

If you are a travel operator or you run a hotel or B&B you could advertise a Christmas offer or Christmas deal through a specific page on your website.

This might attract more traffic to your website because you are optimising a certain page for certain keywords to attract custom for that particular time of year.

Still of course you need to use your normal keywords, in the normal way, but you can use these extra keywords to help you draw in extra traffic during that time of year.

90. How to evaluate if your Seo campaign is doing well or not.

We understand that small business owners may not want to subscribe to an expensive Seo package, to tell you how your businesses is ranking and performing online.

We would therefore recommend setting up an Excel spreadsheet.

This is to simply track changes in keywords, regarding your business, on a weekly or monthly basis, in terms of monitoring how well you are performing in the search engine results.

This will allow you to evaluate how well keywords are doing as you are carrying out your search engine optimisation campaigns over a set period of time.

91. Keep an eye on Google Analytics

Keep an eye on your Google Analytics to tell you how much traffic you are attracting to your website and how well your search engine optimisation campaign is doing.

92. Keep an eye on your Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools will tell you if they have noticed any spammy practices on your website, which may have been given a penalty.

They will also inform you about any indexation issues. It is of vital importance to check your Google Webmaster Tools account on a frequent basis.

93. Ask friends and family what they think about your website.

Friends and family are a great way of getting instant feedback of what they think of your website and how easy it is to use.

As previously mentioned many website designers can make websites that look impressive yet they are quite hard to use and navigate around.

Family and friends may be able to tell you about problems about your website or issues that you may want to resolve with your website developers.

94. Add contact forms throughout your website

Many websites just rely on contact forms on the “contact us page”. But we think it is much better to have contact forms embedded onto your most significant pages.

The purpose of this is therefore to allow a visitor to write a quick message. This makes it easier if you have embedded contact form messages embedded onto your website most significant pages.

95. Make sure that you keep your website fresh

It’s important to add fresh content on your website, to make sure that your business presence accurately reflects what your business is about in the off-line world.

A tired, and old looking site, may not reflect the state of your business, you may have a modern business premises, that is doing well in your city, yet if your website doesn’t show this, then your clients may not know this either.

Make sure that you dedicate some time to updating your website, in terms of its appearance and layout.

If you’re using an old looking website in static HTML, maybe think about changing to a more fresh appearance, by possibly using a content management system for example.

96. Make sure that you give your website time to index before you record any changes in terms of ranking positions for your website.

It takes a period of time for your website to index and for the search engines to understand that any changes have taken place to your website.

A lot of people think that making changes to your website is an instant process, in that the search engines automatically know that these changes have taken place, this is not the case.

Search engines do not understand that changes have taken place straight away, they need to wait for the search engine algorithms called spiders to crawl your website and to notice any changes that have been made to your website.

It is then that they index your website and place you in ranking positions, where the search engines feel it is best place to rank that particular page or site.

You should therefore wait a period of time for your website to index itself correctly before you record any changes to your ranking positions.

This is in terms of the performance of your search engine optimisation campaign, can only be noticed after indexation of your site by the crawling spiders.

97. Don’t fall into the trap of using what is called in the Seo industry as “boilerplate”.

Many in the Seo industry call an area of text that is used on a repeated basis across multiple pages as boilerplate.

Try to avoid using boilerplate where possible as it looks like duplicated text across your website.

As earlier mentioned duplicated content is not good for your Seo performance.

98. Think carefully about the type of fonts you are going to use on your website.

Think carefully about the fonts you are going to use on your website, make sure that they are not just looking like a fashionable modern font type, but instead they are easy to read on desktop as they will be on mobile devices.

99. We think more important than anything is that you enjoy carrying out your search engine optimisation campaign.

Many fall into the trap of treating Seo as a routine task, instead we believe you should enjoy your search engine optimisation campaign.

You should write about areas relating to your business that interest you and you should write about business occurrences you enjoy writing about.

This will ensure that you will want to continue updating your website and carrying out content marketing in order to build quality authoritative links.

The hardest thing in Seo is finding the amount of time to carry out the work and if you enjoy it, then it can become a hobby or something that bolts onto your daily activities when running your own business.

If you found any of the tips or pointers contained within this small business Seo guide difficult to understand then why not contact us for help. We offer many low-cost Seo packages for small businesses across the UK.