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Why should I keep investing even when we reach the top?

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The whole point of SEO is to reach the top of a major search engine, like Google, for a highly competitive phrase.

When some businesses reach the top of Google they choose to pause their seo investment- however some businesses do not-but why is that?

So many businesses within Cardiff are recognising how commercially important it is to be at the top of Google, this is why so many businesses implement strategies that mean they can hold that top spot for longer.

This means when they reach the top of Google, they don’t stop investing, instead they implement a marketing strategy that allows them to increase the gap between them and the nearest competitor.

How does the algorithm work?

Google’s algorithm ranks websites based on how strong the seo is, this means calculating how strong a websites ranking factors are.

Ranking factors are what an agency spends time strengthening, they could be the home page meta descriptions, or they could be how many links lead to a page of the website.

There are believed to be over 200+ ranking factors, so it’s a constant effort by any digital marketing company to strengthen these signals, to allow a website to keep ranking highly.

Why is there such a lag?

Seo implemented today, may not translate into actual results until one or two months time, this means that there is a lag between seo that’s carried out, and then noticing the results.

Why some companies invest more

So many Cardiff businesses are now investing more into online marketing, and even when a company ranks at the top, most businesses continue to invest to make sure they can be there for longer.

Why don’t backlinks last forever?

One of the main reasons that website moves up and down the rankings is because of backlinks. For example, a website may have a set of backlinks from a quality website, and they may have high rankings because of this.

But as websites delete old news pages, or as they move backlinks to “no-follow” a website can loose the link juice it once had, which means that the algorithm may assign a lower seo score to the website, so that It moves down.

How can your online marketing business help?

Ryan C Walsh is a white hat SEO agency. We help businesses which are located within Newport and Cardiff achieve better rankings and we offer a complete seo solution.

For a quote why not call us?


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What does onsite optimisation actually mean?

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When investing in online marketing services, you may not be aware that all search engine optimisation falls into two distinct categories, that’s onsite and offsite seo.

For any strategy to be effective often the agency, or indeed the consultant will need to implement a mixture of onsite, and offsite seo methods for the marketing strategy to be effective.

What does onsite optimisation actually mean?

After your agency has carried out an audit of your website, and carried out an audit on your direct competitors, then normally its then time to move onto carrying out the seo tasks.

It’s worth keeping in mind that Google will regularly review over two hundred ranking signals that relate to your website, this is in order to work out how strong your website is.

So, if your website has new backlinks, or has written new content marketing work that’s been added to your site, then if these have been carried out correctly (white hat methods) then they will strengthen your existing ranking signals, then Google’s algorithm may reward your website, that’s by placing it higher within the rankings.

Onsite seo could be to optimise a websites:

  • Alt tags
  • Title tags
  • Meta titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • How fast your website loads
  • Bounce rates
  • Internal links

Why is it best practice to have a different page for each distinct business offering?

Most businesses offer different services, that’s under the banner of one type of business, for example a business may offer many different services, for example an accountancy practice is likely to offer audits, and also tax consultancy services.

As a result of this it is considered best practice, where possible, to split the different services onto their own unique pages.

This allows the agency to optimise the website for each distinct service that it offers, while tweaking the meta titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, title tags, customised url’s, internal links and keyword optimisation methods so that all the services becomes more optimised.

Why is duplicated content bad news to seo?

Many websites will have duplicated content marketing, this will harm a websites seo performance.

For example, some companies may lift product descriptions straight from the product manufacturers websites. This will flag a duplication issue with the website, and could result in the website incurring a penalty.

How can Ryan C Walsh help?

We are a Cardiff SEO white hat seo agency. We offer the best possible search engine optimisation methods, offered at reasonable prices.

For a quote why not give us a call?



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What is local seo?

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As a business owner, your most probably aware of the term seo, however because there are so many varieties of seo to choose from.

If you are a small business owner, then most of the time small businesses require local seo. Local seo is when a website becomes optimised so that it draws in more potential customers from the local area.

It doesn’t have to stop there neither, that’s because most agencies will suggest to the business that they should cast their net’s wider, meaning that with local seo it’s possible to optimise for multiple cities.

This is ideal for some businesses, such as contractors who may wish to undertake building work in several cities and not just one area.

Therefore local seo can cover quite a wide area if the business owner wants to.

What exactly is local seo?

Local seo is the process of strengthening a website business citations, enhancing various onsite seo factors like meta descriptions, title tags and internal and outbound anchor texts.

However it’s important to remember that there are over 200+ ranking signals, this means Google’s algorithm looks at over 200 elements of your website when calculating how strong your seo is.

This means you need to employ a quality white hat agency.

It’s also important to note that an agency that doesn’t promise the earth straight away is not such a bad thing. That’s because good quality seo takes time to implement, so an agency that doesn’t make bold statements like “we will get you to page one in a week” is not such a bad thing. 

How can it help my business?

Local seo can help in many ways, namely it can make your business visible just at the time a customer is likely to want your goods or services.

So, for instance a business such as a builder may benefit from better rankings for terms like, loft conversions, extensions etc.

A seo agency will be able to suggest keywords that you may wish to target that are within the business budget.

What are business citations?

Business citations are important to any local seo strategy, however as with everything that relates to online marketing they have to be created correctly.

Business citations are also sometimes called NAP information, this stands for Name, Address and Phone number of your business. If the NAP information is correctly written, then this can help your businesses local seo.

How much should a business pay for seo services?

Prices can vary massively depending on which agency you choose, plus also how competitive your business sector is.

For example, it is likely that it will cost more to implement local seo for a dentist, than it would a window cleaning business. The price is often therefore dictated by the level of competition that your business has in your area.

How can Ryan C Walsh help?

We are an established online marketing agency, to discuss your businesses seo requirements why not give us a call?



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What factors determine the price of SEO?

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If you’re a business owner shopping around for seo services at the moment, you may have hit a brick wall.

That’s because so many business owners get confused when choosing between seo agencies, after all it can be like comparing apples with pears.

Yet, after glancing over this article, you may just find choosing your next seo agency is as easy as a walk in the park.

As most business owners narrow down digital marketing agencies based on price, we thought it was time to provide an insight into how some agencies assign a monthly price for their seo services.

How competitive is your business sector?

All digital marketing agencies when quoting for seo services will look at how competitive your business niche is.

Basically, this means looking at your competitors, and then looking at how high the bar has been set.

It may well be the case that in super competitive niches, such as within the insurance sectors, you’re going to need a considerable seo budget.

However, most small businesses just want local seo services, that this is often more affordable.

What shape is your website in now?

All online marketing campaigns need a strong foundation to kick-start any improvement in the websites traffic.

This basically means the onsite ranking signals on your website need to be up to scratch, so this means a detailed audit, then implementation of meta titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, title tags, content marketing, blog posts etc.

Have you always used white hat methods?

Some business owners get annoyed with their current agency because there not coming up with the goods.

This may prompt a quick Google search for “seo companies Cardiff”- and within seconds you have a list of new companies that you may choose to take over from your current agency. Yet is it that simple?

Nope, sometimes it isn’t, that’s because sometimes your past agency may have hit a penalty, they might not have informed the client of this, and instead have sat on the problem.

Swapping agencies doesn’t mean the problem will be solved, but it can least start to be fixed, so do keep this in mind when changing agencies.

Is your agency optimising the right ranking signals?

Some business owners turn up that their new agencies front door, and they may want certain seo duties fulfilled each and every month.

They may state they want X amount of blog posts, X amount of links built, and they want to see their business getting follows on certain social accounts every month. Will this approach work?

The answer is no, that’s because there are over 200+ ranking signals that Google’s goliath algorithm computes each and every month.

Satisfy just a few and your competitors have just been handed a huge advantage by your seo agency.

So your probably thinking what’s the best approach then? Well that’s simple, it’s having an experienced team working on your site, a team that understands that one good quality piece of work will outperform ten average pieces of work.

Why two agencies are ever the same

Most business owners compare agencies on price, however this is like comparing cars that you have never driven before.

Instead the only way to compare agencies is on their white hat seo knowledge, and how much white hat work can be offered for a fee. What’s white hat work, this term simply means using the best methods, yet also using the most up to date methods available.

Why Cardiff SEO prices fluctuate between agencies

Some agencies will offer a package for £100.00 per month some may have a day rate six times that fee. So, basing a decision on price alone is likely to be flawed one.

The only way to make a distinction between any one agency is based on experience, but don’t just go on how long the business has been established for neither, meet with the person responsible with handling your account.

If they have only been working in the seo industry a matter of months, well they are unlikely to know everything that’s needed to get the job done. You’ll normally find that most agencies reserve a handful of key experienced staff for accounts that bring in the big money for that agency.

Meaning be careful that your seo account doesn’t land on the desk of someone that’s still learning the seo ropes.

Why Google’s algorithm hates agencies that cut corners

Google’s algorithm sure is sophisticated, as mentioned it uses over 200+ pieces of information relating to your site to work out where to place it.

But this is just the start of things, that’s because Google now looks at how real people use your site, and whether its performing the way it should.

Let’s look at a brief example for a second, say for example you run a solicitors practice within Wales. You as the business owner naturally want to draw in more customers, so you undertake seo to facilitate that process.

Now some agencies may write content marketing or build links to hit a set quota, however if a real person lands on your site, finds it doesn’t answer their questions, well they will do what seo’s call bounce straight off the site.

If your site starts to have a massive bounce rate, this is bad news, it means diminished rankings over time.

So seo is now much more complex, the real judge of the work is the user of your website, so cutting corners in terms of not properly understanding what your customers want, well this will cost the business dearly.

Quick takeaway tips:

  • Meet the consultant, experience stands for everything
  • Quiz them about white hat methods
  • The price of the seo stands for very little
  • Compare on work lists
  • Look at the sites bounce rate

How we can help

We are a Cardiff SEO agency. If your website is need of some attention by one of our expert consultants, why not give us a call on: 029 217 60 777





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What exactly does on-site seo actually mean?

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Tips and advice to help you enhance your websites on-site seo


Cardiff SEO carried out the right way



If you’re currently shopping around various seo agencies, you’ve most probably already been asked, what’s your websites on-site seo like?

This can be quite a difficult question to answer, so to help you figure out what the term on-site seo actually means, we thought we would put together a quick article for you.

What is on-site seo?

Search engine optimisation falls into one of two categories, that’s on-site and offsite.

Off-site is any optimisation that’s used to assist the digital marketing campaign, but is carried out on another website. For instance, business citations, (NAP information) and backlinks, these both form part of the off-site seo.

On-site search engine optimisation however encompasses a mass of signals. To provide a more clearer explanation you have to have a basic knowledge of how the search engines work, more importantly how Google works.

Google’s algorithm

Google is powered by a mathematical formula, which is referred to as Google’s algorithm.

This algorithm doesn’t stay the same for long, to stay one step ahead Google is constantly changing its algorithm.

However, Google needs to be fed with information about your website, to achieve this it uses Googlebot, it’s Googlebot’s never ending job to crawl and index websites.

For instance, we work for clients that operate in highly competitive niches, so it’s vitally important that such websites are updated regularly.

Googlebot then spots this new work, crawls it, and then brings it into Google’s index. Part of this process is to crawl the website and assign a strength to the ranking signals.

How Google ranks, or determines the strength of your ranking signals is very much a well-kept secret.

Therefore don’t heavily rely on seo tools that provide you with a instant “seo score” as this is likely to be that sites own interpretation of the strength of your seo, not Google’s.

What are Ranking signals?

Ranking signals are not limited to one or two areas, ranking signals are now thought to be over two hundred in number. This also does not take into account RankBrains influence on the rankings.

You may hear some agencies banging on about links, links and more links, however on-site seo is something that’s also very important and something you, or your agency have direct control over.

These are just a small sample of some of the ranking signals that you will find when you start on-site seo:

  • Meta descriptions
  • Title tags
  • Alt tags
  • Keyword placement
  • Frequency of new work
  • Load speeds
  • Time on site figures
  • User flow
  • Bounce rates
  • How easy is it to convert?
  • Readability of the text
  • Main navigation
  • Header tags
  • How “bulky” is the coding on your website

How can a SEO Cardiff agency help?

As previously mentioned, there are well over 200+ ranking signals, therefore the real expertise comes in knowing which signals are worth enhancing with the time you have allocated to optimise your site.

We enhance our client’s websites in the following ways:

  • Hummingbird friendly content marketing
  • Link building carried out without any automation
  • Social media
  • Experienced consultants who can quickly rectify problems with your on-site seo.

How much does SEO cost within Cardiff?

We can take care of your businesses on-site and off-site search engine optimisation, we can complete such work for a monthly fixed fee. To obtain a quote, why not get in touch with us today?