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Google further clamps down on duplicated content

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Duplicated content marketing and how it can harm your seo ambitions

Those of us who work within digital marketing will be well aware that Google simply hates duplicated content.

That’s to say if your website has a small amount or mountains of duplication issues its well fixing the problem. This is so your onsite work becomes unique, insightful and of course high in quality.

Within this article we are going to explain why your website shouldn’t have any duplicated content, plus we will also go on to explain Google’s new clampdown on the issue.

Why is duplicated content such an issue?

Google’s algorithm works to surface results that show the highest quality results from the most authoritative sources.

As you can imagine websites that have just exercised the use of the copy and paste function won’t rank highly within Google’s results.

The fact of the matter is this duplicated content can trigger what’s known as a Google Panda penalty- this means bad news to any website owner.

This can also mean a website gets demoted within Google or even removed completely from the index. So make sure you pick your next agency wisely!

What’s Google’s latest clampdown all about?

Google has been widely reported to have entered into a new deal to further help demote pirated content.

This new agreement has been dubbed “The Voluntary Code of Practice”.

Google has already aimed to reduce duplicated work appearing at the top of its results through its extensive Google Panda algorithm changes, however this appears to be another supplementary step forwards towards tackling pirated content through this new code of practice.

It’s not just Google that have stated that they will be further tightening their grip on the issue neither, Microsoft who operates the Bing search engine has also been stated to be participating with the code of practice as well.

With these two search engine powerhouses stating their intentions to further demote pirated work this should grab all website owners’ interest.

How could this change how agencies or website owners optimise websites in the future?

As always website owners should be looking to write high quality content that is unique and also high in quality. It should not be duplicated as a minimum requirement, instead it should answer questions and provide information in the best way possible.

This will help to stay on the right side of Google’s Panda update and Google’s Hummingbird updates.

However we thought we would throw in some extra checks that you may wish to carry out so that you can spot duplication issues on your own site.

How can I discover if my website has duplication issues?

Discovering duplication issues can sometimes be rather simple, you can either use a premium duplication checker like Copyscape.com or you can use Google as a method for checking for duplicated work.

A simple way to check would be to copy a line of text from your website, so for example a product description, then paste this into Google. Obviously this has to be carried out for every single page that you suspect duplication to be present.

Google’s search bots are so clever they will have already crawled and indexed your websites page (That’s provided it’s been online long enough to allow for a first index of that particular page to occur).

Once you have pasted your snippet of text into Google you may discover that there are a number of websites with the same chunk of text within the search results. In this case you need to fix the problem and pretty urgently.

Finding duplication issues can sometimes be rather complex, for example some product descriptions may have duplicated content but taken from multiple sources so that the writing is a jumble of stolen content.

To be sure your website hasn’t got any duplication issues you should contact a reputable search engine optimisation agency for help, like ours.

How can Ryan C Walsh Online Marketing help?

Duplicated content is a big problem for all Seo consultants to contend with, that’s to say most agencies encounter a site with this sort of problem on a regular basis. Some web designers in a rush to make a website look finished may steal content from your competitor not realising how this can harm search engine optimisation efforts.

Therefore you may require an experienced set of consultants to help your businesses online presence to flourish- for more help and advice why not contact us today?

Our digital marketing prices for online marketing services are some of the most reasonable around.

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Did your rankings change on the 1st of February? – Why certain methods of SEO are not worth using

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Every now and again it’s reported that there has been a major ranking flux of some sort, this just means that Google has chosen to reshuffle the positions of certain websites.

Now each time this happens, and when there is a significant change in the rankings everyone wonders whether Google has changed it’s algorithm or not.

Is it Google Penguin, Google Panda or an unknown update?

On the 1st of February 2017 there was a lot of talk about Google possibly updating its Penguin update.

Now for most digital marketing agencies this would be a hot topic of discussion, but not at ours, and we will explain why this is so.

We don’t follow the herd

There’s always going to be a new way to carry out search engine optimisation, that’s to say somebody will always feel

they have found a way to bring about quicker results than another agency can.

And to some clients this may sound like music to their ears, that’s especially when a bunch of agencies said something couldn’t be done within a certain timeframe, and then there may be just one person who says they can do it quicker.

However that person may be using poor practice, and it’s these updates via Google that catches out poor practice. So if the majority of agencies promise they can build three quality back link’s a month, and another is stating they can build one hundred a month this should send the alarm bells ringing!

Quick gains are simply not worth it…

So February 1st 2017 marks just another long list of occasions where Google has punished a load of sites that have used poor link building practices.

This should serve as another reminder to business owners who may opt for search engine optimisation services that are below par.

What was this latest update all about?

Many suspect that the latest update was to further penalise websites that have built links to spammy sites, or are actively using dodgy link building methods.

Google’s Penguin updates are a reason why links should be built naturally and correctly.

One of the ways this can be achieved is by offering high quality and focused content marketing.

By also offering a first class experience on your website people are more likely to find your website useful, if they find it useful then you are more likely to obtain back links naturally to your site.

My website has dropped since 1st February 2017 what should I do?

A number of sites will have dropped around this date as Google further enhances its Google Penguin update.

You should contact a respected Seo agency like ours, or an independent consultant that can then look at your back link profile and decipher which links look like they are poor in quality.

High quality websites are easy to spot with the trained eye, and we have highly experienced consultants who can help you.

SEO advice that is second to none…

We have experienced consultants which have in excess of seven years seo experience, for further help and advice within Cardiff do contact us.

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Will machine learning change how agencies carry out content marketing?

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Will machine learning change how agencies carry out content marketing?

Machine learning is now the new buzz word within most digital marketing agencies, and this is with good reason, that’s because machine learning is shaking up how content marketing is carried out.

Google has always preferred quality content marketing, however judging if content marketing is actually good quality or not we believe has got a lot more complex.

Here are some of the ways machine learning is changing how agencies are carrying out content marketing:

Understanding natural language

Google has taken huge strides in terms of better understanding natural language, this means the search giant can better understand user intent.

Understanding user intent means Google recognises the type of information you want and how to best display it.

This is why more and more Google Knowledge Panels and answers are being displayed directly within the search engine results. An example if you search “what’s the weather going to be like” , Google will understand you probably mean today and you probably want the information based on where you are at that moment in time.

Computing and understanding natural language sure is complex, Google traditionally used complex mathematical algorithms to work out high quality pages and match these pages to search strings containing relevant search terms.

Google now however is operating in way not totally dissimilar to a human, it has a much bettering understanding of objects, events, and people and it better understands the way in which a question is being asked. The answers are therefore more detailed and bespoke in order to answer the question.

It all comes down to a better understanding of entities.

Hummingbird and Rankbrain

Here’s the complex stuff, Google better understands searchers intent because of Hummingbird, but Rankbrain is now the organiser of information.

If 1 million people search for “best car of 2016” and the majority read one review site in particular, then Google will pick up on this. This is how we feel RankBrain is changing search, its understanding user satisfaction and interaction with the search results, it now helps organise information. Other ranking signals are being used, however RankBrain is well up there in terms of importance.

This information is supplied by Chrome, it’s also supplied by a users interaction within the search results we believe.

How does this change content marketing?

Some agencies once treated Google’s algorithm as if it was rather stupid, however this will only be to their own detriment if poor quality strategies are implemented.

Once agencies thought keywords had to be sown into content marketing and that the content could be about anything as long as the right words were placed somewhere onsite.

However things have changed, Google wants intricate well thought out content marketing that describes entities and offers the answers people want.

Entities interconnect with other entities, so Google will know how accurate and well factual a piece of work actually is. It can cross check information with its knowledge vault of information held on entities.

Google will also monitor how real users use the content, for example are they staying on the page for long?

Google’s clever, however RankBrain is the true architect of information now and the organiser of how information is presented.

Sloppy content marketing no longer cuts it- it hasn’t for some time, that’s why some websites which once occupied high rankings, and took them positions for granted sometimes, have been duly demoted for sites that are all together better engineered and laced with the accurate data and information needed in order to be relevant.

Information architecture is getting much more precise, its getting more relevant, is your agency up to the job?

Ryan, Emil and Dan can help any business achieve better rankings, call us today for more information.

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Can your agency fulfill your marketing ambitions this year?

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Looking for a new online marketing agency? Let us help you…


Businesses move forwards through goals, objectives and planning well ahead, however, what often keeps the cogs of industry churning are new clients and customers.

Increasingly digital marketing is turned to when new business needs to be generated.

You may state at this point, you lot are stating the blooming obvious here, and that would be true, but let us explain why we are the natural digital marketing agency to choose within Cardiff right now.

Working in the background we strengthen web presences for clients right across the country. We work with major construction clients through to dentists, we therefore have a huge wealth of experience for a diverse range of clients.

Simply put a strong website can mean the difference between hitting them goals this year, or quite simply retreating backwards.

Here’s why we are the digital marketing agency within South Wales to trust.

Google is complex, so you need an agency that understands the latest methods

Google has a rather simple interface, plain and rather nondescript, but don’t be fooled by the simplicity on the outside. Google’s complex algorithm works behind the scenes and is nothing but a mathematical masterpiece- its complex and we think rather beautiful!

Now it’s been hooked up to AI technology things are getting even more complicated in terms what ranking signals really are the game changers.

We are managed however by an search engine optimisation consultant that has over nine years of experience, so the phrase been there, done it, bought the t-shirt springs to mind. Our experience is second to none.

We believe mathematical complexity needs to be tackled with well engineered and thought out search engine optimisation solutions. This is why we are considered the experts for more specialist projects undertaken in the Cardiff and Bristol areas. We work with web designers and businesses that need a specialist organic seo company partnering with them.

Experience means safe methods are used

New agencies spring up all the time, fancy names and short term leases on buildings in the right area is normally the standard trademark. Yet, if the face behind the fancy new desk hasn’t got the right level of experience they could be deemed just another start-up agency, this is in a game where it’s considered risky to use unreliable methods of website optimisation.

Experience of what works and what doesn’t accumulated over many years therefore stands for a lot.


It must make commercial sense, if not it’s a waste of marketing budget

Online marketing is no different from any other form of marketing medium out there- simply put it must strike a chord with the right audience.

So to achieve results work needs to meet the needs of a certain audience. We know, obvious stuff being cited here again!

However content marketing, link building, social media and on-site optimisation that doesn’t take into account of your audience requirements is simply wasting marketing spend.

Believe us when we say it’s common for some agencies to plonk a marketing budget over to a bunch of junior copywriters to write about any old tat and chew up the monthly budget.

The marketing budget can quickly get diminished that way, and the agency may then turn to mind boggling graphs to bamboozle the client about what’s really happening.

How are we different?

Glad you are asked. We are drawing in clients all over Cardiff who want a different approach taken to online marketing.

We believe to undertake effective digital marketing you need to employ a skill set not to dissimilar to a structural engineer. Stick with us on this one…

Websites are held high in Google’s ranks for various reasons, for example some have some strong onsite seo, some others are more offsite focused approaches in terms of optimisation.

The consultant has to look at why the top 5 are in the top 5 within Google right now, this could mean reverse engineering thousands of links, or it could mean looking at a sites source code, then picking out the sites main strengths.

So a good seo consultant deploys a similar mindset to a structural engineer. They are looking for what attributes hold up the site in question, what gives it strength, what needs reinforcing and bolstering to bring a website up to a better standard.

The huge national websites are being strengthened and reinforced every single day- it’s this engineering behind the scenes that sometimes means if a business thrives or dies.

Costs vary- yet cheap seo is always a false economy

Agencies vary substantially in price within South Wales, they vary from the cheap to the simply unjustifiable.

We set our prices based on offering methods that we have perfected over the last nine years. We only ever use white hat methods.

Our founder has experience of taking websites onto the first page right across the country and not just for Welsh businesses.

Simply put to keep your marketing goals alive you need us. The organic marketing specialists.

Emil, Dan and Ryan are business partners out to change the status-quo of performing online marketing here in Wales, we on hand to offer valuable advice and implementation.

We are trusted to deliver daily for leading contractors, professionals and manufacturing business.

We offer a no-nonsense, straight forward and friendly approach. Have a chat with us today, prices start from just £169.99 per month.

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Is your agency playing hide and seek?

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Today’s online customers are simply time poor- that’s to say they often want to achieve their goals online quickly and with ease.

So whether they want to purchase the latest running trainers or to book a plumber in a hurry they are often united by one common theme, that’s to say they want to find and complete a transaction quickly and with ease.

Needless to say where you rank on Google is important today, it can even be a game changer for most businesses. But this article is going to look at something entirely different- this article is all about where your agency is ranking and why that is also important to your business.

So our question is this, is your agency playing hide and seek?

It’s easy to talk the talk, but much harder to walk the walk

Business owners are increasingly finding their chosen agencies at networking events held right across South Wales- which is all well and good, after all a bit of mingling with a ham sandwich in hand can be good for business.

However networking is completed offline, so when you employ a new agency you will want to know whether they are pro’s online or just spouting hot air in a hotel meeting room.

That’s to say smooth patter rolled out at networking events is all well and good, but if the agency cant get their own website into a meaningful position how good are they? There’s a lot of agencies that hide behind industry jargon, however to hold your own on to the first page of Google for many years is easier said than done.

This is where the hide and seek element comes in, that’s to say some agencies can rank very well for their own business terms, however some others do not. Some agencies may proclaim to be the best in a certain area, yet they may sit on the second or third page currently of Google- so again are they any good at their own game?

Plus, it’s important to note that agencies optimise their clients sites using very different methods, some take white hat methods very seriously, some simply do not.

The blurring of the lines may cost your business dearly, here’s why

It’s well worth keeping your agency in check, and by this we don’t mean cracking the whip to meet certain deadlines.

Instead we mean making sure the latest white hat methods are being implemented.

So it’s well worth checking your agencies own ranking positions for their key business terms. For example you may want to run the occasional search along the lines of “Seo Cardiff” and “Seo agencies Cardiff”.

If your agency is no where to be seen you must ask yourself have they incurred a Google penalty along the way? If so your website entrusted to this agency could well be at risk if the same methods of optimisation are being used on your site.

Are they keeping up with the pace?

The truth is some agencies can’t stand the pace, that’s to say the digital marketing profession changes at such a pace some simply get left behind by Google’s vast algorithm changes. Some even try and dabble with methods to give them short term gains to catch up, this can sometimes mean algorithm penalties can sometimes be incurred, which is why some sit beyond the second page right now.

The truth is some agencies make rather bold statements about how they can get a website ranking high in a short amount of time, this can be because they know the methods used are not strictly legit and are not considered good practice. This means a website could incur a penalty later down the line, by that time most agencies could have had a years worth of business along the way, or a good number of months money from you.

So if the talent isn’t on board then this can be reflected in the agencies own rankings.

Is it time you made the jump?

If you’re thinking of giving a new company a whirl then why not give us a call?

We have vast experience, we optimise sites for dentists through to major demolition contractors within the South Wales area. This means we shape and design our service offering to each and every client- more importantly we never cut corners, we implement white hat seo six days of the week and we are the pro’s in Cardiff to trust. Our director has over nine years experience which means we are hard matched on experience.

Here’s the advantages of choosing the winning side:

o Short rolling contracts – you can cancel after the first month 
o Over seven years agency experience
o On top of the latest methods
o We will aim the undercut some of our direct competitors rates, sometimes substantially
o Experience of working with all manner of businesses
o Commercial awareness that transcends into winning results

All we need to know is your website address…

If you haven’t got the time for long drawn out meetings with agency owners or their reps then we have the perfect solution for you.

We make the whole process simple when you choose us, all we need is your websites address, and a brief idea of what you want to achieve.

We can then offer you a quote to look over at your own leisure.

Talk to the experts

We are only interested in optimising websites using tried and tested methods, these methods are called white hat seo methods. Our consultants are all experienced professionals within this sector.

So if you fancy ditching your current agency and giving your competition a run for their money online, do get in touch.