Has your online marketing firm got “The eye of the Tiger?”

When you choose an online marketing firm, it’s like choosing your fighter! That is who is going to represent your business and who is going to battle a way forwards for your business.

Your online marketing company will have to go “toe to toe”, fighting their way through the competition one by one, to bring you out on top, often in very competitive business landscape’s.

That’s why when you see posturing through SEO company websites, you got to ask yourself well what is their track record? Let your prospective SEO firm tell you if they can in-fact walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

Over the shoulder view of male boxer throwing a knockout punch in the boxing ring

We go head to head for the businesses we represent, and here is our fighting method:

Come out fighting, with Ryan C Walsh Online Marketing.

We are going to enter five rounds now, stating why we believe we are a strong contender for taking on your online marketing requirements and your competition.

Round One

“Agile, and quick-witted we make a solid impact through Content Marketing, straight out of the corner, with a quick “one, two” we make an impression with an impact”.

We put the time in, and we make sure that we get it right!

Wishy-washy, half baked attempts do not cut the mustard here! We like workmanship, quality and ambition.

We work long hours, to make sure that our content marketing makes an impression that is lasting with your target audience.

We research deeply and we make sure that we fully immerse ourselves in the subject area, so that we can convey knowledge and authority in any given subject area of our clients businesses.

Superficial knowledge on the businesses that we represent is not us, we get “up close and personal”, so that we understand who they are and what we are going up against in the ring, competition wise.

Therefore we never waste our time on content marketing that will fall on deaf ears.

Round Two

“We listen, we observe, we understand and then we go in for the attack”.


It’s all too easy within the online marketing profession, to have a set allocated amount of time for a client, and to just “willy-nilly” start churning out Seo work blindly. If you don’t know who your targeting, you might as well be swinging punches with the lights off and blind-folded.

We think here at Ryan C Walsh Online Marketing what separates the “pros” from the amateurs, is taking the time to get to know your client and their business sector. We therefore undertake competitor research to another level! We understand how they move and shake and watch out for the weak spots to take advantage of.

If you’re an online marketing firm that is driven purely by profit, we believe this is where the competition can find competitive advantage over you, by taking longer to fully understand ones clients, rather than offering surface superficial knowledge, about the business you represent online.

We make sure that when we take on clients that we understand their business but more importantly we understand their competition’s efforts online fully.

We place great emphasis on understanding our client’s competition, simply because this is how you can beat your opposition and find a method to form marketing traction.

Whether the dual takes place in terms of Content Marketing, Link building or in the Social arena we make sure we have tactics that allow us to win!

Round Three

“Strategise and think carefully about each move and then review how much clout your marketing strategy actually has had”.

Why our online marketing firm packs extra clout, is because we strategise and think carefully before we make our move.

We believe that to be successful in online marketing today, you need the time to understand what works and what doesn’t in terms of SEO work carried out.

To blindly carry out a marketing strategy, then that is on a road to nowhere and is simply wasting money.

Therefore our competitive advantage, within this marketplace, is to make sure that our SEO strategies are constantly evaluating what works and what doesn’t.

There’s nothing complicated about this process, but it does take extra time and effort which some online marketing firms may not offer.

We are quality driven, we emphasise that we are driven by providing quality, as this again is a differentiating factor over some of the competition.

We take great care and attention to detail when crafting our marketing strategies and reviewing that progress as our marketing strategies unfold.

Round Four

“We put the time into the intensive forms of online marketing such as Strategic Link Building and Content Marketing”.

We believe it is too easy to list on a SEO website, a shopping list of tasks that you can carry out each month for a low Seo fee.

Yet, if these Seo tasks are of little worth in terms of Seo value then what is the point?

We therefore only partake in proven forms of online marketing, of substance and worth, that take time and care to produce.

Round Five

“Never under estimate the competition’s efforts!”

We never underestimate the competition, for any industry that we undertake Seo work for.

One day you could be sitting on top of the rankings the next day knocked straight back down.

We are not talking about negative Seo here, instead the power of the competition in terms of coming up with cunning marketing strategies.

We never therefore lose our hunger or get complacent, when we take our clients to top ranking positions within the major search engines. Some online marketing companies take clients to the top of their game, and then can’t sustain that level of performance.

We see little gain from ranking high for a small amount of time, if you cant keep your clients where they need to be. Some of our clients have dominated their respective industries, not for a few weeks, but for years through our SEO involvement.

We therefore keep on fighting and pushing forward for our clients once we have them in high ranking positions.

We never take our foot off the accelerator and we always drive forward our marketing strategies with vigour and passion.