Sometimes it’s important to take a detached view from running an seo agency just for a second, and slip into our customers shoes.

For example, a businesses owner may recognise they are flagging behind the competition online, so may instantly decide it’s time to recruit a new Cardiff Seo agency.

But there’s so much choice, so how do they choose? Well we thought we would help out a little here, below are a list of qualities we believe a business owner should look for:


Some digital marketing agencies are here one minute, gone the next, because of this we believe it pays dividends to choose a local agency, one which is established and respected.

Up to date knowledge

To rank higher within Google’s results, you must improve a website’s ranking signals. These signals are what communicates to Google’s Googlebot, which is simply an automated piece of software that crawls the web.

Googlebot follows backlinks, and its job is to look for changes to websites, or new websites that have been added. Then Googlebot brings the updates, or new website into its index.

Then it’s over to Google’s complex, and ever changing algorithm, the algorithms job is to compute over 200+ ranking signals. Google will assign a score, as well as taking AI knowledge from RankBrain to arrive at where your website should be placed.

If your website is strong, you should rank in a good position, if all ranking signals are weak then you are unlikely to come nowhere near the first page.

Understands white hat seo

Believe it or not, there are still some seo agencies that will offer you low quality seo, so you must make sure you have chosen an agency that understands white hat methods.

You may be asking now, how do you find out if the agency uses white hat methods or not? Well, a bit of knowledge can go a long way, so it may be worth quizzing your new agency before you hire them.

Cost effective

Some agencies are just money focused, that’s to say the agencies priorities may well be somewhat skewed. If you choose Ryan C Walsh, you will be sure of using an agency that priorities results over money.


It’s always good to grab a coffee and have face to face meeting with your seo agency, so you may want to choose one that’s local to you.

Offers the correct amount of work

Some agencies can talk a good talk, but deliver very little tangible work, so make sure your getting the right amount of work delivered.

Acknowledges Googles algorithm is changing

Google’s algorithm is constantly changing and adapting, so don’t use an agency that gets stuck in their ways.

Cardiff Seo agency

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