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Ryan C Walsh Online Marketing offers transparent and cost effective SEO to get your website riding high from just £169.99 per month.

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It is time to show wishy washy marketing the door in Cardiff and say hello to strategic marketing which packs more of a punch for your SEO spend. Serious SEO that gets straight to work on targeting the key areas of your site to, get your website higher up the rankings through a strategic approach and carefully planned marketing strategies.


What we offer that we believe makes us the winning solution for your SEO needs in Cardiff, South Wales:

 Ryan Walsh

Ryan Walsh

o Business focused SEO from people who have experienced business first hand and can understand small business and the struggles small business owners face. No spotty faced geeks here intent on damaging your bank balance we offer hard hitting SEO for less than you might think.

o We go the extra mile. We do not settle for mediocrity or half baked measures we get to know your business and we work with you to set your online presence ablaze with drive and enthusiasm.

o We are straight talking and do not offer marketing spin or jargon waffle to bombard your earlobes.

o We offer low cost monthly SEO packages starting out at just £169.99 per calendar month.(Very good value for White Hat or Ethical SEO as this is a time-intensive form of SEO compared to other methods).

o *White Hat SEO is simply the job done properly, no faffing around with cheating methods that the search engines actively search for and do penalise. We do the job in an old fashioned method and style of getting the job done right the first time.

o We only follow industry best practice and White Hat SEO.

o We are Cardiff based and local to our clients in South Wales and the South West.

o We understand business from the bottom up and we do offer value through providing a first class quality driven experience for your SEO and Internet Marketing requirements.

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We offer clever marketing services and link building in Cardiff. We are the experts at content marketing and copy writing services in Cardiff South Wales

We offer clever marketing services and link building in Cardiff. We are the experts at content marketing and copy writing services in Cardiff South Wales

Choosing an SEO firm can be a headache as to what company will best suit your business and also the ethics behind the work that will be carried out.

We eliminate the worry of choosing an SEO firm here in South Wales as we offer quality driven SEO backed up by straight talking small business owners who have actually gained a commercial awareness through operating small businesses themselves.

We offer no nonsense SEO which targets your target customer and acts quickly to understand your business model. SEO which really uses a business brain to get your online marketing working online.

We offer no nonsense SEO which targets your customer’s head on and acts quickly to understand your business model to an in-depth level. SEO which really uses a business brain to get your online marketing working.

Prices Page

“We show drive and passion for moving your business forwards online. Yet we understand actions speak louder than words. That is why on our prices page we breakdown every piece of work that will be carried out for a set monthly fee. The work detailed is not the easy SEO quick fix and bodge it together approaches, we offer you the more time intensive and thought provoking forms of online marketing for your money.”

So wishy washy marketing churned out to satisfy a tick box exercise for a monthly invoice is not our style.


We believe strongly in offering a strategic approach, which is focused on understanding your business and offering value through accurately depicting your business online. Therefore we would argue that we never see any one business as the same and we would never view your business at a surface level and instead understand your business as best we can.

So for example some SEO firms may say well you’re a plumber we will follow a generic set pattern to optimise your site in line which what we would do for all other plumbing websites and plumbing services. We would say no, no no! To that mentioned approach we wouldn’t get to now your business, what makes you different and company history and wouldn’t be able to enhance this difference from your competitors online and to make you stand out.

Search engine opitimisation services cardiff

We are the Cardiff SEO firm that are experts at building customer trust and loyalty.

We achieve this through understanding your market and the type of customer you most want, a broad brush approach to us does not cut the mustard and will not be used.

When shopping around you may be presented with low yearly amounts to pay or packages normally presented as bronze, silver or gold etc. We feel strongly that what you must deifier is what work will be actually carried out and does this represent quality or superficial SEO.

Superficial SEO we would define as a long list of SEO tasks that will be carried out each month and are presented like a shopping list for a set fee. We believe quality SEO is not a shopping list of technical jargon, which sometimes offers very little to the client, but instead quality driven link building and on-site optimisation practices which is what we employ.

“Quality through on-site optimisation and ethical link building the pillars of SEO but used by all. We offer SME’s quality and we offer it at a price point which will not damage the bank account. Quality SEO from £169.99 per month no hidden fees and no tie-in contracts to make you suffer fools for longer than you have too”

We are the masters of quality SEO and strategic marketing and we simply offer two main forms of Search Engine Optimisation which will raise your company in the rankings. The two main forms we carry out are quality content through on-site and off-site optimisation and link building using the industry standard of White Hat Ethical Link building to help your site avoid penalties further down the line.

How we achieve this in more detail

Cardiff Internet Marketing and SEO Consultants


Straight Talking and no techno babble to fry your brain.

Some profit of jargon and some try to impress with technical knowledge that we believe is often just hype from some SEO businesses in the industry.

We are straight talking in the way we conduct our business, meaning we would rather our Cardiff clients on-board rather than feeling alienated from the SEO journey and feeling detached from the process.

“We prefer you on-board with the SEO journey rather than over-board which may happen with some SEO firms”

We bring our clients on board through cutting down and out technical jargon and turning the process on its head by using plain English.

Just to give you a very quick insight into this, many SEO companies will send you a report saying comments such as this “we have carried out ever green content and we increased link juice through outreach” we would say on the other hand “we produced content that has the advantage of being timeless in nature and does not include timely information to make the content look dated, also we have contacted third party sites to obtain more back links which will be beneficial to your site as a ranking factor”. As you can see our approach takes slightly longer to explain but explains exactly the same thing! We will never keep you in the dark on what’s going on with your website or attempt to confuse you through technical knowledge that can be overwhelming and sometimes in our view pointless!
Quality over substance

Internet Marketing services Cardiff

Online marketing Cardiff


You may have seen emails or websites stating they can build you colossal amount of back-links for a very small sum of money. This raises our suspicion and our heart beat when we know clients have previously invested good money into such techniques as some can do damage to your site and possibly cost a lot to put right!

So for the non-initiated this offer sounds impressive, you may ask why would I want to pay x amount for five back-links a month when I can get thousands for a much lower fee?

The simple answer is you get what you pay for, Google and the other major search engines look at back-links as a major ranking factor when determining where to index your website. If you have attached to your site a load of what could be viewed as low quality and spammy directory links for example your website could receive a penalty. A search engine penalty could mean a loss in traffic as your website is demoted or it could be removed for certain keywords altogether.

So the very company you have paid money to get your website optimised could in-fact be to blame for demoting your website in some examples of using an unscrupulous SEO business.

So we believe the name of the game is honesty and transparency when we conduct work on your website and we offer a professional approach to online optimisation services here in Wales.

Our background

Search engine optimisation Cardiff

We started our business with a vision and that was to offer top quality SEO which does not confuse or intimidate the perspective customer.

We know from first hand experience that when you are running a small enterprise marketing firms can worry a business owner as to how much will effective advertising cost them and are there hidden costs involved.

We understand small business and we therefore offer low cost SEO for set monthly fees, no tie-in clauses and no hidden fees for carrying out extras.

We also understand that small businesses here in South Wales want to receive a service which communicates to them on a personable level but also show effort to their marketing cause in the same way you show effort to moving your business forwards.

We come from business backgrounds, we stared the business working solely for well known established businesses in South Wales and now having proven our worth in the construction related sector’s, we now have diversified into many business areas and represent many industry types through taking on a handful or clients each year.

We have heading the business Ryan C Walsh who has an accountancy and contract management background which later involved marketing experience later on in his career. Ryan now focuses his business interests in broadening the SEO business reach across South Wales and the South West of England and helping the under dogs in business.


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