Introduction to Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a very important part of Seo.

Content Marketing is basically written content about your business or related business activities.

Content Marketing or sometimes commonly referred to as “copy”, is basically your sales pitch advertising in some way your products or services, giving information to warrant your business as an authority in that area for seo purposes.

Types of Content Marketing

The types of content marketing that exist are Ever Green Content, News or Blog posts and other copy can be put off site for “outreaching”.

Ever green content, is content that is placed on your website, on its main pages mostly, that rarely changes as time goes on.

News or blog posts are updated on a more regular basis, and instead of being placed on specific pages, they form part of the blog section or blog roll, which moves down as new content is added to that page.

So what is Outreaching and Content Marketing?

Outreaching is the process of creating content which provides information or data about a subject, to be placed on another domain, in order for you to obtain a back link pointing back to your website (A form of Link Building strategy).

The idea of outreaching content is to show you are an authoritative commentator or to show insight in your industry, or also to provide information to a target audience.

You get in return to show to the search engines what your business is all about, building keywords within the content, building authority and if people like your work they may even link to it!

What is Outreaching then?

Content Marketing can provide knowledge or information about something that is related to your business, which can be placed on an external website in order to achieve a back link pointing back to your site.

So say you run a local garage, you may give free repair tips on how to change bulbs on certain cars on a motoring website for example.

In return you get a back link for your work pointing back to your site, if you can agree this with another motoring site of course!

You therefore can build related, high-quality back-links, which is the name of the game with SEO and Content Marketing.

Content Marketing for Blog Posts

Content Marketing can be carried out within your blog section, or news section of your website.(A less permanent form of work, which can still work well for SEO, but focuses less on selling your main service/ product offerings, as this is more for current news, events you wish to communicate to your audience.)

You should write natural sounding copy for your website always, that talks about information related to your industry sector.

You should never keyword stuff…. never.

That is to place too many keywords within the copy itself, and for it then to become over optimised!

Keyword stuffed content runs the risk of being penalised also via the Panda algorithmic updates, not good!

More information on the Panda updates click here: Panda updates

You should use your blog section also to talk about occurrences or events that have happened within your business recently.

As you naturally write about these events and news this should interest your target audience it should also naturally contain keywords related to your business sector, so there is no need to keyword stuff.

Google is so clever it can pick up on the meaning of the work even if you only mention the keywords a few times in the copy, it is that clever!

So write as if you are talking to your audience directly, and do not write just to try and optimise your site!

“You should write about content which is going to interest your target audience and sway away from writing content which has been generated just for the search engines benefit”.

You are much more likely because of the Hummingbird Updates to be rewarded for content which is high in authority, and unique, but also offers a good user experience!

Content Marketing for the main pages or “Ever Green Content”

Ever green content or main page copy, should be written content which describes your company which is placed on the main pages within your website, that rarely changes over time.

Of course you can change your main page content as frequently as you wish, yet normally, most sites leave their main pages the same for long periods as opposed to the blog sections, which change on some sites daily.

These are the main pages as they advertise your main products or services and are the areas where you can naturally write your header tags also which describe your main product or service areas also.

Make sure you use the H1,H2,H3 tags to describe the page you are writing about, don’t keyword stuff, but these are really useful for SEO.

Optimizing your page for Geographic Locations

You should not over optimise for geographic areas, by putting as many areas on the pages as possible, as this is also likely to be viewed as “spammy”, or to attract the attention of the Panda algorithmic updates.

You should therefore write your content in a natural way, which naturally describes the geographic areas where you do business in.

If instead you are optimising your website on a national basis you may not want to write  geographic areas within the main pages copy, and instead focus on increasing the authority of your website through Content Marketing and authoritative Back Link generation.

You should then quite possibly use the contact page, to show your business locations and optimise that.

What you shouldn’t do is cram a load of area names in your content marketing, this is bad practice.

Write natural content, and include the area names, by natural content we mean describe news or your products and naturally mention the areas as if you were talking to a real customer.

Content Marketing for off-site and Out Reached Articles

As previously mentioned content marketing can also take place also for off-site or out reached articles.

Sometimes people contact high quality authoritative websites and tell them about their company experience and knowledge and offer to generate an article for their readers in return for a high quality back link(s).

The importance here is that the back links should not be generated by being paid for,and also that they are not from a low quality or spammy websites.

You should ideally earn links and not do outreaching, but if you do use outreaching methods make sure the links you do earn are high quality.

Low quality links being generated, are likely to attract the attention of the Penguin algorithm updates, which can penalise your website and demote it within the rankings.

It is important to note that as the search engines move away from these forms of tactics to earn back links and back link generation, we may instead see more of an effort on focusing your content marketing efforts on earning back links, rather than outreaching efforts.

Although it is possible to obtain high quality back links from high quality websites, it should be avoided where possible as you should stand out within your industry and be contacted or linked to in a natural way from other websites, than you having to outreach. That is people should discover your work and want to link to it, not by you contacting sites and trying to get links. Outreaching can take a lot of of time and sometimes you may not have anything to show for your efforts.

With the Penguin updates getting much more sophisticated to your outreach efforts, you must have a good understanding of the websites you contact and make sure that they are high in quality and they will not potentially damaging your website by being viewed as a low quality website.

“To build links it is therefore advisable that instead stay away from outreaching and instead create unique quality content that will naturally form links that other websites will want to link to without you prompting them”.

How often should I update my blog?

How often you update your blog depends on how much time and resources you have to throw at updating your news or blog section on your website.

Its Important to note that is not about quantity and frequency its more about the quality of content, and what it can offer the chosen target community or industry sector.

By updating your blog you should provide a rich user experience, which offers unique insight into your industry and company.

Far too many companies follow the main competition by repeating news articles or similar stories to what what the competition are placing on their websites.

It’s far more important to generate content which is unique and will hold value to your target audience.

As you write this copy it will naturally have keywords that are relevant to your business, therefore it will have Seo value, especially if it is naturally linked to by interested people, who follow your blog or news section on your website.

Quality articles as opposed to the quantity of articles produced.

Some people think that the more regular they update their blog section of the website the better.

Although this true if your offering unique and valuable content, is not true if you keep throwing content up which looks like you are just repeating current news events within your industry from other sites doing similar work.

We instead prefer to offer content which is unique, and offers information that you cannot find on any other blog sites or company websites out there.

This then can offer unique information that cannot be found elsewhere, and it’s much better in our opinion, to update your blog section on your website once a week with a quality post than once a day with content that everybody else is adding to their website.

Perhaps you would like to know more about what Content Marketing is all about.

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