In yesteryear, so many seo agencies were worried about keyword placement, and flooding main pages with tons of incoming links. Thankfully, things have moved on since then, and the role of an seo agency today is altogether more skilled and intricate .

However, in a world of Google Hummingbird updates and Panda updates the focus is now on offering quality-but how does Google differentiate a bad site, from one which displays superior quality ranking signals?

Seo experts

Our consultants have put their heads together, this was in order to list what we deem as the main factors Google looks for when assessing the quality of a website.

Trust factors

Let’s face it, designing a website today is easier than it’s ever been, so it’s fair to say many business owners will have been tempted to flood the Google’s results pages with multiple business sites.

However, quality matters, that’s to say there’s no point in sending an armada of cheaply made boats into battle, if one superior super ship will make light work of the competition. The same can be said about your website, its far better to put your focus firmly onto one site, and to make it totally focused on delivering quality information, than to spread your bets across a number of business sites.

Trust factors are important, these symbolise to a customer that you are a real business, so local phone numbers, addresses and other contact details are all important.

The website should convey the fact that it’s easy to get through to a real person.

User experience

So many seo agencies drone on about generating a “good user experience” or “UX” for short, but rarely do they go into any sufficient level of depth over what this actually means.

But we will explain all, so to create a good user experience it’s important to either be critical of your own work, or better still, have someone else’s eyeballs cast over your site.

You should be weighing up the following factors:

  • Readability – your site should display clear business knowledge, yet not send the reader into a deep sleep.
  • Trust signals
  • User experience factors- To improve ux some of the factors that should be assessed are page load speeds, broken links, how the text reads, no duplication issues, no hidden text, internal links to help navigate, readable font, in-depth content, signposting to other good quality websites, minimum amount of clicks to complete shopping transactions ect, the list could go on until your blue in the face!

What our consultants see as the most important signals

So, we have covered some of the more basic seo factors that contribute to generating a high-quality website, but let’s look at the less tangible, but what we see as the most important considerations for any seo agency or consultant.

Average time onsite

Now, imagine a website with a sky-high bounce rate, also the average time on site is only a matter of seconds- this is not good.

Google will quickly discover that such a site is of little interest to a visitor, otherwise why would they bounce off the site?

So average time on site figures are of real importance to any good seo agency.

Load speeds

Were an impatient bunch, these days a page should load in less than 3-seconds, if your website doesn’t then do take action. Think about modifying your site, with the help of a web developer, or switch hosting companies.

Little improvements can make a vast difference as well, so remove hi-res images that are taking an absolute eternity to load for example.

No room for poor quality work

Talk to any seo novice about Panda updates and they will state, “yes keyword stuffing is not allowed anymore”.

Firstly, it shouldn’t have been used in the first place, secondly Google Panda updates are much more intricate than just seeing how many times a phrase is slap dashed across a page.

Panda is looking for the quality of the work, how intricate the content is, how much detail is noted, how entities relate, and how this corresponds to Google’s knowledge vault.

So, if you are writing about the history of Big Ben that’s located within London, then the facts, key dates ect, can all be crossed checked with a database of facts, this is known as “entity knowledge”, so there’s no point in writing an article that just lightly touches on a few key facts, articles written in five minutes are about as much use to seo as a chocolate tea pot!

An agency that goes the extra mile

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