For SEO to have a good solid foundation, the website needs to be configured in such a way in which it will help the SEO consultant.

It’s kind of like entering a sports car into a race, there needs to be certain features added to car, otherwise the race becomes harder to win.

What features does my website need for SEO to start?

Blog / article section

If your website can not add content marketing in the form of blog posts, regular news feeds, then your website will be put at a huge disadvantage right from the start.

For example, most businesses, from dentists through to solicitor practices all add blog posts, normally  each and every week.

This means your website must have the feature where your search engine optimisation agency can add blog posts.

Load quickly

The website must load quickly, if it doesn’t then the seo agency or your website designer must make changes.

Optimised for mobile devices

All websites now should be optimised for mobile devices and tablets, if your website doesn’t scale to the size of screen then your website is likely to receive a sky high bounce rate, which is bad for seo.

Google Analytics installed

Your website must have Google Analytics installed, this will allow your agency to report on how well your seo campaign is going.

Good navigation

Our agency has found that websites with a high bounce rate normally have poor navigation. What this means is that visitors were unable to find a product or a service that they wanted quickly, they may have therefore left the site and visited a competitor instead.

Good, easy to use website navigation is an absolute must.

Separate pages for each main product or service

This will make the website easier to optimise.

Easily editable meta titles, meta descriptions, title tags

Some websites make it difficult to edit meta descriptions and title tags, if this is the case then its worth swapping to a WordPress website.

A homepage where text can be added

Some websites feature large images of the company on the homepage, this may well look impressive, however text is much better in terms of optimising a website.

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