Google Analytics is really important tool for any business owner, or marketing agency to use. It can provide some really useful, and crucial data relating to how your seo campaign is performing.

We would also recommend that if you are currently paying a digital marketing business for SEO, that you insist the data is taken from your Google Analytics account.

That’s because we think third party data can sometimes not be as accurate as what your Google Analytics account will tell you.

Why is Google Analytics so important?

Google Analytics is kind of like the instrument panel on your car, it informs you of all the important information that any good seo consultant will need to know. These are some of the more important areas which you may wish to take notice of:

Why should my agency be monitoring bounce rates?

If your website has a super high bounce rate, then this is not good news. A high bounce rate means that visitors are landing on your site, but very quickly after they are leaving.

It’s kind of like walking into a shop, having a 2-second look around, thinking that the shop is not for you, and then quickly leaving.

However, this can negatively impact your seo, as a ton of visitors who land on your website, and then leave can inform the search engines that your site doesn’t answer that query.

Why are time on site figures so important?

You will want your website to have a really high time on site figure, it means people are interested in your business, so much so they are willing to shop around your businesses products, or services for a long time.

If you compare this with a high bounce rate, a high time on site figure is the total opposite.

Why should we monitor traffic?

Traffic is really important, it can allow you to understand how many visitors have landed on your website.

Why is it important to monitor traffic sources?

Ideally you will want a good mix of traffic sources, for example, you want people to find your business using organic seo, local seo, social media and PPC.

Why is it important to find the most visited pages?

The most visited pages can be changed so that you can further increase conversions. For example, if you know that thousands of people land on one service page that your business offers, then you can add a contact form on the page, which may encourage more people to contact the business.

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