Duplicated content marketing and how it can harm your seo ambitions

Those of us who work within digital marketing will be well aware that Google simply hates duplicated content.

That’s to say if your website has a small amount or mountains of duplication issues its well fixing the problem. This is so your onsite work becomes unique, insightful and of course high in quality.

Within this article we are going to explain why your website shouldn’t have any duplicated content, plus we will also go on to explain Google’s new clampdown on the issue.

Why is duplicated content such an issue?

Google’s algorithm works to surface results that show the highest quality results from the most authoritative sources.

As you can imagine websites that have just exercised the use of the copy and paste function won’t rank highly within Google’s results.

The fact of the matter is this duplicated content can trigger what’s known as a Google Panda penalty- this means bad news to any website owner.

This can also mean a website gets demoted within Google or even removed completely from the index. So make sure you pick your next agency wisely!

What’s Google’s latest clampdown all about?

Google has been widely reported to have entered into a new deal to further help demote pirated content.

This new agreement has been dubbed “The Voluntary Code of Practice”.

Google has already aimed to reduce duplicated work appearing at the top of its results through its extensive Google Panda algorithm changes, however this appears to be another supplementary step forwards towards tackling pirated content through this new code of practice.

It’s not just Google that have stated that they will be further tightening their grip on the issue neither, Microsoft who operates the Bing search engine has also been stated to be participating with the code of practice as well.

With these two search engine powerhouses stating their intentions to further demote pirated work this should grab all website owners’ interest.

How could this change how agencies or website owners optimise websites in the future?

As always website owners should be looking to write high quality content that is unique and also high in quality. It should not be duplicated as a minimum requirement, instead it should answer questions and provide information in the best way possible.

This will help to stay on the right side of Google’s Panda update and Google’s Hummingbird updates.

However we thought we would throw in some extra checks that you may wish to carry out so that you can spot duplication issues on your own site.

How can I discover if my website has duplication issues?

Discovering duplication issues can sometimes be rather simple, you can either use a premium duplication checker like Copyscape.com or you can use Google as a method for checking for duplicated work.

A simple way to check would be to copy a line of text from your website, so for example a product description, then paste this into Google. Obviously this has to be carried out for every single page that you suspect duplication to be present.

Google’s search bots are so clever they will have already crawled and indexed your websites page (That’s provided it’s been online long enough to allow for a first index of that particular page to occur).

Once you have pasted your snippet of text into Google you may discover that there are a number of websites with the same chunk of text within the search results. In this case you need to fix the problem and pretty urgently.

Finding duplication issues can sometimes be rather complex, for example some product descriptions may have duplicated content but taken from multiple sources so that the writing is a jumble of stolen content.

To be sure your website hasn’t got any duplication issues you should contact a reputable search engine optimisation agency for help, like ours.

How can Ryan C Walsh Online Marketing help?

Duplicated content is a big problem for all Seo consultants to contend with, that’s to say most agencies encounter a site with this sort of problem on a regular basis. Some web designers in a rush to make a website look finished may steal content from your competitor not realising how this can harm search engine optimisation efforts.

Therefore you may require an experienced set of consultants to help your businesses online presence to flourish- for more help and advice why not contact us today?

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