If you have ever invested in seo, then you will know how important content marketing is to the marketing strategy.

In matter of fact, it’s very hard to get a website to rank high in Google unless great time and effort in placed into your content marketing efforts.

So whether your business is based within Cardiff, or Newport, Ryan C Walsh will be able to help you with your businesses content marketing efforts.

What are Google Panda updates?

Google Panda updates were rolled out to help fight spam. Namely the Google Panda updates punished websites that used the following methods:

  • Duplicated work
  • Over optimised- i.e too many keywords placed within the text
  • Low quality i.e lacks purpose or just created for seo benefit
  • Cloaking

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the written text that’s placed within blog posts, or the text that is written on the main pages of your website.

Content marketing is simply written text, but it also needs a dash of seo flair if the work is to be successful. So, for instance, the content marketing normally has to have:

  • Alt tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Meta titles
  • H1 -H6 title tags
  • Internal links
  • External links
  • Anchor text
  • Custom urls

Why must all written work be high quality?

Some Cardiff businesses may look for a digital marketing agency that offers content marketing for a set fee.

However, it’s much better to have a smaller number of articles that are high quality, rather than a ton of articles that don’t have any seo focus.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that since Google’s Hummingbird updates, there’s no point in just writing content marketing for the purpose of seo, instead the agency must generate content marketing that is of really useful.

For example, if you were to run a construction company, there’s no point in writing an article full of tons of building terms, to try and help your websites seo.

How does content marketing help seo?

Content marketing can help a websites seo in the following ways:

It’s worth remembering that all work should be white hat.

  • It can make a website more relevant
  • Earn links naturally
  • Increase a websites rankings
  • Reduce a websites bounce rate

How we can help

Ryan C Walsh is a digital marketing agency and we are based within Cardiff, for a quote why not call us?