Ways to help prevent your website from being hacked

Some business owners believe that a hacked website will only damage the websites appearance, some believe therefore a hacked site will not have its performance impacted within the search engines.

However a hacked site can result in a website being taken out of search all together, also a website can be sent down the rankings because it has spam content or links.

This is obviously bad news for any seo consultant or agency working on the project, so we have put together a brief article to explain ways that you may wish to use to help prevent your website from being hacked.

It’s on the rise

Some business owners believe that hacking is undertaken by a person sat behind a computer with the intention of damaging a business’s web presence, this can sometimes be true, however there are a lot of automated scripts that undertake the hacking process without a human being behind the direct hack on your website.

This means often intricate and complex codes are automated to find vulnerabilities within websites and to exploit the weak areas of a site.

Google has recently mentioned that hacks are getting even “more aggressive” what this can mean is that the coding is getting even harder to detect and to fully remove.

Keep your website up to date

Make sure you keep your CMS systems up to date, this means if you have a WordPress website you should update the main WordPress folder, as well as all the plugins that you have installed on your website.

Failure to update a plugin could mean a hacker or a piece of automated code that’s roaming the internet could detect that you are using an old version of a plugin, one in which it knows how to bypass and gain control of all your websites settings.

Early detection system

Let’s face it we all lead pretty busy lives, but for most business owners a website presence can sometimes be taken for granted.

What we mean by this is for some business models rely 100% on new business coming through their website, if their website goes down then this could severely impact the business.

This means that a businesses website should never be taken for granted, a website should be checked at regular intervals for updates and to also make regular back ups as well.

Plus, the website should also be linked to Google Search Console account, as sometimes Google is able to flag up malicious code and tell the webmaster that the website has been hacked.

Sometimes everything looks normal

Sometimes someone might give you the nod that your websites is acting not as it should, that’s to say you may type in your websites address, and you think everything looks pretty normal.

However its only when you run a quick search within Google that you then find loads of pages that have been added, or that when you click your business listing it re-directs you to another website.

You should take action quickly to rectify such issues, so that the damage to your search engine optimisation can be minimised.

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