What is a good User Experience for SEO?

For any business online you must compete with thousands or even millions of other websites that offer similar information to what your business offers online.

To standout you must therefore offer a good user experience to visitors on your website.

Quite often a website may hold all the information that the visitor would require, yet it is presented in a way which does not engage a visitor in order to keep them on site.

Therefore creating a good user experience answers a visitor’s questions and queries and presents this in a way which engages the target audience to keep them on site.

A more engaging website for SEO therefore better answers a searchers queries quickly, and is more likely to increase your conversion levels on your website.

There has been a Google update called the Hummingbird Updates, these look at matching a searchers queries with pages that offer a good user experience, and also best answers a searches queries.

It used to be in the past about trying to optimise a website through keywords and information. Although keywords are still very important part of SEO, it is much more beneficial for website owners to make their websites more engaging now and offer a good user experience, rather than trying to optimise just on keywords alone.

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How can I develop a good User Experience on my website?

Developing a good user experience is hard to define, but you should look to present the information in the most engaging way possible. Think about, if you were searching for answers, imagine how you would like the information to be presented, you may want the information quickly or you may want a more detailed answer. Always, think about doing your seo, in a way which presents the information in an interesting and unique way, while upholding best practice seo standards.

If you would like to learn more about how to generate a good user experience for your website why not learn here: Generating a good user experience for your website.

“Whether this be through an engaging web layout, You-Tube videos or info-graphics, whatever advertising method you use, you should make sure that it best answers a searchers queries combined with a good user experience”.

We think the websites that offer the best user experience are those who know exactly what a searcher is looking for and present this information in the easiest possible way to understand. A lot of websites are now combining several different advertising mediums together in intresting formats, think about on a blog post or main page using video, info-graphics and content marketing together. All small businesses can use these methods at low cost, so why not invest some time into bringing your website up to speed.

We have for a long time believed that generating a good user experience is a very important factor for search engine optimisation. Why not read one of our previous articles about user engagement and user experience for websites. 

“Therefore you should use a wide cross-section of mediums to put across information to your audience such as video, audio or combine this with interesting content marketing”.

Quite often the best user experiences are generated because they are unique and offer something different to a searcher looking for answers to their questions.

If you can make your offering unique to your business, yet satisfy enough of the criteria in terms of Seo so that the page ranks well, you open the possibility to offer a good user experience to your users.