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Google launched an algorithm change which changed the way the search engine assessed how to present local search engine results for search queries.

Google code named this algorithm change Google Pigeon update So it’s more important than ever to make sure that you place an emphasis on your local search engine optimisation campaigns, if you are a small business owner.

Most small businesses want to encourage sales and custom from a small geographic area so this might be the form of Seo that you need to concentrate on.

You can optimise their website’s locally by obtaining local links, citations and create content marketing for specific region or market.

Local Back Links

The first area we are going to start with is you could potentially “reach-out” to local news sites or high quality local websites to see if they would be interested in featuring an article about your business, this is in return for a back link for your efforts.

Remember the normal rules apply for link building, in that these links need to be high in quality and from a reputable website.

Citations are the other form of increasing your visibility locally, these look for what we call in Seo as an NAP format.

The Nap format is “Name Address Phone number” of the business cited across the internet that exactly matches up with what your website is displaying, so on the contact page for example.

Local Citations and Mentions

Do remember that conflicting citations can cause confusion to the search engines, and may cause your website to be less visible in a local area.

It is therefore very important to get your citations correct, and make sure that they are all matching up exactly, and pointing towards where you currently do business.

To do this you need to make sure that your business address name and phone number across the net is written in a consistent way, and that no old address or business information is on the internet. So it might be time, to have a quick audit, any old business information, that is off-site then its time to update it.

If it is in-correct then contact the company’s listing the business information and try to get that information amended and updated asap. This is so that you then are sending clear signals about where your business is currently located and your business information.

This may be time consuming but it will be well worth it, as the search engines, place more confidence in businesses locally, that send out clear signals of their businesses key information.

Remember that the NAP details need to be exactly the same, that is there can be no variation otherwise the search engines may feel that information is totally different.

You have to be exact, even spaces within phone numbers will count as a difference, in that the phone number may read the same, but it needs to be precisely the same, as what is listed on your website currently. You must therefore make sure that you find all business listings, and make sure all are updated.

Local Business Reviews

It is also important to encourage reviews locally for your business.

You could encourage reviews by putting a flyer or comment in your product range or service range, that prompts customers to leave their reviews on a review website. Always though remember reviews, must be honest and from genuine customers, otherwise you run the risk of carrying out poor quality seo, that may be discovered by the Google Panda updates. So always use real reviews, and never try to fool the search engines.

Reviews can increase the confidence that your business is located in the specific geographic region also, this is achieved through mentions of that area within the review for example.

They also can increase the confidence in your company by people possibly putting positive comments about your business, which may encourage sales and visits to your website as a direct result of this. This is because you are viewed as more trustworthy business because of these positive reviews, when people search for your website or company name online.

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Content Marketing for Local Search Engine Optimisation

You could use content marketing to help the search engines decipher where your geographic location actually is.

That is naturally within your content marketing work, you could naturally comment on areas where you major business is.

It is very important not to keyword stuff a load of areas within the content marketing work itself, as this is not natural and could attract a penalty towards your site from the Google Panda updates. You may have seen websites, that are mostly service sector companies, such as construction businesses, which cram in a load of areas, where they carry out business. By cramming in businesses areas of operation, this is not a very effective seo strategy, as it is much better to optimise a page for each area, and carry out seo such as high quality link building instead.

We therefore need to create content marketing which advertises your business or product range in a natural way, which where applicable mentions a business location. Also use your blog to your advantage, perhaps for example you may a window fitter, why not write some high quality content showing pictures of your recent work and content to supplement it. When carried out the right way, in a high quality manner, you can naturally start writing area names in the content which can help with SEO. Again you need to know what you are doing, so either get more advice on content marketing for local seo, or get advice from an expert seo agency or company. Seo advice and SEO services.

“Do not try and cram in as many locations as you can, as again this will look spammy”.

How to leverage more traffic using Google My Business

Google My Business is a very important feature of Google’s range of services, is that most small businesses should be taking advantage of if this feature if possible.

This is basically a way of registering your business with Google, so that it has the potential to show up in the local business results. You may have heard of the local business results, being described as a 7-pack, 3-pack or now even 1-pack now, where local businesses who are signed up with Google get their business featured and mentioned in the SERP’s.

You register your business details on Google My Business, and then wait for a postcard to be sent with a pin code to activate that listing to your business address. Its very important therefore, that you get the address spot on, so that you can get the activation card to activate your Google listing, for your business.

You then may show up in the Google Local Business results, and you may therefore increase local traffic to your business.

You can help increase your chances of appearing in the Google Local Business results also, by optimising your website locally, through the ways that have been mentioned above.

Although there are no guarantees that you will be displayed within the Google My Business results, what you will be doing is increasing the confidence to the search engines that you are actually physically located at that business location increasing your local search engine signals, for that location.

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How to use Content Marketing to encourage traffic from a certain area.

As previously mentioned content marketing is a very important part of encouraging the search engines to have confidence that you are located where you say you are.

What you must take into consideration is that many businesses will try and optimise their websites for as wide an area they can. This is so they may partake in spammy activities by mentioning geographic location,s over and over again, within the content marketing work in order that they appear within a wide geographic area.

Google will be wise to this practice and pickup spammy use of and mentions of geographic areas within content marketing, through its Google Panda update.

What you should do is try to participate in local events or business presentations locally, and get these mentioned on the web, this will again increase the search engines confidence that you are within a physical location. This is because you may have been mentioned on news websites, or an organisations website, that have taken part in a event also within a certain area. So business mentions, discussions and links can be created locally through off-line work, this can increase the amount of confidence a search engine has that you are located in a certain area.

With that said you could also within your content marketing naturally write about geographic areas where you do business in. So think high quality content marketing, and think about naturally writing geographic location, in a way which is approved of by the Google Panda updates.

For example you may be a scaffolding company in Bristol, you may wish to showcase recent projects you carried out within the area and the surrounding areas such as Bath for example. By mentioning in your content marketing Bath, and the work you carried out in the area of Bath you can increase your chances of increasing visibility in that region. It must be carried out correctly, and professionally, as otherwise you could attract the attention of Googles, Panda updates if you go over-board keyword stuffing, or writing unnatural content.

“You can therefore create a piece of content marketing, talking about your recent projects and naturally writing within the content the address of where you carried out that business contract, for example”.

By doing this and naturally writing about where you carried out your business services too, you will be naturally writing about keywords that are relevant to your business, while combining these with geographic locations. Done right, can be a winning combination, but if in doubt contact an expert seo service company or seo agency.

Google will be able to pick up on this and understand that you do business within this area, therefore possibly increasing your company’s ranking positions, for these areas by mentioning them within your content marketing work.

With that said you have to do this carefully, so not to attract the attention of the Panda updates because if you keyword stuff, you could open the possibility of being penalised if you carry out content marketing the wrong way.

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