Many businesses within Cardiff want SEO services, however many business owners do not know what they should be paying.

For example, there are cheap seo companies out there, but as many business owners are aware, there are also many algorithmic updates which can penalise poor quality seo work.

On the other hand, there are some online marketing businesses which can charge an absolute arm and a leg- so what’s the compromise?

What type of marketing business is best for you?

The first step to finding the right digital marketing agency is to work out which type of business is right for you, is it a freelancer, a marketing consultancy business, or would your company be better off by choosing an agency?

Is the work white hat?

Once you have chosen between an agency, a freelancer, or a consultant its then time to work out whether the business offers white hat seo services or not.

Sometimes some companies offer cheap quotes, say for example around the £200.00 so that they can implement methods of seo which are automated.

In a nutshell, cheap seo, which is not white hat is a total waste of money. Worse than being a waste of money is the fact that cheap seo services could actually trigger a algorithmic penalty.

Are the consultants experienced

Even though you may pick a large agency, sometimes the person who is manging your seo account may well be new to the seo profession.

It’s always worth meeting with your seo consultant, and make sure they can understand you business.

A good way of gauging this is to evaluate the content marketing that has been written for your business, if it is well off point, then this wont help for SEO.

Look for an agency, or indeed a freelancer that understands your business, and is able to offer information that your customers will find interesting.

How many ranking signals are looking to optimise?

It’s worth bearing in mind that Google uses a massive amount of ranking signals to work out how important your website is. Google uses over 200 ranking factors, these are then calculated by Google’s algorithm to work out how important your website is.

This means your agency should offer a good mix of seo work, that’s from content marketing, through to offering link building services.

Why do I have to pay monthly?

Most agencies charge per month for their seo services, this makes sense as SEO is an ongoing process, and you are also in direct competition with your competitors websites, who will be looking to also improve their rankings.

How can Ryan C Walsh help?

Ryan C Walsh is a digital marketing business, we are based within Cardiff. Ryan C Walsh also serves customers in Newport as well as Bristol.

For a quote why not give us a call?