How do I go about earning back links for my Small Business?

Earning back links can be a very time-consuming process indeed.

You should only build back links if you are confident in your ability to understand which back links are good and which ones could cause your website problems! Think Penguin!

You should only build high quality links, from respected sources, that will help raise your online visibility by being connected to other authority sources of information online.

You should not try and build low quality links in abundance or at all! As this can potentially damage your website rankings, within the major search engines such as Google.

This is because Google has employed algorithm changes called “Penguin Updates”, to detect spammy back link profiles.

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These algorithms actively seek out poor quality back links, and detect manipulative practices that some websites may be participating in, this is what’s known as Black Hat Seo.

You should only therefore try and build high quality links, through outreaching methods or through creating high-quality content that people will want to link to.

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What sort of links should I be looking to obtain?

You are looking to obtain back links that are relevant and tie-in to your websites service offering or product range.

That is that the websites linking to you are respected within your industry, and more often than not well known as an authority within that industry sector.

You need to look for back links which are in relation to your business model, that will also be of high trust flow and high in quality.

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It is better to have a small amount of high quality links, than an abundance of low quality links to your website.

You should therefore take the time to understand which websites are looking for high quality articles, and can offer in return a high quality back link.

This is normally from websites with a high editorial standard, and that offer a good user experience for information in your industry sector.

If you are in doubt you must consult the services of an expert Seo consultant, as building a poor quality set of links, will penalise your website later on.

Outreaching sounds like it takes a lot of time, are there any other methods that I could use to build back links?

Yes, we feel that the best way to build back links at the moment is to create really clever and well thought out content that offers a solid user experience. (Content Marketing)

When you think about the problem logically, you can see that people are only searching for solutions and answers to their problems, or they are seeking to buy something.

If you make this easy for them and offer them all the information they require, you are offering a good user experience and customer service.

So if you move away from the concept of Seo, moving more into offering a good user experience in content marketing and offering free information for your user’s, people will want to naturally link to your website.

As people want to naturally link to your website, because it is a great resource and offers great wealth of information, you will build up a natural back link profile.

A natural back link profile is the best type of back link profile you can get.

This is because normally the “anchor text” is very varied and comes from a wide range of different sources that have not been asked to link to you via request, they want to link to you under their own accord, and this is because of their own interests and reasons for linking to your content/website, normally because they know it will interest their readers.

This means that you will build a natural solid looking back link profile, from a wide range of sources and you have not spent the time outreaching, instead the back links are coming to you because people like your work!

What’s even better is if you may create a great resource, or a great piece of content online and this is Ever Green content meaning that it will last a long time. This then means that this piece of work has the potential to build your site links over a long period, because it hold information that people will want answers to, over a long period.

Instead of wasting time outreaching, which is a very time-consuming process and some now consider outdated, you can instead put your effort into a great piece of content and sit back and let people over the years build links to your website if the content is of interest to them.