For some businesses, investing in local seo is vitally important. Without it a business can sometimes soon find that its sales start to dry up, and some businesses may even start to struggle financially without local seo.

So within this article we are going to focus on a crucial part of the local seo process, and that’s to build quality business citations.

What are business citations?

You may have heard your seo agency mention business citations a large number of times, and that would be for a good reason, that’s because business citations are important to Google’s local rankings signals.

To help confirm a business’s key details, which are the businesses name, the businesses address and it’s phone number you need business citations.

If you have tons of good quality business citations which confirms where your business is, and the details correspond exactly with the website, then Google will have greater confidence that your businesses details are correct.

Why must your business citations be kept up to date?                                         

Now, this is the whole reason why we have written this article, because most of the time the seo agency and the company recognise the importance of NAP information, however some companies allow the information to become outdated.

For example, if you were to move addresses within Cardiff, your businesses NAP information would need to be updated. Also, when a business changes address sometimes it will also change its phone number.

Now, if the businesses citations weren’t updated, this is when a business can have conflicting business citations.

Why can conflicting NAP information confuse Google?

Google wants your websites contact details to match precisely what your businesses citations are stating.

So, if your contact page on your website says one thing, and then your citations say another, Google will lose confidence that your business is at that location, which can mean that the business may not rank as high organically or locally.

Why are citations so important to local seo?

Local seo is like organic seo, there are hundreds of ranking signals to optimise, however if your seo agency doesn’t get the business citations right, then this can put your businesses local seo at a serious disadvantage.

Where can I find a business that offers local Seo services?

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