Some agencies still only satisfy the conventional ranking signals, that’s links, content marketing etc, however there’s a serious ranking factor now that cannot be ignored.

That ranking factor comes in the form of machine learning- also commonly referred to as Google’s new masterpiece called “RankBrain”.

We have discussed this new emerging ranking factor at great length within our own article section, that’s because most Cardiff businesses, regardless of company size stand to be affected by it.

That’s to say if your chosen online marketing agency is still just churning out content marketing at a rate of knots you could be missing out on a trick.


What is Rankbrain and why is it so important?

In early 2015 Google began it’s slow rollout of RankBrain, which simply put is an artificial intelligence mastermind that’s changing ranking positions as we speak, and helping Google to increase the quality and relevancy of the search results as well.

It’s been widely reported on many respected seo websites, like on Search Engine Land, that as of June 2016 RankBrain’s artificial intelligence software is now being used on all Google queries, so if you are an seo consultant or you run an agency, it’s not something you should be ignoring.

How does machine learning change the search results?


Agencies up and down the U.K, and around the world for that matter, have always tried to look for quick ways to bring about results for their clients, sometimes this means some agencies use what’s referred to as black hat methods, which is the totally wrong way to go about things.

This could range from placing slightly too many keywords within a blog post, or a main page, right through to mass link building and schemes to artificially increase the authority of a website. This is the wrong way to carry out seo.

Machine learning brings in another dimension to seo, that is that the work has to keep the end user of the information interested if the page or website is to rank well.

This means a website could follow every white hat seo method that has ever been written, but if the information does not hold the users interest, and Google’s RankBrain detects this on mass, then the website is likely to start being replaced by results that better answer a searchers query, the sites that ultimately answer the question best will win.

This to many agencies, including our own agency which is based within Cardiff, seems like a logical move by Google, after all its like releasing an auditing piece of software that’s constantly evaluating how happy users are with the results.

If a result that was once at the top of the search results has a very high bounce rate, and low user engagement, then it’s obvious that the results below that do better in answering the query should be placed higher up the page.

Do conventional signals still matter?


Conventional ranking signals like links, content, on-site seo methods still matter, a website still needs to prove its important and worth listening to, that’s if it is to rank well. However, its RankBrain that then picks up the task of monitoring how users use the information and if it helps a user or if it is just a mere piece of marketing literature.

How does this change things?


We are an established digital marketing agency, and for us RankBrain changed very little in terms of how we carry out our seo tasks, especially content marketing. That’s because we recognised a long time ago that quality matters, so if the work is to a high standard, the user of the information will know this, and in turn clients will receive better rankings. White hat methods still matter, it’s just they are now a minimum requirement, instead the work has to impress, have an in-depth knowledge of the subject area, and most importantly answer the users questions clearly and concisely. This is the future of SEO and we are at the forefront.

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