Most Cardiff business owners will have gone through the same process when investing in digital marketing services.

That’s to say they will probably have shortlisted a number of local agencies, and then the process starts of constructing a marketing strategy, that is both ambitious, yet realistic.

Key to forming an effective strategy, is knowing which keywords are important to your business, and whether it’s realistic that both your business, and the agency can achieve good ranking positions for these keywords.

What exactly are keywords?

Imagine for a second you need a plumber within Cardiff, what terms would you type to find such a service? Would it just be Plumbers Cardiff?

This may well be the case, however a good digital marketing agency would suggest the client needs to rank for the following terms as well:

  • Commercial plumbers
  • Residential plumbers
  • Emergency plumbers
  • Central heating installers

As you can see plumbers can be found under many different terms, if your agency didn’t optimise the site for one of these terms then you could be handing your direct competitors a massive advantage.

So, keyword research is about your agency, or indeed your seo consultant, working out all the terms that are important to your business model, and then implementing a strategy so that your business can be positioned better within Google for these important keywords.

Why must I ensure that the keywords are relevant?

Some agencies may hand the whole seo project to a seo consultant, who may just optimise your website for the most obvious terms.

However, they could also optimise a website for what we call “research terms”, what we mean by this is they may construct endless plumber related seo tasks, which may offer free plumbing advice etc, however the business may fail to zone in on what’s really important, and that is targeting customers in the city in which you do business.

So, there may well be thousands of people across the country that use the plumber’s website, and may fix a plumbing related problem thanks to the website, like re-pressurising their central heating systems, but if this doesn’t get the business owners phone ringing with more business within Cardiff, then what’s the point?

Why must I check my agencies marketing strategy?

It’s so important to make sure that your agency is targeting the right keywords for your business, and that they are promoting the areas of your business that you want to expand.

Are your goals realistic?

If your agency states that something isn’t possible in the constraints of your current marketing budget, then this isn’t such a bad thing.

That’s because there are now so many digital marketing agencies that will take a monthly fee knowing full well, that it will be near on impossible to meet the client’s objectives.

Therefore a marketing strategy, whereby the keywords have to realigned into what’s feasible and possible within the constraints of the marketing budget is actually a worthwhile activity.

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