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We understand that some seo agencies keep their methods hidden from clients, often this is because they are offering very little in terms of offering value for money.


We don’t like such approaches, we like transparency, that’s why if you want to find out how we conduct seo have a look at our articles set out below.


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Learn Seo with Ryan C Walsh Online Marketing


4 minute Seo guide

 SEO for small businesses

How does Google rank websites?

An SEO checklist for your website

SEO Glossary


How to choose keywords for Seo

How many keywords should my business be targeting?

How do you use Google’s Keyword tool?

How to use keywords on your website

How can I work out how competitive certain keywords are?


General advice for backlinks and seo

What makes a backlink high in quality

How many backlinks does my website need to get onto page 1 of Google?

 How do I find websites to get backlinks from?

 Why not all backlinks are good for seo

20+ ways to earn backlinks

Reasons why people will want to link to your website

Is it a good idea to buy backlinks?

Should my business be exchanging backlinks with other businesses?


What is on-site optimisation?

What is off-site optimisation?

What is homepage optimisation?

What is landing page optimisation?

What is page title optimisation?

What is internal link optimisation?

What does image optimisation mean?

What are some of the common optimisation mistakes that are made?

Website & Content Marketing

Does your business really deserve to be ranked at the top of Google?

What makes a website high in quality?

 Why does more quality content marketing = better rankings?

10+ website content marketing ideas

Why copying content marketing could trigger a Google penalty (Penguin)

Google Local

Why are business reviews so important to local seo?

Local Seo advice

What is Google+ Local?

How can I  add my business to Google+ local?

Why are business citations so important to local seo?


How do I check where my website is ranking within Google?

Why guaranteed page one rankings from some seo agencies is not always a good idea

What is a Google penalty?

Why is seo so important for small businesses?

 Why it’s important to have a fast website

 Why its not sometimes a good idea to do seo inhouse

 Why you don’t need to submit a website to the search engines

How to increase traffic to your website

What is social SEO?