For some businesses ranking high locally is absolutely crucial, so we thought it was a good time to offer some advice on how your business could improve its local visibility through local seo.

Why things are so competitive now

Google used to dedicate a fair chunk of its results pages to listing local businesses, however things have changed.

Now Google often only displays three local business listings, so it’s crucial that you either know your stuff when it comes to local seo, or appoint a quality focused seo agency to carry out your local seo.  

Business address and NAP information

At this stage most businesses already know about NAP information, that’s to say a business should have its business name, address and phone number cited on relevant, and quality focused directories.

However, with so many businesses forced out of city centre locations these days, sometimes some businesses do not consider the impact that a business relocation could have on their seo.

This means that if you want to generate more business say within Cardiff, then it’s important to have a business location that’s within the city.

That’s because trying to get a business ranked high locally, within Google’s local business results, when the business is located on the outskirts of Cardiff will be difficult.

NAP (Name, address and phone number)

It goes without saying that your businesses NAP information should be consistent and accurate. This means all of your business citations must be kept up to date.

Spend time building your Google My Business account

Building your Google My Business profile shouldn’t be a five-minute job, you should spend time on the following areas in particular:

  • Making sure the business has an accurate business classification
  • Unique photos of your business
  • Up to date opening hours
  • Phone number, address and e-mail addresses are consistent with what your website states
  • Accurate business description
  • The businesses name is accurate, i.e you haven’t crammed in area names to try and make the listing rank better, this will not work
  • Kept up to date

Google My Business reviews

You should look to gain real, naturally formed business reviews. Do not be tempted to fake your own positive reviews, that’s because Google will penalise false reviews and the My Business listing.

Solicit the help of an seo expert

Ryan C Walsh is an seo agency that has expert Seo consultants, we can help your Cardiff based business. We can help you rank better locally, and also rank better within the organic search results as well.

For a no obligation quote, why not call us today on 029 21 760777.