How long does it take to rank a website at the top of Google’s results?


It’s a question that will plague anybody who wants to get a new business idea off the ground. It’s also a question that seo agencies are most frequently asked by perspective clients.

Understandably so, as business owners will want a straight answer, that’s to say a consultant dithering over providing a response, well they could be perceived as someone who doesn’t understand seo to a sufficient level.

However, even the most accomplished seo experts can struggle to accurately state timeframes, here’s why that is so:

Google’s algorithm is a secret sauce

If you had a racing car that won every single race it entered, you are unlikely to be willing to let any of the competition see under the bonnet.

The same can be said about Google’s mind bogglingly complex algorithm, it does a very good job at ranking websites, so why would you state exactly how it works?

More than that, if we could accurately reverse engineer Google’s algorithm then seo consultants would be able to manipulate rankings.

This means websites that don’t necessarily offer the best advice would be surfacing higher, which basically pollutes quality, and undermines the whole purpose of sorting out websites that best answer a question.

So, Google’s algorithm is secret, we hope it stays that way as well, that’s because quality websites will surface high, and the companies looking to cut corners are left guessing how Google works.

You have to go full throttle

Complacency can lead to the demise of anyone or anything held at the top of a hierarchy. The lesson is this, don’t get complacent with seo, that’s because it’s so easy for another competitor to come along and take the top spot.

The truth is you have to go full throttle, anything less and your competitors will be able to outperform your rankings, or cover ground to close the gap. This is why organic seo is a continuous process.

Don’t rush it, if it means cutting corners

Any good seo agency will know that rushing a process can mean corners are sometimes cut. It’s all well and good a business owner wanting to reach the top, but they should also take heed of the fact that Google only rewards quality.

Corner cutting, or looking to fool the algorithm is a sure-fire way to get a website penalised.

Quality matters, always has, always will

If it takes more time to engineer a quality driven seo strategy, then this is the way to go. Google rewards intricate, carefully engineered work, work that also has a keen eye spent on making sure quality is paid to every single detail.

To rush such a process, well that’s a fool’s errand.

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