It’s a question that will be on every seo consultants mind when taking on a new client, that is how many backlinks are needed to reach page one.

As backlinks are still considered one of the most important ranking signals, they still make up a significant amount of time that a consultant spends trying to earn links.

But business owners today like numbers, so often they will state how many links does my website need?

As this is such a common question, we thought now would be an excellent time to address the question.

Not all links are created equal

Some business owners latch onto the idea that links are the most important ranking signal there is, which many seo consultants agree with. However, not all links are created equal, in matter of fact, some links can be so low quality they can actually harm your websites seo strategy.

So if a local agency states we can build your website a ton of links, and the fee is minimal, well its at that point you should run a mile.

Why it’s now so hard to earn links

Good quality links are harder to come by, and that’s not because the places to obtain links has decreased, in matter of fact there’s probably more places, however its due to more seo agencies getting much better.

So now if there’s a really good website within any business sector, you can bet your bottom dollar that this website will have tons of e-mails everyday asking for a link.

This means your request for a link may get drowned out by the competition.

Why it all boils down the strength of your competitors

How many links you need does boil down to the competition, for example your competitors may have 5 good quality links, or 5 million, so to beat that company, in terms of ranking higher, your website will need more good quality links.

However links are only one part of the marketing mix, there are over 200 ranking signals, so any good agency will consider a rounded seo strategy rather than just focusing on link building in isolation.

Why it’s better to earn links naturally

Most leading digital marketing agencies now state that’s its far better to try and earn links rather than other methods.

This means focusing on creating really good content marketing, pieces of work that are so good other bloggers and websites will want to link to you.

For example, imagine you manufacturer high quality mountain bikes, you may create engaging content that will interest your target market.

This work might include what was leant at a global biking event, including tips, and messages from well known and respected mountain bikers.

Now after sharing this work on social media, its more than likely bloggers and those websites interested in mountain biking will link to this companies news article. 

How Ryan C Walsh can help

At Ryan C Walsh we have expert link builders, we use link analysis tools such as Majestic to locate high quality links.

We can also create interesting and engaging content marketing to help your business earn more links.