When a business within Cardiff decides that it requires SEO, they may invite a number of agencies to offer a quote.

However this is where some business owners can get quite confused, because the quotes that can come back are often wildly different.

Some agencies may charge very low quotes, whereby the business owner may question what can they possibly achieve on such a low figure, while others can be so high they may well be too expensive.

So, how does a business owner work out which quote offers the best deal?

How does an agency work out costs?


All Seo quotes boil down to how long time wise, the agency believes the website requires per month.

However this is where things can get rather confusing as well, because most agencies charge different rates.

And some may charge more for using a link builders time, than say if the company is using the time of a copy writer.

So, to simplify things the business owner should ask an agency for a day rate, and if this is not stipulated within the quote, the customer may wish to ask the agency how many hours they will be getting for a set fee.


The next area your agency will consider is how competitive your industry sector is. For example some websites may have had a lot of seo applied, and over many consecutive years. What this basically means is that some of the company’s direct competitors may well be street ahead with their seo.

So it really does boil down to how strong your competitors sites are, and how long realistically it would take to implement more seo work, of better quality so the businesses competitors could be overtaken.

What elements of SEO does the site require the most of?

The agency will also most likely work out the weak areas of the website, for example, does the website have poor onsite seo, such as are the meta descriptions and meta titles not correctly optimised.

Has the site had seo implemented before?

This is a crucial question, and it’s important to be honest with the seo agency. For example, some websites may have been hit by a penalty, and then the business owner may well be reluctant to tell the agency in fear that the costs will be higher.

However, if the business owner states to the agency that the websites has been hit by a penalty, such as a Google Penguin or Panda penalty, then the agency can implement a strategy to rectify the problem.

This is as opposed to the seo consultant working out there’s an active penalty say months down the line.  

How strong are the backlinks?

One of the most important ranking signals are backlinks, these are really important. Your digital marketing agency will look at how strong your competitors links are, they will then work out an estimate for how long it will take to achieve more good quality links that your competitors.

How strong is the websites local seo?

If you are investing in local seo within Newport, South Wales or local seo in Cardiff, your agency will look at how strong your local seo is up until this point.

Then the agency may recommend that the business builds more local business citations, more backlinks, more local content marketing and also a strategy for social media as well.

How much does Ryan C Walsh charge for SEO services?

Our local seo varies in cost, our prices start from £169.99 per month. For more competitive business sectors, we can offer packages which range up to £3000.00 per month.

For a no-obligation quote, for your business in Newport or Cardiff, why not give us a call?