The New Year most certainly came in with a bang and this also marks the occasion where business owners will planning ways to expand their empires this year.

Essential to any empire building is a strong online marketing strategy, which is where we step in and help.

We are an experienced bunch of digital marketing experts, we are ready to tackle all manner of seo projects here within Wales. Here’s what we can offer you:

Prices that are simply hard to beat

If your business is currently relying on another Cardiff based agency, then we have a offer that will be hard for you to resist this January.

We will aim to beat any local agency rates, to see what we can offer just ping over your website address to us today.

We often beat some local agency rates quite substantially.

We have experience on our side also, we are managed by Ryan Walsh who has been managing seo projects in this great capital city for over seven years now.

No obligation, no fuss

We offer our services on rolling monthly contracts, this means you’re not tied to us.

Some agencies charge start up fees, some also try and pin clients down by holding them to 12 month contracts. We think this approach is quite simply old hat. Why not get in contact with us for a fresh approach to online marketing?

Experience is what matters

The seo world changes at a rate of knots- that’s to say the rules are constantly changing and nothing stands still for long. The search engines employ the services of rather complex algorithms, these are changed and adapted regularly.

Therefore you need an agency that keeps their ears firmly to the ground and also is receptive to new ways of conducting business. We can offer an such an agile approach.

We don’t wear white hats, black hats or any type of hat for that matter!

The seo industry is full of rather silly jargon- a prime example is black hat and white hat seo.

We instead prefer to offer one type of service, that service is driven by quality. We know from our extensive experience within this sector that there are no short cuts, if there are then these will soon be cut short by an algorithm update.

So our focus is not on what hat to wear, only on offering quality through the tried and tested methods. If we do deploy new methods these are approved and endorsed by respected sources first.

Commercially focused or money squandered your choice

Let’s face it some agencies are more focused on being on a permanent jolly. Twitter and social media feeds will confirm this, however we offer a different way of conducting business, and that’s a more commercially sensible option. 

We come from backgrounds where results matter, and every task must make commercial sense. So for a more business focused approach we are the agency to contact in Cardiff. We also only have experienced consultants working on your site, this why our approaches have been mentioned several times on leading seo websites.

How much will this all cost?

Digital marketing companies normally offer clients a fee that is charged every month, that’s for the development of organic rankings. We also operate the same model.

As every web presence is different we will need to take a look at your site first. Our web boffins will then cast their eye’s over your website, we will then formulate an initial strategy and an idea of likely costs. All offered on a no obligation basis.

For an exact quote why not get in touch with the team today? 029 21 760777