Online Marketing & SEO services offered to Bath

 Ryan Walsh

Ryan Walsh

“We are full of clever ideas, about how to get your business positioned better within the major search engines. We are Online Marketing experts who can deliver SEO packages starting from £169.99 PCM”.

Operating out of Cardiff, South Wales we can offer your business in Bath a professional and cost effective online marketing service. Through utilising our expertise here in Cardiff, we can offer a cost effective, professional SEO and Online Marketing campaign that offers excellent value for money.

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We offer online marketing packages starting from £169.99 per calendar month, which offers the latest methods and approaches to SEO at set fixed professional packages. 

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Online marketing is all about generating traction and momentum. Some Online Marketing firms do not understand this simple concept and see your SEO budget as a time allocation which must be filled with ideas plucked out of the air.

We are very different, we formulate a plan of attack through a marketing strategy and we will execute it with precision gained through years of experience of what areas to address first.

Therefore we are not another “wishy washy” marketing company we offer a first class customer centric approach, offered to all our Bath SEO clients.

“The order book is full we are flat out, Ryan is relentless in driving our online operations forwards. Across the board demolition, site clearance and expansion into all areas is all down to his team pushing forwards our demolition expansion plans. Cant thank you enough and your like part of the team, lets keep it going Ryan and thank you!”Steve MD at SWD South Wales Demolition Ltd.

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Whether you are a dental practice or a demolition contractor in Bath you can rest assured we will offer professionalism and attention to detail to your Online Marketing presence staring from just £169.99 PCM. We offer our services across the board, to all forms of SME businesses in Bath.

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Online Marketing offered to Bath

We offer professionalism and a business focused approach and we are relentless to push our clients forwards online.

If your voice is getting drowned out online we can get you increased visibility so your business presence so you can not be ignored in Bath.

For value for money and marketing without the complication and faff then contact the online marketing professionals.

We offer our full marketing services across Bath and the West Country.


We offer the following services:

o Search Engine Optimisation SEO & Online Marketing services to Bath
o Online Marketing
o Digital Marketing
o Content Writing
o Link Building
o Raising social awareness for your business.
o Savvy and business focused SEO experience offered to every marketing campaign
o Years of SME business experience
o SEO and Online Marketing Packages starting from £169.99 per month.

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Top quality SEO that is Search Engine Optimisation and Internet Marketing offered from just £169.99 per calendar month to Bath and the surrounding regions.

We will really put your business on the map online in Bath and start making your business voice heard.

From just £169.99 per month we can manage your Digital Marketing presence and really create a positive and professional image for your company while enhancing your rankings over a selection of keywords.

We are a Digital Marketing firm you can trust, as we only use approved and up to date techniques in search engine optimisation.

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Online Marketing & SEO services offered to Bath

We specialise in small and medium sized businesses SEO and we really give the business we represent a fighting chance online.

We specialise in low monthly set SEO & Online marketing packages that offer value for money in Organic Internet Marketing that is our speciality.

If you are looking for an Online Marketing company or SEO business which offers professionalism and high standards of workmanship offered at reasonable and sensible rates, then we are the Online Marketing company for you.

We have recently expanded our Online Marketing service area into Bath, where we now offer our services to every business sector needing a stronger voice online.

We are very pleased to announce that we are extending our service areas covered so we will now be covering the whole region of Bath.

We believe we can offer Bath a top quality search engine optimisation SEO experience with expert levels of knowledge offered at discounted rates.

We have expanded our operations into Bath and now we offer our exciting online marketing and SEO services throughout the whole of the South West of England.

We represent SME businesses and we put their businesses on the map online. We fight tooth and nail for the SME businesses that we represent to increase your company’s rankings and visibility online.


Online Marketing offered to Bath.

Our Seo packages start from £169.99 per month.

We offer the following services throughout the South West:

  • Quality White Hat Search Engine Optimisation and Online Marketing services.
  • Low monthly set SEO packages offered to Bath.
  • Quality and Ethical link building strategies.
  • Quality content creation

A highly professional service offered at down-to-earth rates.

Online marketing Bath

Ryan Walsh started the SEO business within Cardiff with the vision of demystifying search engine optimisation terminology.

A lot of the language used within Online Marketing can be confusing and off-putting for a lot of small to medium-sized business owners.

Ryan C Walsh Online Marketing ensures that the process is as simple as possible and jargon is a limited and converted into plain English whenever possible.

We are delighted to now expand our business area into Bath where we believe we can offer a strong value for money proposition to the small and medium enterprises within the South West business district.

What we believe we can offer Bath in terms of offering a quality Online Marketing company.


We believe we set a high benchmark to follow in terms of High quality SEO work.

We execute marketing strategies for our Bath clients with excellence and high levels of attention to detail. Care and focus we believe is what separates us.

We keep abreast of changes within the industry and we make sure that we are always implementing the very latest techniques in terms of search engine optimisation.

We believe we offer professionalism through being diligent in our daily activities when carrying out online marketing campaigns.

We will never, ever squander your time on areas of online marketing that will yield little results.

For instance if your on-site optimisation SEO issues need attention, we would not place your monthly budget on social media first.

We believe in allocating SEO resources where you will see the most reward in Bath, therefore we will only target the crucial areas first and then move down the list addressing the less urgent as time goes on.

We believe this offers more keyword targeting and a more focused approach than some Online Marketing companies as a “scatter gun approach” across the board starting off with optimising social media, on site issues, link building and citations will not get the momentum of getting one key area right first and then moving on too the less fundamental areas.

We use tried and tested methods and we put the hard work into each marketing campaign, to make sure that the marketing campaign can have longevity in terms of yielding you targeted traffic too your website. For instance we use Ever Green content a lot for our clients, as this SEO approach can offer if carried out correctly, a good solid value for money technique of developing a website.

We believe in old-fashioned ways of business combined with cutting-edge SEO approaches to Online Marketing for our clients in Bath . By that we stand by our word and we offer quality, substance and pride in our work which we believe separates us from the rest.

Value for money

There is a baffling array of SEO and Online Marketing services out there all punting for your business.

Many offer and promise the earth, yet our approach is that we only stand by what we can deliver and offer that through transparency and honesty.

If something is not feasible or possible we will never whitewash or skim over the situation, we like to be upfront in what we can offer so that we never disappoint we only therefore agree on what is possible.

We put extra effort and attention to detail in all of our Online Marketing strategies this ensures that we provide quality and substance but never deliver nothing that we are not proud too put our name to.

We are in this industry for the long haul and as such, every piece of work we do is of substance and worth.

Many within this industry charge exorbitant rates and in return some business owners put their faith they will see a positive return on their investment, rather blindly sometimes in our opinion.

Our approach is somewhat different in the way that we offer what we believe to be fair and reasonable rates with complete transparency, so that our clients know exactly what they will be obtaining in Bath when they invest our Online Marketing packages.

We therefore offer value for money through set monthly packages, which are cost-effective for most small to medium-sized businesses and we also breakdown every single month what we have achieved for that monthly fee.


Never will we hide behind jargon, or dress up what has actually been carried out that particular month, instead we will write to you stating in plain English what we have done to encourage development and to promote your website online.

Competitive advantage in Online Marketing

Delivering a marketing strategy that is effective and that you can see a positive investment on, is something that we have mastered when working with small businesses.

Our owner has worked within a small businesses for many years. We understand the struggles of small businesses and the daily battles that they face against larger competition.

Professional SEO & Online Marketing Bath

This is the motivation and reason for the creation of Ryan C Walsh Online Marketing we address the in-balance and offer salvation to small to medium-sized businesses online who cannot afford colossal Seo bills that some Online Marketing companies charge!

We understand that many SME businesses are put off from approaching an Online Marketing firm as it can be unclear sometimes as too what you are getting for your money.

We understand these concerns so we have created a business model which is all about bringing our business owners that we represent online, away from confusion and into clarity, of where they are taking their businesses marketing strategies in the future.

We bring business owners on board so that they feel they are part of every step of the creation of the marketing strategy that we create.

We can work autonomously but we also welcome your feedback and craft this in too your marketing strategy and to form something of true power that can form competitive advantage over your local and national competition.

We know how it feels to be an underdog but we also know how it feels bark so loudly the strongest competition know your presence!