No initial Seo or Online Marketing “setup costs” throughout February 2015!

Online marketing Cardiff February 2015 offer:


We offer throughout February the opportunity to start promoting your website with us without paying any initial site audit or setup fees.

It is common practice within Online Marketing to charge for the initial work carried out in terms of competitor research, keyword research and to formulate a marketing strategy for your business. Throughout February we will absorb the cost of this work into our monthly marketing fee!

What makes this a special offer also is that we do not have any “tie in clauses” within our online marketing contracts. Some companies tie their customers to 6 or 12 month contracts, we instead have a “30 day rolling online marketing contract”.

What can your Online Marketing company offer me in Cardiff?

o Professional Search Engine Optimisation carried out for low monthly fees.
o “White hat Seo”, that is Online Marketing carried out to the highest of standards
o No long contracts.
o Our online marketing services are carried out here in Cardiff and we serve throughout South Wales.
o Low-priced Seo packages suited to small to medium-sized enterprises throughout Cardiff.

What makes this Online Marketing offer such good value?

We have priced our Online Marketing services very competitively within the South Wales region. We carry out advanced forms of online marketing that is “strategic link building” and building your website within “semantic web”.

We therefore feel that we provide top-notch, quality online marketing services at a price point which is very competitive within the local area.

When you combine this with our offer throughout February of no initial audit or setup costs, we believe this offers a business proposition which is hard to refuse within Cardiff.

Some Online Marketing companies in Cardiff may charge for an initial setup cost of your Seo campaign this can cost a small amount or run into the thousands.

We carry out thorough and detailed competitor research and keyword research and we offer this for free when you place an order for one of our online marketing packages for the month of February!

How will this offer and online marketing service help my business within Cardiff?

Local search engine optimisation SEO and online marketing services Cardiff.

We can promote your business locally so that you appear higher up in the search results within the locality you wish to do business.

We don’t just stop at optimising your website at your local area level, if you wish we can expand your website reach into neighbouring areas.

We have taken many small businesses across South Wales and expanded their reach and company presence in to areas of the South West such as Bristol.

We offer powerful marketing strategies that deliver strong value for money for our clients.

National Online Marketing and search engine optimisation services.

We offer cutting-edge approaches to online marketing adopting the latest methods within this industry.

Because we understand sophisticated methods of search engine optimisation we are able to carry out marketing campaigns that can put your company presence on a national platform. We can promote your business website so it not just advertises within the immediate local vicinity but also further afield, on national basis if you wish.

Small to medium-sized enterprise, search engine optimisation and online marketing.

We truly understand that small businesses can worry about how much their marketing is going to cost them and if they can have a return on that investment.

We deliver true value for money to our clients throughout South Wales by delivering cleverly thought out marketing strategies that deliver the best results possible for the money invested.

When we carry out your online marketing work, we therefore look at the areas which can bring in the most traffic in the shortest amount of time carrying out top quality online marketing work.