How your Online Marketing strategy in Cardiff should evolve

because of the Google Hummingbird update.


The Google Hummingbird update is all about better understanding a user’s intent and what they want to get out of searching for their chosen search string.

This is opposed to the old method previously adopted by the search engine of just relying on picking out keywords from the entered search string words. Things have evolved a lot, Google is now looking and listening more closely to what you search for to bring back better and more accurate results in Cardiff.

We carry out all manner of Organic Online Marketing work in Cardiff

We carry out all manner of Organic Online Marketing work in Cardiff

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Now if you search for a question with a keyword that has a double meaning for example, Google will look at the context of the question to better understand what you are searching for. So just as your friend would know what you meant or what you were getting at, now Google does too!

So then Google my old friend of mine you can ask, “What’s the weather like tomorrow”. Google will reply with the weather in your area tomorrow, as long as you allow your internet address to be read of course!

Google is getting more personable and more intelligent therefore at answering its questions and this is in part thanks to Hummingbird update. So yes it is time if you haven’t already done so to change your online marketing strategy in Cardiff South Wales.

This does mean Google has become cleverer at understanding the intent and meaning behind the search string in more depth and clarity than ever before. This of course provides a better user experience as the search results are now are more accurate to the overall search string providing more accurate and focused results that cuts straight through to what is the user actually seeking.

Optimising for any old set of keywords in our humble opinion is therefore dead and a good online marketing company should now focus on “user intent” and matching this up with better answering a users questions they are seeking answers for.

It is really that simple, focus more on providing more rich and interesting information that provides a better user experience than just slinging around key words to attract traffic….but there is more!

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What are the real changes to Online Marketing in Cardiff and how should a content strategy meet the new requirements of Hummingbird?


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Google has become more adept at understanding search queries and what a particular user may be trying to discover through entering various search strings rather than just relying on key words alone.

Therefore Google is now focused on a user’s intent offering more focused results which are better placed to match a user’s intent and therefore retrieving the information they want not just a page which has been designed to suck in traffic through keywords carefully placed!

Should this affect my Online Marketing strategy in Cardiff?

This update has had a dramatic impact on search results worldwide.

It is stated that the Hummingbird update affects 90% of searches conducted through the search engine on a worldwide basis. Because 90% of search queries have been affected this should steer and change your online marketing strategy that you conduct within Cardiff.

This algorithmic change now forces a marketer to produce more high-quality content which better answers a searchers questions that they are seeking answers for.

How should my online marketing strategy now change in Cardiff?

Hummingbird forces SEO and online marketers to produce more relevant and high quality content which will appeal to answering a searchers queries.

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In days gone by it was sufficient to optimise a web page for a set of key terms in order to attract traffic to that page for the words optimised on site alone. Hummingbird changes this perspective as it is about providing relevance and the right content which enhances a user experience by better answering their questions and queries that they are seeking answers for.

Google will decipher whether a web site has high quality and unique information and matches this up to a searches query offering more accurate and detailed search results in a way different to how it did before this algorithmic change.

Is this a big deal, so really should I be changing my content strategy to align with the Hummingbird update?

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This is a major deal and impacts as previously mentioned a large number of search queries that the search engine handles.

This now means that the content to a website should provide a good user experience combined with answering questions if it is to attract traffic and be considered an authority in a certain area or market niche. Please see our Panda update article for more information on how also your website should be focusing more on your market niche’s than generalising your content over a wider span of subject areas if you are to be treated more favourably in the search results.

The last time an algorithmic change of this size and proportion was introduced by Google could be considered to be the 2010 Google caffeine update.

This update allowed a website to have its pages indexed more frequently and was a major milestone in terms of algorithmic changes.

As you can see a lot has happened since then but we would consider this the last major algorithmic change of this proportion and magnitude that Google has carried out. So it should warrant our and your attention in terms of how we carry out on site optimisation when such a large number of search queries have been affected on a worldwide basis!

How exactly should my online marketing and content strategy change in Cardiff?

You should now change your content marketing strategy and online marketing strategy in Cardiff so that it focuses more on the meaning behind the words.

Google is better placed to understand the meaning behind words in the context that they are written in and is now better placed to interpret a search query and provide more accurate results. Because of this in-depth understanding this should change a content marketing strategy so that words are carefully placed and force a content writer to answer a searches query in more detail enhancing the user experience.

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Hummingbird is therefore focusing and paying much more attention to every single word that is entered into a search string query and providing a more tailored response to the question. So you should focus on writing unique quality content which can be considered to be an authority and information a user can rely on in terms of being unique and collating quality information to be better placed to answer a search query.

“Waffle and a scatter of keywords all over the shop, will no longer suffice”!


Is there more technicalities behind this Google update that you can tell us about?


Many online marketing companies and marketers refer to this update as better answering “conversational searches”.

A conversational search is one where the searcher is asking a question as if they are speaking to a human being.

Therefore there may be words within that search string which before would be considered to be irrelevant, but are now taken into consideration when providing search results.

Therefore every word is now securitised and matched up with information which better answers the question and therefore ranking factors have been aligned to now work in this manner when retrieving results.

The overall solution is to better adapt your online marketing strategy in Cardiff as to make your website pages match more closely a searches questions and the meaning behind their searches rather than optimising a set of pages just for key words.

Therefore the pages that will do better are ones which are optimised to better answer questions that a searcher is looking for such as this search query for example “what is the best SEO company in Cardiff”. Before the search engine may have just looked at webpages in Cardiff stating this onsite, but now things have become more complex in that Google is now better understanding this search string and may retrieve results for more trusted sites considered an authority on SEO in Cardiff rather than just looking at keywords placed on a website to better answer this query. So now Google may take into account awards, trust signals and generally how trusted a domain is when answering the question rather than just bringing back results for keywords stating onsite that they are the best seo company. Google is therefore weighing up more information to better collate the results than just looking at keywords for pointers on where to best rank pages for certain search string results.

The old approach of just optimising a website for a number of keywords therefore doesn’t add relevance to answering questions and therefore is now a dated approach in our opinion. You must now enhance trust and relevancy to your subject matter by answering the question’s plus showing you are the voice to be listened too, by increasing your trust factors e.g high quality back links and better onsite information.

To conclude:

How to change your Online Marketing strategy in Cardiff to be better placed to suiting Google Hummingbird’s update.

Google previously has been using knowledge graphs and answers to better answer a particular searchers queries.

We believe this knowledge graph approach to better understanding conversational searches have been further evolved into the Hummingbird update where the knowledge graph approach was the build up to this fundamental change.

This update in our opinion is of huge importance and should be recognised as a huge milestone in Google’s development. This will impact how online marketing companies conduct there marketing strategies.

Online marketing strategies should now focus on providing a more quality content and rich experience which enhances the user experience and better understands what the user is searching for when understanding a question.

Although on-site optimisation has become more intricate and complex in the sense since this update it now allows for a more tailored approach and careful listening skills to be adopted for what your customer is actually requiring from your website.

This enhances the user experience which can only be good for business in the long term if you better understand your customers through adopting the mentioned strategy. [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]