How SEO can help your business within Cardiff


At Ryan C Walsh we manage a number of accounts that require national seo, however more often than not SME businesses will require local seo as well.

We not only achieve higher rankings and quality traffic for both sets of clients, but we are also able to rank these websites highly across multiple cities as well.

Here are some of the methods that we use when carrying out local seo:


N.A.P is an abbreviation for the name of the business, it’s address, and also the businesses phone number. This information needs to be cited on quality business directories such as Yelp and Free Index.

The NAP information cited on business directories needs to be exactly the same as what is referenced on your website. If for example the phone numbers are slightly different, then this can produce what seo consultants refer to as “conflicting citations” – which can confuse some search engine algorithms.

Also, it’s well worth marking your websites NAP information with Schema.


Your homepage should contain relevant keywords, but don’t go mad with these, as the text needs to read naturally as well. Make sure that your homepage ensures your visitors have come to the right place, but don’t make the homepage overly text heavy.

It’s a balance between retaining the visitor which lands on your homepage, and not bombarding them with so much text that they feel overwhelmed.

You may wish to add keywords into the meta title, meta description, H1 tag and also the title tag for the homepage.

But again, if you are in any doubt as to how to add keywords in a white hat way to your homepage, then do contact a respected online marketing agency for help.

Your sites main pages

Again, you should correctly optimise these pages using keywords, however the text should read naturally as well.

Local reviews

Local business reviews are very important as well, but don’t be tempted to purchase fake business reviews, as this will harm your local seo.

Google has stated that testimonials are a vehicle for boosting your websites trustworthiness. This article is definitely worth a read.

FAQ and time on-site figures

Seo’s whether they be freelancers, or indeed working for a Cardiff seo agency, will be obsessed with new metrics for monitoring seo performance.

Gone are the days of just monitoring the websites rankings, now it’s about time on-site figures, reducing bounce rates, and also monitoring conversions, as well as ensuring the traffic being brought to the website is quality traffic.

What we mean by quality traffic is that if somebody is looking for “running trainers” they find just that. Therefore, the traffic brought to your website must be customers who are looking for what service you offer, or what products you sell.

Boosting traffic through social media, when the traffic does not convert into paying customers, is a waste of time.

Calls to action

Your website should allow visitors to convert easily, i.e “buy it now” buttons with minimal amount of effort to secure the purchase.

Partner with the right digital marketing agency

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