There are now so many agencies out there, all calling themselves rather funky and upbeat names, but how on earth does a business choose between all these agencies?

Well, often companies like Ryan C Walsh obtain new customers through recommendation but also through ranking high for key terms, that’s always important if you are a SEO business!

However, there’s more to it than that, as Google employs over 200+ ranking factors, it’s important these days that you employ a specialist.

That’s to say, not a web design company with one part time seo consultant, and not a business which outsources the work. Instead you will need a real specialist, someone or an agency that’s dedicated just to organic seo.

What should my business look for from an SEO agency?

First things first, it’s important to short list your potential new agencies based on what they specialise in. This is important as many companies may offer seo services, however may specialise in CRO, PPC or social media marketing for example.

So if this means that you choose an agency, where one person is left to do all the seo tasks, well you may be better off choosing a specialist agency.

Understands your business

Okay, this is the pretty crucial bit, and it’s going to sound like we are stating the blooming obvious, but you do need to find an agency that understands your business.

Believe us, there are so many agencies that can take on a client, and the person writing the content marketing or building links, doesn’t have a clue what the business does.

For example, the content marketing can be so off topic, it can really harm the websites rankings. This can occur when an agency gives a less experienced seo consultant free reign, they may start ordering that a content marketing writer writes about something funny or interesting to them, but has not got a cat’s in hells chance of drawing you in new business.

We have recently witnessed this when we took on a national demolition contractor, whereby the previous agency was using terms and phrases which will have meant the demolition company were 50 years behind the time.  

Is honest

It’s so important that whatever agency you choose within Cardiff, you must choose an agency that is upfront and honest.

One of the ways of gauging honesty when it comes to seo, is choosing an agency that states that something is not possible on the budget that’s proposed, this is not necessarily a bad thing!

It’s far better to hear an seo consultant state somethings not possible, can to have an agency take a company on a merry dance for months on end, promising something that they know they can not deliver.

Content marketing is spot on

A good indication of choosing the right agency for you is the first instalment of content marketing, if this work resonates with you, and shows real industry understanding then your on to a winner.

If instead it looks like the copywriter has made life easy for themselves by writing 500+ words of complete and utter waffle, then you may just have squandered your first months seo fee.

Knows how to build links

Within seo you will hear the word “backlinks” mentioned so much it can begin to sound like a broken record stuck on repeat! However backlinks are considered the most important, and most crucial aspect of any seo strategy. So make sure your agency can build them.

Has real experience

Beneath all the glitz and glamour of an seo companies signage, may well be an office full of inexperienced consultants. They may well be learning on the job, so make sure that you meet the team, and quiz them on a few seo facts you know yourself. Our teams always up for a quiz!

How Ryan C Walsh can help

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