Every now and again it’s reported that there has been a major ranking flux of some sort, this just means that Google has chosen to reshuffle the positions of certain websites.

Now each time this happens, and when there is a significant change in the rankings everyone wonders whether Google has changed it’s algorithm or not.

Is it Google Penguin, Google Panda or an unknown update?

On the 1st of February 2017 there was a lot of talk about Google possibly updating its Penguin update.

Now for most digital marketing agencies this would be a hot topic of discussion, but not at ours, and we will explain why this is so.

We don’t follow the herd

There’s always going to be a new way to carry out search engine optimisation, that’s to say somebody will always feel

they have found a way to bring about quicker results than another agency can.

And to some clients this may sound like music to their ears, that’s especially when a bunch of agencies said something couldn’t be done within a certain timeframe, and then there may be just one person who says they can do it quicker.

However that person may be using poor practice, and it’s these updates via Google that catches out poor practice. So if the majority of agencies promise they can build three quality back link’s a month, and another is stating they can build one hundred a month this should send the alarm bells ringing!

Quick gains are simply not worth it…

So February 1st 2017 marks just another long list of occasions where Google has punished a load of sites that have used poor link building practices.

This should serve as another reminder to business owners who may opt for search engine optimisation services that are below par.

What was this latest update all about?

Many suspect that the latest update was to further penalise websites that have built links to spammy sites, or are actively using dodgy link building methods.

Google’s Penguin updates are a reason why links should be built naturally and correctly.

One of the ways this can be achieved is by offering high quality and focused content marketing.

By also offering a first class experience on your website people are more likely to find your website useful, if they find it useful then you are more likely to obtain back links naturally to your site.

My website has dropped since 1st February 2017 what should I do?

A number of sites will have dropped around this date as Google further enhances its Google Penguin update.

You should contact a respected Seo agency like ours, or an independent consultant that can then look at your back link profile and decipher which links look like they are poor in quality.

High quality websites are easy to spot with the trained eye, and we have highly experienced consultants who can help you.

SEO advice that is second to none…

We have experienced consultants which have in excess of seven years seo experience, for further help and advice within Cardiff do contact us.