Seo Audits are of vital importance, these assessments allow an online marketer to check what aspects may be holding your website back from reaching better performance levels.

This is often coupled with checking your direct competitors SEO efforts so a strategy can be put together that’s inclusive of your site’s issues and your competitions marketing efforts.

Area’s typically looked at are as follows:

o Back Links (If they are Penguin friendly)
o Quality of the website’s written work (Making sure websites Google Panda Friendly)
o User experience factors (Looking at aspects the Google Hummingbird updates would consider)

Why are SEO Audit’s are so important?

Seo Audit’s should be continuous, that’s because a website we think should not have a quick audit completed at the start, then be handed to someone who can not spot problem area’s later on.

Through our methodical approach we are able to spot problems when we work on a client’s website throughout the process of implementing our seo.

Some marketing agencies, may conduct a “quick blip audit”, then task someone with just updating the companies blog for example, this can be carried out for month’s or even year’s without another audit taking place. This is not an approach we would recommend.

We are very different, our approach in Cardiff is this, we will look at the site as a whole, but also take the time to figure out the finer issues as we progress and work on the website.

It may be that a previous seo agency may have placed some duplicate content on the site or built poor quality back link’s in the past.

We will be able with out vast experience, to look at the site and make the necessary changes, but also at the same time quite often implement our own seo strategy to push forwards with a new seo strategy while fixing area’s of a website.


Why a “one-size-fits all” approach will not work when carrying out an SEO audit


Sometimes a company may have a form of check-list of area’s to look at upon a website when conducting an digital marketing audit.

This can sometimes work well, but we think that an experienced approach and eye works better, as this can often spot problem area’s that fall in-between the gaps of a rigid audit checklist’s.

We therefore use our commercial and search engine optimisation experience to spot problems as we work through a website.

This can mean recommending area’s to be changed by a website consultant or web design agency, that’s if the fault lies with the design or coding of a website for example.


  How can an SEO audit help form an online marketing strategy?


Forming a clear marketing strategy is of vital importance, this allows a vision of how content marketing, link building and technical seo will be applied to a website.

This strategy may be formed by countering a direct competitors efforts through what they doing on their website and implementing changes to counter these efforts on the clients website.

Or alternatively a totally unique strategy may be needed to launch a product or service that doesn’t have any local competitors, but wants to advertise more nationally, we can carry out such seo as well.

We are the experts at implementing a winning digital marketing strategy in South Wales.

 Why we are so good at this

Our strong commercial awareness, and knowledge of Google’s algorithm changes allows us to implement winning seo strategies.

We understand recent changes that have had a huge impact on SEO such as the Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates.

We are very good at this because we have experience of implementing seo work for a broad cross section of clients throughout Cardiff.

We can implement online marketing implemented by an expert seo consultant starting from just £169.99 pcm.

We can carry out audit’s which allow us to plan the following other services which we provide:

o Content marketing services
o Link building service
o Local & national seo
o Online marketing consulting in Wales

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