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We offer SEO services throughout Cardiff and South Wales.

We are the SEO experts, we offer professional and affordable SEO, at a price point aimed at small businesses. Prices start from £169.99 PCM.

We take a hard hitting approach and we offer forms of SEO which are tried and tested and offer quality.


Have a competitor in your sights in Cardiff? Then we are the SEO Cardiff based Online Marketing business for you.

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So what makes you so good at SEO in Cardiff?

“You made an impact straight away, and you have not taken your foot off the accelerator since”Long standing client-Demolition company in Cardiff, South Wales.

o No-nonsense approach, straight talking and no faffing, with the areas of SEO that will bring you little benefit.

o No long SEO contracts, who wants to be tied to a business that can not perform?

o No start up fees, or audit report charges. Colourful charts and bar graphs are not our style. We like offering experience by looking at the mechanics of your website and understanding what is going wrong. We think pages of graphs and technical waffle, are just that, and do not act as a substitute for experience!

o We don’t “White Label”. This means we don’t take on other marketing companies work and stay in the background. We normally have burning questions and ambition and we don’t want that suppressed, by another marketing firm being the front company for us in Cardiff.

o We only work with a handful of clients each year, so we offer intensive SEO at a winning price point in Cardiff.

o Hard hitting SEO firm in Cardiff, we represent a wide cross section of industries and businesses across South Wales. Have you got little time or money for spending on SEO, no problem! We have the solutions for most marketing budgets.

o SEO Cardiff packages starting from £169.99 PCM.

o We keep you fully informed about what we are doing to your website.

o Professional approach.

o Business minded.

o Do not waste your time on dated approaches, or the glitz and glamour of a marketing agency, we will offer professional SEO at affordable price point.

o We come from business backgrounds, contract management for example, so we make sure every aspect of your marketing campaign is backed up by a solid rationale, for why we are taking a particular approach, no sloppy approaches here!

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I have looked at other SEO firms in Cardiff, how come your company seems to be substantially cheaper? Are you carrying out the cheaper forms of SEO?

We offer robust, quality focused SEO campaigns, the difference is we like working with SME businesses as such, we keep our prices down.

We fight the corner of the under dogs in business, we have never been interested in working for large businesses. Instead we take SME businesses each year that we can form good working relationships with and we go to work in making sure we retain you for the years ahead. We have no start up fees and no long term contracts.

Each year we work with a small group of clients, normally a diverse bunch from builders to hairdressers, we offer intensive SEO activity at low prices! We are unique as only work with businesses we know we can offer quality performing SEO campaigns too. We therefore build close relationships in Cardiff with the businesses we represent and we make improving your website a personal ambition. We therefore put in the graft and work for modest marketing rates, if this sounds like a approach you approve of get in contact today:

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We offer quality forms of SEO in Cardiff, which are clever link building strategies and content marketing, combined with other winning approaches.

We offer the time intensive forms of SEO yet we offer these at a low price point, simply because we only work with a small number of clients each year.

We therefore offer a more focused and concentrated marketing campaign which really gets under the bonnet of your website and looks at what is happening.

I like the sound of your SEO approach, but what type of businesses do you work with?

We work with all sorts of businesses, we can work with any business type.

So no matter if you are a hairdresser or a demolition company we have the right online marketing and SEO solutions for you in Cardiff.

In Cardiff we carry out “Organic” and Local website optimisation and marketing services commonly referred to as a SEO.

We offer the whole of South Wales a quality driven search engine optimisation experience, delivered with a passion for marketing!


“Monthly quality driven SEO starting from £169.99 per month, you can not say fairer than that!”

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We represent SME’s and produce strategic marketing strategies for their online presence. We represent a broad cross section of industry sectors and we convey strong commercial messages professionally.

Website Optimisation Cardiff

We carry out the following services throughout Cardiff and the South Wales regions.

o Organic Online Marketing
o Local Optimisation for SME’s
o SEO consulting
o Link Building
o Copywriting
o Keyword Research
o Online competitive analysis
o Low-cost search engine optimisation packages

Website marketing Cardiff

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What separates us and defines us as a business

We are at a price point that we believe offers value and strong competitive advantage to our clients within South Wales.

We have a monthly set SEO packages starting from just £169.99 which we believe is at a low price point for an ethical and a quality driven White Hat SEO service.

We do not believe in tie-in clauses, which keep you tied into a SEO contract for 12 months for example.

We believe like any service provider we should demonstrate early on why we are worth our monthly rates and because we are confident of our service offering, we do not place tie-in clauses within our contracts!

We believe this is why we are different instead of hiding in the small print that you are tied into a contract, we instead look to create long term business through offering more substance and a quality driven experience worth a lot more that our monthly rates!

We offer true value and our actions speak louder than words, that’s why we are the trusted name in South Wales.

We believe experience separates us, we believe in this industry it what separates the “wheat from the chaff” and we have an abundance of ambition. We have represented well known names in the recycling industry for over three years and we can demonstrate a proven track record of success in well known industry sectors.

Online Marketing Services

How we go about carrying out our work.

Our work is diverse and varying yet we have principles which guide everything we do. We think strategically about how we can assist our client’s online development and we also carry out all work with quality in mind.

Competitor analysis

We carry out keyword research and competitor analysis and we achieve this through critically assessing your direct competition’s efforts online.

This can comprise of assessing their on-site optimisation techniques and also off site optimisation.

Through commercial awareness and being business minded in our approach, we shall look for any opportunity in which your direct competition is utilising and incorporate this into your marketing strategy.

We always dig deep to understand the competition and to gain an appreciation of the keywords and areas in which they are marketing their business towards.

From assessing the competition on the surface level as well as from a search engine optimisation perspective we are able to compile strong strategies for our clients.

SEO Copywriting

We believe one of the most effective forms of online marketing is content driven marketing strategies.

Through numerous major search engine algorithmic updates, a websites links and on site optimisation techniques are scrutinised closely. For this reason we believe one of our main forms of marketing for your business will be content driven marketing strategies.

We produce quality and carefully crafted pieces of content marketing that show an understanding and appreciation for your business and can positively persuade potential customers to invest in you as a business.

We believe powers of persuasion are carried out through the written word online.

We know flash graphics and intros can grab attention, yet a personable and straight to the point writing style can also be effective in drawing in custom to your business.

We carefully research your business model and industry and produce quality content marketing, that will really promote your business in a positive way while satisfying SEO’s requirements.

Link building

If you have already carried out some preliminary research you will know about the core updates and the major search engines such as Google’s Penguin update.

The Penguin update places scrutiny and a careful eye upon the quality of your back links pointing to your website.

This basically means if your website has an abundance of spammy links, this can lead to a search engine penalty.

This can be potentially expensive to rectify and time-consuming, so we ensure that we never enter into such practices to start with by carefully selecting who your website links to.

We advocate and promote as a business White Hat search engine optimisation techniques.

Through carrying out white hat SEO we carry out Link Building in an ethical way.

This basically means we put time and consideration into who your website is linking too. We choose carefully who we want to link too, buy considering the overall marketing strategy and then choosing websites which use a human assessment of whether they wish to place an article on their website.

This human element of assessing whether the content is suited to their website means that the work will have to be unique and offer value and through this form of a valuation normally their website is of a quality and standard in which you would want gain a link from such a website depending also on other factors.

We would take into account the ranking factor, quality and how trusted that website is when we choose whether to contact them to see if we can achieve a back link from that business.

SEO Search Engine Optimisation Services Cardiff

Local search

We are the experts at a local search engine optimisation services within Cardiff South Wales. We understand the ranking factors that determine how to rank your website more highly in terms of your geographic location.

We take many service sector companies within South Wales, and we assess where they carry out business to optimise their website so that they appear within more locations.

For example a business based in Cardiff may not be receiving custom from all the surrounding South Wales areas and could be missing out on such contracts.

We have the experience to ensure that your website appears within more areas and thus driving more traffic and custom to your business.

Organic search

We understand Organic search to a point that makes the mind boggle and we believe this form of online advertising offers fantastic value for money to small to medium-sized enterprises, within South Wales. Organic search engine optimisation once utilised correctly can be a cost-effective way of driving targeted traffic to your website and be an extremely strong form of competitive advantage once used correctly

Search engine marketing

Some companies take a broad brush approach in that social media and a set SEO routine’s will be enough to promote your business. This approach to online marketing worries us!

We take a strategic and carefully planned approach, to how we promote your business we never take a broad brush approach to any of our marketing strategies. Neither will we bill you for brainstorming or idea generation that goes on behind the scenes.

We carefully consider every move we take for your website’s development, so that we are targeting the right audience on the right platform.

We believe social media for example is not suited to every business model, and we also believe that unless the tone and strategy is altered for your business you will not effectively communicate to your target customer.

Website optimisation

To conclude we would say you can rest assured your website and online presence is in safe hands.

We take a considered and overall view of where we take your marketing strategy and we evolve quickly to adapt to changes within the marketplace.

We are different in that we are straight talking and business minded and we do not follow an industry trend of “techno babble” which confuses some clients.

We bring our clients on board so they fully understand the process and the efforts that we are striding towards achieving so that we all can all see a common goal.

If you like a business minded approach which will never offer “wishy-washy” marketing strategies which are dished out on a whim, then we are a Cardiff marketing firm for you. Do not hesitate to get in contact today we can start improving your website rankings within South Wales!

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