We offer a comprehensive and professional Search Engine Optimisation SEO Freelancing service here in South Wales Cardiff.


Cost effective SEO Freelancer Cardiff

Cardiff seo

Packages starting from £169.99 per month!



“Tired of Waffle and Techno Babble!”

Well you have come to the right place. We offer straight forward & STRAIGHT TALKING SEO offering the very best techniques and we do it in a way with no non-sense, that often gets associated and is part and parcel with marketing types. We are the exception to the rule and we are here to drive your business forwards online!

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We understand that some SEO agencies can offer intimidating rates for carrying out “White Hat Ethical SEO” in Cardiff, South Wales. We offer this service at a reduced rate while we feel that we add value through offering a first class and professional service, that will really and truly go the extra mile for your marketing requirements in Cardiff.

We believe this is what separates us from the competition and offers you the most effective marketing strategy for a very modest fee each month! (Monthly Packages Starting From £189.99, I Know Wow Indeed!)

o We do not offer “ a gimmicky SEO service” offering you what sounds like a lot, but in truth is very little. Instead we offer time intensive and the most creative forms of SEO and that is content marketing and ethical link building through keyword usage and optimisation techniques.
o We offer low monthly set fees that are very hard to beat for the level of work we carry out.
o We talk plain English and will never attempt to confuse you through technical language, which we believe often is not necessary!
o We are all from business backgrounds and we are relentless in helping our clients. We truly make business personal (un-orthodox we appreciate but it is very true) and we aim and strive to bring you the best SEO deal around by offering more for a small monthly set fee.
o We are creative and hard working we will never overstate what we have done or try to pull the wool over your eyes, in terms of stating what has been carried out is not what we have agreed we always look after your businesses best interest by offering more for less. We treat your money as if it was ours in terms of making sure you get the most out of every pound of marketing expenditure with us. Can the competition say the same?
We understand that many of our clients within Cardiff will not understand the process of Search Engine Optimisation so we make the process simple and easy to understand. We explain our processes fully and we do so in a down to earth manner and not attempt to put a marketing spin on anything so we engage you more with what we are doing and value your direction instead of the common approach of offering industry language which just alienates the client.

We are also transparent in a way that we carry out our work we carry out your SEO strategy in a cost-effective way in which you are constantly In the loop via a report sent to you every month detailing the work has been carried out for the arranged fee.

We represent the views and ambitions of small to medium-sized enterprises within Cardiff and we truly utilise your marketing budget to its maximum to bring you cost effective marketing that offers impressive results.

Search Engine Optimisation SEO Freelancer in Cardiff

Our approach to Seo is very simple we only take part in best practice known in the industry as carrying out “White Hat Search Engine Optimisation”. We have catered our business specifically for small to medium-sized enterprises and to reflect this we offer our services at exceptional rates.

We understand that it is of paramount importance for a small business to spend its marketing budget wisely and sensibly. We for this reason make sure that we offer superb value to money to small businesses across South Wales, through offering a ethical SEO service which truly provides an excellent service at very reasonable and cost-effective rates.

Digital Marketing and Online Marketing

What makes us very different is that we have business acumen and knowledge accrued from key positions held within small to medium enterprises in South Wales and operation’s within Bristol. So you could say that we are definitely not “wet behind the ears” when it comes to working within an getting hands-on within small businesses. We can transfer this knowledge of small business management into our search engine optimisation SEO campaigns within Cardiff. By this we mean that our business acumen and budgeting time and money sensibly can mean we deliver cost effective marketing strategies, that really punch above their weight in terms of expenditure.

SEO Freelancer Cardiff

You can rest assured when using our service in Cardiff because we follow industry best practice and also deliver clever marketing strategies that will really work.

We understand that when you employ an SEO freelancer you are taking a leap of faith as this company will represent your business online. We believe that we offer a highly professional service coupled with creative online marketing strategies that will only present your business in the best possible manner within Cardiff and of-course beyond.

SEO Companies in Cardiff

We offer very competitive rates in SEO and to prove how transparent we are when carrying out your search engine optimisation requirements, we have published a page of our prices and what exactly we do for that fee each and every month.(We are truly committed to offering you excellence in SEO and we communicate this via our reports each month).

We understand that when employing a SEO service in Cardiff it can be a blind transaction, in the way that some clients will not know about the work that is being undertaken behind the scenes to enhance your company’s profile online.

We have changed this approach within Search Engine Optimisation by instead opting for a method whereby we send you a correspondence every month, detailing work that we have carried out to optimise your website to a higher level. We also encourage regular communication between our clients so they are fully aware of the actions we are taking to increase traffic to your website.

SEO Digital Marketing Freelancer in Cardiff

We take a very different approach to online marketing and that is we eliminate and strip out the faff and complication that goes with employing some SEO agencies in South Wales.

We eliminate the headache and complication by simplifying the terminology used when explaining to you exactly what we are carrying out on your website. We also eliminate the complication when we communicate to you on a monthly basis explaining the work that we have carried out within that month.

We will never use complicated technical jargon for the sake of it and instead opt for plain English whereby we explain what we are carrying out and why we are doing it in the most basic terms possible, so that you can fully appreciate the work that we are carrying out.

SEO Cardiff and Online Advertising

Our location within South Wales we believe is perfectly located to suit our clients across South Wales and the South West including Bristol.

We offer a first class SEO service which portrays our clients online in the best possible manner for an extremely cost-effective marketing strategy.

We offer our service to the full spectrum and range of business sectors and industries and we feel that we have a cross-section of knowledge across a diverse range of businesses, to quickly ascertain their interests and develop their web presence online.

We have through this profession managed to combine our flair and passion for business combined with marketing. We believe this transcends through the quality advertising we fulfil to businesses on a budget.

We view every business that comes to us for online marketing needs as an engine. By this we mean that we are a online marketing company in Cardiff and we use the analogy we are if you wish a fine tuning company whereby we will undertake diagnostic’s on your business engine and we arrive at a decision on how to best tune up your online presence just like a performance engine tuner would. We listen to what does not sound right and rectify any areas so that we get your website tuned up and performing as well as it possibly can.

We often used this analogy as is a best describes the approach we take to online marketing for our businesses and clients across South Wales. If you feel we can help your business please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will put forward a quality proposal for your persuasion.

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