Keyword Research forms the foundation of any SEO campaign


  Keyword Research and Search Engine Optimisation Services 

Some providers of seo might neglect the importance of accurate keyword research.

Optimising for incorrect or low volume keywords will not bring about the best return on investment for your marketing spend.

What is Keyword Research and whys it so important for SEO purposes?

Keyword research is finding out about all the different variations of keywords people are using to find your companies website.

Optimising for the right keywords will bring the right sort of customers to your website.

What will happen if keyword research is completed incorrectly?

  • It could increase a websites bounce rate
  • It could send negative signals to a search engine’s
  • It could waste seo spend and your companies marketing budget

 Some businesses owners think that their customers come to their websites through only a handful of keywords.

Therefore neglecting the spectrum of keywords in which traffic often flows from.

Even the most simple of service companies have a huge amount of keyword variations in which people use to find a business.

For example a locksmith’s website may need to be optimised for a “24-hour locksmith” or a “commercial locksmith” or even a “vehicle locksmith” for example.

Potentially missing out optimising a clients website for any of these key terms could drastically impact the business in terms of its level of enquiries.


How do you then target each keyword for your Cardiff SEO clients?

 There has been a substantial shake-up in how you can target keywords within seo and content marketing onsite.

If you were to over optimise a website’s pages then it is entirely possible to get penalised now via Google’s algorithm. Also a manual penalty can be imposed which can mean a website is pushed down the search engine results for using low-quality methods.


Why is your SEO business a such good choice?



 We carry out with all new clients an seo audit, this is performed for free.

We look at your competitors, we also look at what keywords they are optimising for.

Then we formulate a plan, which we call our “main seo strategy” to guide search engine optimisation over the forthcoming months. Normally we run strategies over 3 or 6 month terms.


 Do you use long seo contracts?

SEO-Wales.jpgWe do not have any contract terms which tie our customers to a long contract.

We much prefer to retain you through our hard work and quality of our seo strategies.

The power of our link building methods and detailed content marketing efforts mean that we are a performance driven seo business.

If you require Keyword Research in Cardiff, then please do give us a ring today.