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We can help your business in Cardiff, South Wales in the following ways:

  • Expand the amount of geographic area’s your website come’s up
  • Get you higher locally for any keywords
  • We do this for low monthly rates, interested? Give us a ring today


 For a long time SME businesses advertised offline.

The rush to join the internet marketing phenomenon meant the competition got fierce, very quickly indeed.

Often there was a preconception that to get safe, high quality, bespoke seo then this was not within the grasp of many small and medium sized businesses within Cardiff and indeed South Wales.
Instead many businesses thought it was too expensive a process to use, and delayed entering the process because they were quoted sometimes very high consultant and agency prices.

This then allowed us an opening, in which we fully exploited. That was to offer high quality, sensibly priced seo within South Wales.

And we have been doing just that ever since!


Our SEO Prices


We offer bespoke, carefully crafted marketing campaigns starting from just £169.99 pcm rising up to £1000.00+ pcm.

This is how we can help your business to thrive online:

  Local SEO Cardiff


Whether you are a sole trader or a medium sized business, we can help you gain more website visibility locally.

We are experts at local SEO

We grew our business by offering solutions for SME businesses, which where priced fairly, yet in a way which meant we were “White Hat”in how we completed our work.

Silly name “White Hat” in our industry we know- this just means the work gets carried out the right way- first time around.

This is how local seo can help your business:

o Expand your presence over one or many keywords
o Send signals that mean you rank not just in Cardiff but also the surrounding regions if you wish
o Become a business which stands out in search locally


If I was to invest in Local Seo how much will this cost my business?

 This does depend on your industry competitiveness.

If you’re direct competitors have been building local seo signals for a great period of time they will have built an advantage over your website.

So local signals can be content marketing, local business citations, links, business reviews etc.

This will need to be considered within the seo audit stage, as to how well ahead your competitors actually are.

We have strategies to combat even the most fierce of competition, so do not be deterred!

But calculations need to be made as to how hard it will be to get you higher in search.

Yet because all industries and competitors are very different so are approaches to local seo that need to be taken.

So some companies may need high powered links, others great content to offer a good user experience on-site for example. We can cast our experienced eyes, and offer you a monthly rate to carry out the work. 

We need to put our strategy and thinking cap’s on at this stage, so we can out wit the competitors- we are very good at this!

This is because we deploy the latest, cutting edge seo method’s.

Such as entity building, this is while some seo agencies, consultants and even freelancers may still be using out dated seo tactics.

We would need to look at the following areas in order to quote you accurately:


o How old are your direct competitors websites? (Doman age is still a important ranking factor)
o How have they targeted seo keywords on-site?
o What is their site structure like?
o How many quality links do they have off-site?
o Have they been building local business citations?
o What are their approaches to satisfying the Google updates? How successful are they at this?

Also many more ranking factors, that would need to be considered as well.

This is where experience matters- so choose wisely!

Interested? Good why not contact us here for a no obligation quotation today?


So what are the main forms of local seo signals that you use to increase seo ranking positions?

Local-Cardiff-seo.jpgThis again does depend heavily on your industry sector.

But we generally write content marketing articles, which have Google Panda and Hummingbird “user intent” and good on-site signals factored in to our work.

We may advise you need more backlinks also, which are built in accordance with the Penguin updates, via Google.

We also think about ways of creating ranking signals which will stand true to optimising your website not just now, but also in the future.

So we truly care not just about short term seo improvement, but over the long term as well. This is what separates us from a lot of companies, as we make sure your website is optimised with a long term view in mind.

This is important, as if an agency or consultant gets seo signals wrong it can sometimes be costly to put right on occasions.

Such as disavowing links, sorting out on-site Panda issues for example can be costly.

How long would I have to invest in SEO to see results?

Investing in online marketing is a continuous process.

That’s because imagine for just a second your business in Cardiff and your direct competitors are on a graph, like a form of bar graph.

You are then all arranged within this graph based on various ranking signals each website has. So once one business does something well to optimise their website, their graph goes up.

As a result you move down the graph.

The same can be said for search.

It’s constantly changing and updating. This is called re-indexing, and websites changing positions in terms of ranking orders. (Ranking-flux)

Some people say that certain industrious do not fluctuate as much as others in terms of local ranking positions in search.

This is true.

It does depend on industry competiveness- this is why we base our quotes on this factor.

 So a solicitors practice will see rankings change possible daily, and a less competitive industry say a bakery may change once a month for example. Ranking flux we call it.

But this can leave you open to a new competitors, so you must think of seo like chess as well.

Block your competitors move, before they make their move.

Strategic thinking is important to seo therefore.

Our business owner has strong commercial awareness,this  means it actively steers the direction of many of our projects in Cardiff, South Wales.

If you and your competitors, say the following:

“well we are not moving up or down I don’t need seo for now”

This is how new competitors come into the mix and may surprise you even. If things get stagnate, this allows new names to move in, on your patch, so sometimes blocking is important to seo, by building you seo defence up over the top.

This makes it  harder for emerging companies to enter your space within search.

Often then frustrated long standing business owners come to us and say “there’s a new firm in town, how on earth have they got to the top so quickly”.

Simple hire the right seo firm, and keep investing and the world is your oyster


So if I was to invest in Local SEO for the long run, what deals can you offer my business?

Search-Engine-Optimisation.jpgWe aim to be substantially cheaper than some of the other competition in seo and online marketing services, yet we never compromise one bit on quality neither!

So if an seo agency, consultant or even a freelancer gives you an seo quote, why not see if we can beat it?

Sometimes we are not just cheaper, but we add seo work items in as well! So some of our clients are onto a “win win” situation before they start with us.

I like Cardiff, it’s my main business area, but what about expanding out to Newport, Swansea and the South West do you have experience of doing this for your clients?


Ryan Walsh is the business founder, his wealth of knowledge comes from one very high value business area that he represented for many years.

He quickly become a “go-to name”, with such clients in an industry related to construction.

This was achieved by not pitting them against each other- but representing clients in the same area of industry that were geographically divided within the U.K.

From one end of the country to the other, Ryan was optimising client’s websites and the competition was fierce in this area.

So if our business owner doesn’t know something about Local Seo, it’s not worth knowing about!

This expertise and wealth of knowledge as a business, which has been accumulated since we started can be offered to your business, so why not get in touch?

Interested well what you waiting for? Call us now! Contact page