Affordable SEO Packages for Small Businesses

Author: Ryan Walsh

Stock broker trading in a bull marketIf you run a small business and are looking to increase your visibility online, through SEO then we have a range of options for you. We are Small business SEO experts.

We have vast industry knowledge and we offer this at a price point, that offers real value for money.


Ask about our Small business national SEO advice package starting from:

£99.99 per month


We have SEO packages starting from just £99.99 per month. This is for our “remote SEO consultation packages”.

We can provide a report each month detailing advice and actionable steps, for your site and for your company to implement the reported changes. These recommendations will offer sound SEO advice for a low cost fee, for SEO recommendations.

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Small Business SEO.jpgThese packages will send monthly recommendations to you via a report, for you to implement through your own staff or your own web developers. £99.99 Per Month, buys you a set amount of time, where our SEO experts will take the time to highlight weak areas of your website.

This package offers excellent value for money, you will be getting years of SEO expertise and knowledge to guide your Online Marketing campaign each month through our set recommendations.

With our remote SEO consultation package, you will save money by implementing the changes yourself, while gaining expert SEO advice tailored to your businesses model!

Our reports offer easy to understand actionable recommendations.

These can then act as a “tick list” for your internal staff to carry out the recommendations each month.

You will be getting report based guidance from a professional Seo company for a fraction of the price of some online agencies single hourly rate!

This offers the potential for you to increase your websites visibility for a low cost investment for the clients that we represent throughout the nation.

Remote SEO Consultation Package


  • Please note all set SEO packages listed here are just listed for example purposes only. As every business sector/industry is different, an SEO package will have to be tailored to suit your business. Please contact us today to see how we can help your online marketing campaign
  • At least 10 actionable SEO points provided through a set report each month. These recommendations are for the client to implement the SEO changes needed. This SEO package is for set advice each month.
  • Recommendations will be made which could include keyword ideas, content marketing ideas and title and link building advice.

  • Low cost as the client will be implementing the SEO changes / recommendations needed within this package price £99.99 PCM

  • Clear, concise explanations of why certain SEO methods are being advised


Empty nutshellIn a nutshell what can your SEO packages for Small business offer me ?

  • A professional remote assessment of your website. Actionable list of at least 10 recommendations each month for £99.99 PCM. For you to implement through your companies staff or your web developer.
  • We offer SEO recommendations and advice and allow you the option to undertake the changes needed to your site.
  • Therefore allowing somebody with limited SEO knowledge to follow a list of recommendations.These recommendations highlighted through the £99.99 per month report allow expert SEO knowledge to guide your Online Marketing campaign. This is for small businesses who do not want to pay large Online Marketing agency rates and prices.

If carrying out the SEO work yourself through our remote consultation, does not sound of interest, we have set priced SEO packages starting from £169.99 per month.

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We also offer small business fixed price, SEO packages for additional fixed monthly charges.

This is where we recommend changes and we in-house undertake these changes needed to your website to increase its online visibility. These packages start from £169.99 PCM.

These SEO packages start from just £169.99 per month and increase depending on how intensive you wish your SEO campaign to be. These packages typically range from £169.99 to £1000.00 PCM depending on the marketing campaign and its ambitions.

We have cost-effective solutions to help increase your rankings and online visibility over time.

We know that many small businesses cannot afford expensive SEO and Online Marketing fees.

We have therefore generated a package that costs just £99.99 per month, which will send you a report stating areas of your website that need attention, in order to increase online visibility.

Seo packages for Small businesses.jpgWe are therefore offering expert Seo advice through this low-cost package of just £99.99 PCM. This will be for time spent by a SEO consultant looking at your website and some of your competitors, and reporting on at least 10 recommendations each month.

These recommendations will fully explain areas that we think, when changed, will bring about the most SEO benefit to your small business, as part of a on-going online marketing campaign. They will focus on advising on Content Marketing issues or advising on Link Building Strategies or they could explain other local ranking factors that you may need to think about.

Then these recommendations can be implemented by your company, through your admin staff for example or your own in-house I.T team or Web Developer.

This allows Online Marketing and Seo expertise to be offered at a low cost and for the changes to be implemented by your internal staff or web developers.

This brings down the cost of Online Marketing and Seo as you are having expert advice yet the changes are being implemented by you.

Expert local small business SEO advice, at a fraction of the cost of some of the competition that is us!

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Small Business SEO package | Monthly Consultation Report

For £99.99 PCM we can generate a report tailored to suit your business, which will assist in helping your online visibility. We are small business and Local SEO experts.


What our monthly small business Seo package doesn’t include:

  • We do not guarantee or predict rankings. An ethical and professional Seo company we cannot predict or guarantee ranking positions because of the unknown variables, of how much effort your competition are in-putting into their Seo campaigns.
  •  We do not supply back links. We can recommend strategies for attracting quality back links to your site.
  • We recommend a minimum of 10 solid recommendations each month in terms of suggested changes for your site. We cannot offer tailored advice or guidance outside of this set package. Further consultation advice can be offered for an additional fee which must be pre-agreed at an hourly rate.
  • Seo and Online Marketing is an ongoing and evolving process and as such we cannot provide a time frame how long you need to invest in Seo.
  •  For that fee of £99.99 this is for remote consultation, regarding your Seo campaign. We will recommend 10 action points for you to implement in-house. These 10 points are not to be implemented through us, instead they will be recommendations sent to you, for you to implement through your web developer or internal teams.

Affordable Small Business Seo packages

Why our monthly Small Business Seo packages offer such good value:

We provide small businesses with a voice online

 Conducting business online is fiercely competitive, especially in some UK cities where there are large amounts of competitors in concentrated areas such as London. Small businesses often have competition from national companies with large marketing budgets also.

We wanted to offer cost effective Seo packages tailored for small businesses to help level the playing field through our SEO campaigns, which will increase online visibility over time.

We offer our expert Seo knowledge for this to be implemented via a company’s internal staff or web developers.

This offers fantastic value for money, as you are not paying large Online Marketing agency fees and are still receiving expert Seo knowledge.

These recommendations each month will build a Seo and Online Marketing campaign, which can be implemented by a company’s internal staff or the companies web developers, which can implement the step-by-step changes needed to bring about increased visibility online.

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 Prevent wasting your marketing budget, on wasted and costly activities.

The small businesses that we represent do not have large marketing budgets.

Online marketing agencies are potentially an expensive option for small businesses.

Small businesses may not have the marketing budgets to pay for expensive meetings or to fund such Online Marketing campaigns.

We have therefore stripped away unneeded meetings and SEO consultation time. We have replaced this time with solid SEO recommendations, that we will send to you on a monthly basis.

These recommendations on offer at that just £99.99 per month, can provide a minimum of 10 recommendations which can be implemented to help increase your online visibility.

You do not need to therefore pay for staff to attend “brainstorming sessions” or online marketing meetings.

If you are a small business this may be the package which is perfectly suited to your business.

At least 10 recommendations will be sent to you each month, which will be clearly explained and given a rationale.

Your in-house I.T team or Web Developer could then potentially make these changes to your website. This offers fantastic value for money for small businesses, who do not have marketing budgets to spend on expensive Online Marketing campaigns.

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Seo Packages for Small Businesses | Affordable Prices Seo

Our SEO packages for small businesses make an impact.

We believe our remote Seo consultation package, offers value for money because we focus on the areas of Seo that we believe will bring the most benefit to your website, over the long term.

We therefore concentrate on providing 10 solid recommendations each month, which we believe will make the most impact to your website.

These recommendations will form a report, normally three pages long each month. They will recommend everything from content marketing strategies to link building techniques.

We will provide our years of expertise and knowledge, to provide a detailed report which will easily explain the changes that we propose.

We will not recommend changes which will make little impact, we will instead look at the areas that will bring you the best return for your investment, based on the areas which we think need the most attention. This often takes the form of changing title tags and keyword research for example.

We believe our remote Seo consultation package offers good value for money, because you will be getting advice on professional Seo. In such areas as keyword research, content marketing and link building techniques, which if carried out by an online marketing agency, can often cost considerable sums of money.
We make sure that our recommendations target your prospective customers.

Small Business Online Marketing and Seo packages.jpgMany small business websites are lacking in performance, because they do not have the correct website structure and are targeting incorrect keywords.

Our recommendations will be focused on targeting your target audience. We will achieve this by conducting keyword research and also analysing your competition. We will then recommend within our 10 recommendations each month, what keywords you should be targeting and concentrating on in your content marketing efforts.

Our recommendations will therefore start refining your website, so it targets your target market more closely. Through content marketing and link building recommendations over time your website will start to be more refined in terms of addressing your target audience.

Our recommendations will form clear expert advice, that can be implemented through your in-house Web Developers or anybody with I.T skills competent of carrying out such a task. This can save you money while you are still obtaining expert Seo advice!

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