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 We offer to Cardiff quality Search Engine Optimisation services, that are designed with small businesses in mind.

See our prices page for more information about the SEO packages that we can offer you in Cardiff.

SEO Services & Prices Cardiff.

“We offer bespoke, high quality Seo for low monthly rates”.

We have vast experience representing small businesses in very competitive business sectors.

Whatever your business we can help you in Cardiff increase your websites visibility. Don’t pay over the odds for your SEO services in Cardiff, come to us the SEO professionals who offer cost effective marketing solutions.

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Our story


We come from small businesses ourselves in South Wales, this is where we learn’t the potential of Seo. We quickly learnt if SEO could be mastered then this has the power to send enough customers to drive most businesses forwards.

We then worked day and night on our SEO project to get the business where we wanted it to be…

At that point Seo in Cardiff was out of price range for our business, so we started to complete organic Seo on our website ourselves.

Over five years later we have built up vast SEO experience along the way and worked on many other Seo projects as well in Cardiff. Through sheer determination to make a business that we worked for previously work online, we learned all there is to know about Seo, so that we could get our business into a solid position to secure business leads.

This meant late nights researching how Seo works and implementing SEO strategies that would push our business forwards over the long term.

The results were outstanding, we built a website that still stands high in the search engine results even today!

We used high quality link building, and content marketing to rise our business to the top of Google.

This appetite and determination to make the business work through its online presence, can be offered to your business now through our specialist Seo practice here within Cardiff.

If you are a small business in Cardiff, we would like to help your online presence as well, so get in contact with us today!

To learn more about SEO, or to see how much we actually know about SEO, why not visit our “What is SEO” page.

Search Engine Optimisation Services Cardiff



The benefits of Seo

We would like to summarise the benefits of Seo as the following:

It’s a cost-effective marketing solution

When we started this business and other businesses that we are involved with, we knew that many marketing options were out of price range.

Yet the internet offers a fantastic opportunity for small businesses, to let a wide target audience  know about your business on a relatively low marketing expenditure.

The more effort exerted the more results you can see back!

We love Seo, the fact that the more clever marketing ideas that you input, and the more effort exerted on your web presence, can potentially mean that your website increases in visibility.

Unlike other marketing methods that can be considered “hit or miss”, there are proven ways to develop your website. We only use proven methods of Seo that stand the test of time.

That is we do not experiment with methods that may be deemed low in quality for the future, we stick to what we know, and what is considered high quality and that is quality link building and content marketing services.

If you choose a good Seo consultant the sky is the limit!

Unfortunately in Seo there are a lot of firms that boast and exaggerate their skill sets, a lot of small companies invest the money rather blindly into such companies that may not deliver the results they need.

We believe this is what makes us different in that we offer quality forms of Seo and we are completely honest and transparent in terms of what we can achieve and how we are going to go about fulfilling your Seo strategy.

You can gain a web presence in any area you want to.

By investing in Seo you can instruct your Seo company to build your web presence in any area you so wish. So Bristol, Bath or Cardiff, the area you choose to build of an online presence is up to you.

Imagine you are a service sector company, why rely on business from one geographic area any more? For example we build our online presence for SEO services in Bristol and in Bath also.

You can increase the reach of your website into neighbouring regions and areas so that you can gain work from in a much wider area.

Cardiff Seo Services

How much does this Seo cost

We have Seo packages starting from £169.99 per calendar month. This then can increase in cost depending on how competitive your industry is.

Seo costs and charges, depend solely on how competitive your industry is.

That is how competitive the industry is generally, but also how much the competition are investing in Seo also.

For example you may only have around 10 businesses in a city, that may be investing in Seo in a particular industry sector, but depending on the level of investment their making in Seo, will determine how competitive it is on that first page to secure good visibility within the search engine results.

Therefore it might be easy to overtake a few companies in the search engine results, but there may be a set of strong companies that are harder to beat in terms of their ranking positions.

So an Seo audit or SEO assessment will need to be made to look at your competitors and your industry sector generally, to determine the exact rate to charge for Seo services in Cardiff.

Seo Cardiff

How do I get started

You can get started with Seo very quickly.

To get started an Seo audit will need to take place, to formulate an Seo strategy to move forward with in the future.

User access will need to be obtained in order to make changes and amendments to the website.

This is relatively easy if you have a content management system, in terms of your website’s layout and format.

We make our Seo services in Cardiff very accessible, that’s through our price point, and how we deliver our Seo services, which do not require much time from the client, that’s in terms of getting to know and understand your business.

Seo Service Cardiff

If you are therefore looking for Seo services within Cardiff, why not give us a call today to find out how we can increase your websites visibility.